Solurus Systems

Date 2009/10/15 3:40:00 | Topic: Freelancer Server News

Solurus Systems Mod is a Star Trek based Mod. The universe is laid out close to what you would find in the normal ST universe. It also includes other SciFi shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and many others.

This Mod usually takes about 20 minutes to install the first time, after that it will usually take less than a minute to get the latest update since it only installs files that have changed.

To install the Solurus Systems MOD, do the following...

Install Freelancer from your CD

Download and run the program from HERE to install the latest version. Use 'Install From Web'.

Click 'Run Freelancer' once the update is installed.

If you decide to play as a clan, role play is expected of you, freelancers are allowed to play in whatever fashion you wish. Clans are given their own forum once the leader reaches 20 hours of play time.

Griefing players is not allowed, 2 kills is the max unless you both agree to PvP, no exceptions, if you disobey this rule I will show you the true power of an admin ship and grief you.

Play fair and have fun, thats what it is all about. P.S. No cheating or modding the files.

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