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September. 28, 2023

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Freelancer Coding News
2012/12/17 2:12:48Dramatic Graphic Improvements for Freelancer!197195
Total of 1 articles 19719 
Freelancer Community News
2012/12/11 8:56:41MotY 2012 Final Voting!111814
2012/11/30 13:19:13Mod of the Year Awards 2012 Kick-Off120114
2010/11/15 22:39:13Mod DB - Mod of the Year Awards 2010152975
2010/6/3 2:00:00Freelancer Community Network Bar (FLCNB) Update175556
Total of 4 articles 56044 
Freelancer Mod News
2012/4/7 22:17:27Freeworlds: Tides of War - Demo Release!101702
2011/2/10 16:00:44Freeworlds: Tides of War - Normal and Specular Mapping34580
2010/9/26 15:21:09Freeworlds: Tides of War - Tactical Overview233610
Total of 3 articles 15964 
Space Sim News
2016/4/29 17:10:02Everspace Alpha released!70375
2015/10/21 13:23:37Infinity: Battlescape Kickstarter has started!84515
2013/12/14 2:29:07Elite Dangerous - Alpha Phase started105734
2011/9/14 19:42:35Nexus 2 Funding Initiative139054
2011/3/21 20:01:46Black Prophecy released for EU players, official North American beta starting140795
2011/3/3 13:12:59Black Prophecy Open Beta138194
2010/8/20 11:09:35GamesCom 2010 Space Sim Trailers86704
2010/5/20 0:40:00Black Prophecy News120328
2010/5/10 16:50:00Eve Online: Tyrannis to introduce "Planetary Interaction"85420
2010/5/4 17:30:00Infinity Universe - New Tech Demo Video Released86572
Total of 10 articles 105765 
Star Citizen News
2014/6/6 12:25:58Arena Commander (Dogfighting Module) released84884
2013/10/22 22:37:06Update on Star Citizen Development103194
2012/11/30 13:10:18Star Citizen funded, breaking crowdfunding record!100903
2012/10/10 19:29:14Chris Roberts announces new Space Sim "Star Citizen" 118987
2012/9/10 15:20:36Chris Roberts announces Announcement Date for new game!103602
Total of 5 articles 51155 
The Starport News
2017/12/4 11:17:45Recent Downtimes: Another HDD Failure66352
2016/6/9 23:35:34Hotmail / Outlook E-Mail Users116324
2015/4/3 15:43:45Server Switch & Site Direction125824
2014/6/6 12:16:54Recent Site Downtime123894
2013/3/4 18:18:1310 Years of Freelancer197574
2012/12/11 8:18:27Switch to Cloudflare Content Delivery Network122922
2012/8/6 16:20:46Website Downtime/Maintenance Announcement127466
2011/7/17 21:42:45Looking for new staff144012
2011/6/24 15:00:26Lancers Reactor Archive moved178445
2010/6/12 3:22:23Wiki: Freelancer Mod & Server Database1563510
2010/2/14 18:06:13Server Move completed & Donations101713
2010/2/4 18:58:05Server Move78412