Freeworlds: Tides of War - Closed Beta Release Announcement

Date 2011/4/2 12:45:28 | Topic: Freelancer Mod News

Over the past few weeks you all have been seeing the wonderful work that has been done to our models/textures. I can now say that all our ship models are complete and only a few ship textures to remain for our entire 107 ships. This is quite an astonishing feat and I have to thank all our model and texture artists for the incredible work they’ve done over the 2 ½ years. You’ll find some of our most recent work below:

Kuat Planetary Ring Modules

Kuat Drive Yards

YT-1930 - Corellian Patrol Ship
Corellian Patrol Ship

Z-Ceptor - Pirate Heavy Interceptor
Z-ceptor skinned

K-Wing - New Republic Patrol Ship
The start of the new K-Wing texture

In regards to the Closed Beta, we plan to start accepting applications to the beta test over the next several weeks. We are looking for 25-30 motivated individuals that are willing to put our mod through the testing ropes.

We expect applicants to tell us their age, location (time zone reasons), the amount of time they plan to dedicate to testing, any relevant experience in game testing and anything else that you think may improve your application.

We are particularly looking for people who realize that becoming a tester isn’t just to “see the game first”.

Testing is for people who are willing to work with the developers to search for bugs and performance fixes. The more we can accomplish during this phase of development the better quality of mod we will be releasing in the end for mass consumption. That being said, to effectively run a beta test, there must be a manager. Unfortunately, in the next month, many of our developers are extremely busy in real life. So, testing won’t begin until later in May of this year. By then, we will have the time to dedicate ourselves to this critical phase of mod development.

To send your application to the team, please email [email protected]

As always any comments, suggestions or questions are always welcomed!

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