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Date 2011/6/10 13:10:00 | Topic: The Starport News

Due to the extremely generous donation of a contributor here at The Starport, we have been able to secure the domain. We are delighted to be able to use this domain to truly showcase our beloved game as well as show visitors, both new and old to Freelancer , all the incredible advances your mods have brought to the greater FL community.

Sadly, throughout the years, this once vibrant and respectable domain of the FL community has been tarnished by a continual string of ineffective leadership. As such, we are keeping linked to The Starport because our site easily contains the greatest number of active and experienced Freelancer members and modders. We can now be confident that new guests will be linked to a site that has the best and accurate source of information about FL.

With this domain we will be going back to the grass roots of TLR, which originally was created as a news site for the community, by the community. As a news site, Freelancer modders will be able to reach an even greater audience. We know, with your posted mod content, we will rekindle some players desire to play this wonderful game again on your servers.

We hope that you welcome this new addition to our site and will use its new purpose to its fullest potential.

Thank you,
The Starport Admins

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