Freelancer Revolution Server - With ingenious webinterface!

Date 2011/6/9 19:10:00 | Topic: Freelancer Server News

The FL Revolution server uses the Discovery Mod 4.85 (update 3) and the web-based FlSES interface which provides a GUI for some of your actions. It provides you with a bank functionality, along with clan management, equipment depots and pvp and clan statistics. Screens are sent along this news.

The server homepage can be found @ and the FL server itself @ FL-REVOLUTION.DYNDNS.ORG:2302,
it isn't RP-based and is opened 24/7.

You can also view two videos of FlSES webinterface in action right here:

The server languages are defined as English and German.

Detailed features list:

- 100 player slots
- Allowed cruise speed: 600
- Starting credits 500,000
- Allowed server languages: English and German
- Multiple anti-cheat measures
- Players with a ping of 250 ms and higher will be automatically kicked.

- Public TeamSpeak 3 Server! (requires registration)
- FlSES Webinterface (bank, depot option, mission board, bounty board, player stats, clan area)
- Special ships aviable for players
- Mining Tool & dynamic mining stock market with automated market update
- Clan advantages
- NPCs are rebalanced and stronger
- Death zone
- Increased mission payment
- More NPC traffic in New York
- "Pimp your ship" possibilities at certain bases
- Jumpgates / Jumpholes are blocked for 20 sec.
- Events

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