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June. 9, 2023

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DS9 Freelancer Server Freelancer Server News
Posted by starworlds on 2012/9/20 23:46:50 (15805 reads)

Hi all!

Ds9 has been around and running since 2003! We were with some of the first servers created and started adding to the game along time ago.

Now we are coming back with a rebuild! We are sticking with the Sci-Fi universe with ships from all your favourite shows + some wacky ones! But now we are working on the balance of the mod, bringing those prices down and adding some of the great FLHook options that have been added to other great servers!

We host server hunts and games on a weekly basis with our current player base and welcome you all to join, even if its for just that bit of fun.

The mod is under constant revision at the moment while our development team work on balancing the mod and building our RP story which we are hoping will bring all the sci-fi universes together for the first time, while creating a fantastic RP environment around it, and if you dont like RP then just come and have a look around.

This is not a Mod based (...)

More images...

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Discovery USA closing 01/07/12 Freelancer Server News
Posted by Alex. on 2012/6/19 17:43:16 (12258 reads)

On Thursday the Discovery USA admin team announced that they would be closing down their server on the first of July.

It's sad to see another server go but I wish the server admins and others who have stopped playing good luck with whatever they do next.

A copy of the original announcement for when it disappears:

As the title says, the server and website are closing down on July 1st. We want to thank all our community members past and present for all the great times this server has had. It is regrettable, but things change over time, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

We consider you all friends and hopefully we will all still keep in touch.
< (...)

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Tekagis Treasure Weekend of Events Freelancer Server News
Posted by Satan on 2011/7/22 16:00:51 (12902 reads)

Hi All,

I am a player and clan leader on Tekagis treasure,I am a well established player there and am well known as being a fair a decent player even tho the role i play is that of a killer.I hope i am posting this in the right section but i would like to advertise the event that i have organised for the dates 5th to the 7th August.This is it as follows,plz take a look ad give it a thought .

A Weekend Of Events

We will be holding a series of events and games starting on Friday at 4pm GMT and the last event will end on Sunday at 9pm,the games and events will consist of the following.All event days will end at Midnight and start Midday.Unless otherwise stated.The events will all Start on the Hour and you will recieve a 10 min warning before the event starts via a message through the server,this is too give you chance to get to alloted start point.Any fighter of any class may be used with any equipment.There are no restrictions on how (...)

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Freelancer Revolution Server - With ingenious webinterface! Freelancer Server News
Posted by Bas on 2011/6/9 19:10:00 (14064 reads)

The FL Revolution server uses the Discovery Mod 4.85 (update 3) and the web-based FlSES interface which provides a GUI for some of your actions. It provides you with a bank functionality, along with clan management, equipment depots and pvp and clan statistics. Screens are sent along this news.

The server homepage can be found @ and the FL server itself @ FL-REVOLUTION.DYNDNS.ORG:2302,
it isn't RP-based and is opened 24/7.

You can also view two videos of FlSES webinterface in action right here:

More images...

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FREELANCER / COALITION Freelancer Server News
Posted by HeIIoween on 2011/5/20 17:26:04 (13189 reads)

Who has temporary tired of mods - here is it!

- IonCross by Ioncross (server restarts)
- flcodec.dll by M0tah (decrypted chars support)
- /usepmtimer by Microsoft
- DSAM by Cannon with Qonquest Mod by He||oween
- FLHook 88' Flak by M0tah
- FLShell Public Edition by Xoxo/\
- Half-Life Reanimator by Supasoft (closing error windows)

- Uber-restarts for FLShell
- NPC use scanner by Adoxa
- Destructible stations
- Solar use rocket'o'turrets
- Starting Ship: Starflier with Nomad Guns, Tizona and shield level 10
- High Pay Missions
- Death Penalty
- All Uber-Restarts are any Ships with hull 9900 (by Armor upgrade)
- No Mod Required

Join us by Freelancer shortcut or in Global Servers List.

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And another one closes the door Freelancer Server News
Posted by Bas on 2011/5/13 15:17:34 (12132 reads)

It is time again.

One of the very oldest Freelancer servers is closing forever.

Berlin200X, administrated mainly by Max Immelmann, his wife Immelfrau and the server guards, was once one of the very biggest FL servers focussed on pvp and specific clan wars. The community had it unique style of wars, which resulted usually in heavy fights for some weeks without leaving the enemy doing something in a another system. The wars lasted just a short time, though, and the players almost never forgot the respect of each other even though the heated battles.

In 2006 an argument within the server crew resulted in a new server being opened, Drachennest200X, which was closed at February 2008. DN200X was the original devel of the FlSES-webinterface.

Here is the link to the thread at the forums, it is German, but feel free to write a comment in it even in English:
Read more

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24/7 Procyon Dedicated - ProcyonHook 1.45 & Beyond Freelancer Server News
Posted by Sion on 2010/5/2 6:41:11 (20187 reads)

With exactly six months having passed since our last news posting, I feel the time is right to bring some of the new features we've introduced to the 24/7 Procyon Dedicated server since then to the spotlight. With that said...

• Dynamic vanilla-friendly clan bases.

Tying into both our existing in-game clan infrastructure and the server-synchronized clan database on our website, clan leaders are able to purchase customizable clan bases for placement in systems under their control. These bases can only be docked upon by members of the clan that owns them, and direct allies to that clan - both of which are managed and updated in-game in real time through the use of our in-game /clan command. All bases sell a variety of discounted equipment and ships, based on the system in which they reside, and (...)

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24/7 Procyon Dedicated News Freelancer Server News
Posted by Sion on 2009/10/30 14:24:08 (17505 reads)

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce a number of updates to 24/7 Procyon Dedicated's client-side enhancent package, ProcyonHook. Originally released in September of 2008, ProcyonHook introduced a large number of extremely useful and innovative features to the Procyon server. Though development on ProcyonHook stalled for a length of time, it has since resumed at break-neck speeds, bringing with it a number of features that have recently been developed and released:

- In-Game Clan Management and Chat

Working in conjunction with our own heavily rewritten and reengineered version of FLHook, ProcyonHook features in-game clan management through the /clan command, and the addition of an entirely new chat channel for clan members, allowing for members of a clan to stay in private (...)

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Solurus Systems Freelancer Server News
Posted by LancerSolurus on 2009/10/15 3:40:00 (17513 reads)

Open in new window

Solurus Systems Mod is a Star Trek based Mod. The universe is laid out close to what you would find in the normal ST universe. It also includes other SciFi shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and many others.

This Mod usually takes about 20 minutes to install the first time, after that it will usually take less than a minute to get the latest update since it only installs files that have changed.

To install the Solurus Systems MOD, do the following...

Install Freelancer from your CD

Download and run the program from HERE to install the (...)

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Solurus System 1.174 Freelancer Server News
Posted by LancerSolurus on 2009/8/31 8:00:00 (27818 reads)

Open in new window

Click HERE to download the autoupdater for 1.174. This will also add the proper IP for the main server. Use 'Install From Web'.

Solurus Systems V1.174
September 28th, 2009

Created by Freelancer Fans

A sci-fi MOD containing many different universes combined into one. Systems are based mainly on the Star Trek universe, each race from the show are near their respective location in the galaxy.

This MOD (...)

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