German Fansite introduction:

Date 2009/9/28 0:03:13 | Topic: Freelancer Community News

today I am representing you, a german fansite for FL modding, gamers, and space sim games. We hold a lot of german modding tutorials and also some helpful modders who will help you with your problems.
I have also launched the "Freelancer Addon: Station-Network" project recently, which has the philosophy to share all used ressources and to improve the Freelancer game in general, especially in it's graphics. The addon will be usable at any vanilla server and SP once it is finished.

Furthermore, we also have two additional developer teams which are creating STNix, a security-focussed linux distro and Revenge Of The Fallen, a Battlefield 2142 Stargate modification, which is near the beta stage of developening.

The ROTF MOD DB page can be found here, incl. screenshots:

If you want to help with on of these three STN-projects feel free to apply, it doesn't matter much if you are "only" capable of speaking english.
Feel also free to drop some words even if you aren't german.


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