Date 2011/5/20 17:26:04 | Topic: Freelancer Server News

Who has temporary tired of mods - here is it!

- IonCross by Ioncross (server restarts)
- flcodec.dll by M0tah (decrypted chars support)
- /usepmtimer by Microsoft
- DSAM by Cannon with Qonquest Mod by He||oween
- FLHook 88' Flak by M0tah
- FLShell Public Edition by Xoxo/\
- Half-Life Reanimator by Supasoft (closing error windows)

- Uber-restarts for FLShell
- NPC use scanner by Adoxa
- Destructible stations
- Solar use rocket'o'turrets
- Starting Ship: Starflier with Nomad Guns, Tizona and shield level 10
- High Pay Missions
- Death Penalty
- All Uber-Restarts are any Ships with hull 9900 (by Armor upgrade)
- No Mod Required

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