Plasmafire 6th Release

Date 2008/10/27 12:02:24 | Topic: The Starport archive

The 6th version of the Plasmafire mod is now in beta, and can be downloaded from our homepage (

This version includes even better graphics improvements, as well as new content. But don't expect flyable planets, nuclear weapons, invincible ships or things like that: this mod only expands the already great Freelancer. You are able to to upgrade your ship with different kinds of enhancers, armor yourself with light-, medium-, or heavy armors, try more than 100 new equipments, fly new ships, and explore new hidden secrets. You can also upgrade any ships to be able to mount higher level weapons, and you can also upgrade your internal equipment, such as scanners, power-cores, tractor beams. NPCs are now tougher: they are equipped with shield-busters, better mine droppers, stronger shields, and such. As extra challenge, players are able to do super-missions, which contain many and really tough opponents. Another extra: attack instances. Instances are heavily protected areas with different kinds of objects (crystals, experimental ships, etc.) which drop very high level equipments. All of the effects are upgraded, and now include dynamic lighting.

In the next release of the 6th version, you will be able to buy cloaking devices, self-regenerating armor, capital ships and other new things. There will be dynamic economy, new instances, and some new systems, as well as even more equipments and ships to try. Expect the next release in max a month.


If anyone is interested in trying it, you can find more info, and download link here:

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