And another one closes the door

Date 2011/5/13 15:17:34 | Topic: Freelancer Server News

It is time again.

One of the very oldest Freelancer servers is closing forever.

Berlin200X, administrated mainly by Max Immelmann, his wife Immelfrau and the server guards, was once one of the very biggest FL servers focussed on pvp and specific clan wars. The community had it unique style of wars, which resulted usually in heavy fights for some weeks without leaving the enemy doing something in a another system. The wars lasted just a short time, though, and the players almost never forgot the respect of each other even though the heated battles.

In 2006 an argument within the server crew resulted in a new server being opened, Drachennest200X, which was closed at February 2008. DN200X was the original devel of the FlSES-webinterface.

Here is the link to the thread at the forums, it is German, but feel free to write a comment in it even in English:

There is also some minor discussion if a goodbye event will take place. If it does, it is most likely that new players get all the fighting equipemnt upon creating a new character. So feel free to participate then.

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