Eve Online: Tyrannis to introduce "Planetary Interaction"

Date 2010/5/10 16:50:00 | Topic: Space Sim News

In its newest update "Tyrannis" coming May 18th, Eve Online will introduce "Planetary Interaction" which is supposed to eventually connect to EVE-DUST 514, the upcoming FPS game within the EVE universe.


Planetary Interaction brings a new dimension of industrial gameplay to EVE Online. Players will be able to establish colonies on planet surfaces to reap, refine and process materials into high-demand commodities for use or sale on the EVE market. New skills have been introduced, offering even more options for those capsuleers looking to turbo-charge their colonies. New players and veterans alike can dive into this exciting new feature the minute Tyrannis goes live.

While not comparable to Infinity Universe, the new planetary interaction marks a completely new gameplay feature never seen before in scope and scale. It will be very interesting to watch how the developers will integrate Dust 514 into the whole EVE-Universe and what kind of gameplay it will allow.

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