Broken Bonds development competition #1: Contraband

Date 2011/5/17 17:32:38 | Topic: Freelancer Mod News

As a part of an initiative to make the construction of the Broken Bonds mod more interactive, the development team is going to start running competitions, in which followers and future players can suggest ideas for use. The rewards for suggesting a winning option (besides seeing your own ideas released) will vary between competitions, but a typical prize would be a fully outfitted fighter or freighter of the player's choice. Of course, certain ships would be restricted - we can't have people waltzing around in Admin ships, after all!

Today, we're looking for suggestions on contraband, that the smugglers of the Pleiades could ferry from one side of the sector to the other. Contraband will of course be different in each of the two houses. The Frontier doesn't technically have any contraband, but that's simply due to the lack of any government out there - much alike the Omicron systems of the original game. As a starting point, here are some of the illegal goods of Medicea and Southern Cross that we've already decided upon.

  • Heretical Media

  • Escaped Slaves

  • Contraceptives

  • Southern Cross.
    • Slaves

    • Counterfeit Goods

    • Stolen Art

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Unregistered Weapons

    • Concealed Explosives

    As you can see, Southern Cross in particular requires some illegal love. To get a feel for each of the houses, take a look in the ask the dev team thread, where listing for all the factions of each can be found. We'll answer any questions we can, of course. Now, remember, there's no first place so any suggestion that is used will grant the user a free ship - a freighter or fighter. We will only be giving out one ship per person though - this time, at least. If you want to take part, just head on over to the Broken Bonds forum and post in the competition thread!

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