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News from the old site.
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Maintenance window The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/8/13 8:30:00 (2431 reads)

This afternoon we have scheduled a maintenance window. It will be from 16:00 CET till around 20:00 CET.

We will take the site offline while we do the needed server updates.

The FLCN will stay active the whole time, we need to do DB updates and some OS patches.

We hope that you can understand it.

SP admin Team.

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Modular Station Tutorial The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/2/5 13:38:49 (3378 reads)


This tutorial has also been uploaded to the Downloads section as a PDF file curtesy of Roo Avery.

Modular Station Tutorial By Dragnite



::::Warning modular station creation is extremely time consuming and extremely addictive. I take no responsibility if you become a mod-a-holic because of it::::

Where to start?

Well first you need modular station parts for this we used : Aldabarans modular station kit Courtesy of aldebaran and credits to Freeworlds mod.

With modular station creation the first thing you need to know is what system you're going to place it in and where in the system you want it. This is best found using FLExplorer as its (...)

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ModDB: Vote Now! The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/2/4 0:29:11 (2251 reads)

Hello people!

This is to remind you that there is ONE day left for voting for the Mod of the Year Awards over at ModDB! Make sure you have voted on the profiles of the two Freelancer mod to have made it in the Top 100, Freeworlds and Crossfire. To do so, follow either link and click on the Freelancer button under "Top 100", then click on "VOTE"!





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The S³ Experiment The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/2/3 11:51:04 (2348 reads)

The S³ Experiment

The Starport Story Spotlight is a feature new to The Starport giving the talented writers amongst our servers some well deserved spotlight attention.

The feature will work in the following way;

  • Every server is invited to submit 1 RP Story line from their server.

  • An announcement will be made in a new dedicated area of the SP forums announcing the start of the one week period in which the writers should post thier stories.

  • Once this one week period is up and all entries are in, a vote will be thrown up so that the community can vote for the story they enjoyed the most. This vote will stay up for 2 weeks giving people time to read all the entries and make their decision.

  • At the end of the 2 weeks, after the votes have been counted, A winner will be announced and the winning story will appear as a news article (...)

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Microsoft Fan site links The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/1/30 13:25:00 (2459 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

Cheese on Toast has recently posted the following news;

Some of you may know that the fan links on the microsoft FL site was full of bad links, its taken months but finally, we have managed to get thru and i received this e-mail this morning.

Hi Gary,

Wanted to apologize for the lack of response on this. I updated the fan site listing page with your site and wanted to relay this information back to you personally.

All the best and take care,


the fan links page can be found by following this link >>>

What a month January has been for Freelancer (...)

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The Starport on The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/1/26 20:51:42 (3168 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

It's true... The Starport has been mentioned on as part of thier 'Will Your Games Run on Windows 7?' article.

The article reports that Freelancer will work on Windows 7 as long as patch 1.1 is installed and running.

This is an amazing achievement for The Starport and Freelancer both. It goes to show this game is not dead, we are still here and we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

For more information on Windows 7 and the tests carried out please read the article found here.

Once again, thanks to everyone here for keeping this wonderful game alive.

The Starport Staff

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Freelancer Black Dawn Forums Back Up The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/1/25 11:16:12 (2454 reads)

After a singificantly longer downtime than we expected, due to the fact that I had no admin CP access and because Apoc just seemed to disapear the Freelancer Black Dawn Forums are once again back up and running.

Users will have to re-register as the forums have been completely wiped.

The forum address is located here :

On a side note relating to Freelancer black dawn, it was the mods birthday a couple of weeks ago!


Sorry for the inconvience,


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Mod of the Year Awards 2008 The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/1/19 14:21:25 (2385 reads)

Two weeks ago the mod of the year awards have started the 1st phase of the voting. Two of the 100 nominated Mods are the work of the Freelancer community. They belong to the 100 best mods worldwide and defended this position against thousands of other mods eventhough most of them are based on new modern game engines.

First Id like to thank all those which already voted for all the Freelancer mods out there (also for those which didnt manage to reach the Top100).

The nominated mods are:

Freeworlds: Tides of War


Crossfire (which also got a top100 position in 2007)

Read more

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BSG MOD Trailer The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/1/11 18:11:51 (2626 reads)

Battlestar Galactica - Dawn of War

Human or Cylon. You choose ! Galactica - Dawn of War is a modification ( mod ) of the game Freelancer inspired by the hit TV series Battlestar Galactica. It runs exclusively on the BSG-Galactica Freelancer server.

It features a whole new galaxy based on the galactica story with new systems, new factions, new ships, new weapons and new commodities.

You choose to become a colony or cylon fighter in your viper or cylon raider, alternatively be a tactical pilot on board of the raptor or the heavy raider, and ultimately command your own battleship, a mighty battlestar or a dreadful basestar.

The fate of the second cylon war is in your hands.

Not a fan of Galactica ? There is more for you !

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Evil Empire has a new forum The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/12/23 14:39:17 (2645 reads)

The Evil Empire Revolution has a new forum. I am very excited about it, the look and feel is definitely Freelancer. Each member has their own picture gallery to share pics, the community bar is up and running on the site. Advertise your mod, your server and upload pictures of your adventures.

Mi casa is su casa* so come over and check it out. I will be adding new topics soon for example the Modding Corner which will contain info on modding Freelancer.

*My home is your home

Read more

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