Monkey Universe 5th Birthday 23rd April

Date 2009/4/21 12:20:00 | Topic: Freelancer Server News

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As part of the birthday celebrations MU is introducing something it thinks is unique to FL mods - your own personal pilot.

However as these are coded into the mod we are not giving them away

To get one however is relatively straight forward, log 100 base visits and 150 jump holes and you can have one.


They will be added to a ships cargo if the above are met and you provide the wording in compliance with the guidelines at, ... nd-pilot-backgrounds-f26/

1 ship = 1 pilot so you can have up to 5 different ones if you have 5 ships all with the above requirements.

Final decision on wording of bio's will lie with MPA's.

Serious breaches of normal MU rules will result in pilot loss.

Things that may come later associated with this add-in.

a) Personal Icons so your pilots has it's own piccy :shock:

b) Use of NPC scanning to track, hunt various pilots :shock: :shock:

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