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October. 2, 2022

88 Flak Freelancer Mod Testing

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Welcome to The Starport! The Starport is your definitive resource for all things Freelancer game: mods, modding, tips and tricks, it's all in here. Head over to our Wiki if you'd like to delve straight into our continuously expanding database of knowledge, or tune into our forums if you'd prefer asking straight to the pros! Be sure to participate in one of the greatest space-sim communities and let's hope you will, like us, become a fan of the Freelancer game.
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Freelancer Community Discord Freelancer Community News
Posted by Ruppetthemuppet on 2019/11/9 20:18:11 (3777 reads)

We’re pleased to announce that there is now a General Freelancer Community Discord server!

We’re trying to set it up as a central point for all of the Freelancer communities to build around, with links out to other communities and sites, resources and a space to just chat about Freelancer!

Come along and say hello! The Discord can be found at

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MotY 2012 Final Voting! Freelancer Community News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2012/12/11 8:56:41 (10521 reads)

This year we have three mods in the final voting phase of the 2012 Mod of the Year awards over at ModDB!

Please take a minute and vote for Freelancer and the successful mod teams:

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Mod of the Year Awards 2012 Kick-Off Freelancer Community News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2012/11/30 13:19:13 (11351 reads)

ModDB has once again kicked off their yearly mod awards, so get voting on your favourite mods - and especially Freelancer mods!

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MODDB 2011 Awards Freelancer Community News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/2 12:00:09 (11978 reads)

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Well, it's that time of year again, folks, for the MODDB Mod of the Year awards. This year Freelancer saw some incredible updates to a number of mods and now we need the community support to get our mods in the Top 100 mods of the year. If you can all take a moment and vote for your favourite mods, I'm sure many modders would be appreciative! (...)

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Mod DB - Mod of the Year Awards 2010 Freelancer Community News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/11/15 22:39:13 (14675 reads)

The popular modding database site ModDB has again started their annual Mod of the Year (MotY) awards. You can now vote for any mod to be included in the Top-100 list.

Please go ahead and vote for your favourite Freelancer mods so that we can again bring as many FL mods as possible into (...)

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Freelancer Hardware Support Update Freelancer Community News
Posted by LouvaDeus on 2010/10/19 10:38:26 (20160 reads)

=EOA= Players Consortium

For those of you who requested an update, here it is! We have released a new 3D hardware support update for those with newer computers.

This version of the flconfigdatabase.txt file should be the last one you will ever need because it automatically supports all newer ATI, Intel, nVidia, and SiS hardware whether it is a standalone device or an onboard/integrated chipset. You will never need to update again.

To install it just extract the file to your EXE folder and overwrite the existing file.

If you have any problems please let me know.

Come check us out for this and many other cool, classic Freelancer goodies.

Click HERE to visit the site

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Freelancer Community Network Bar (FLCNB) Update Freelancer Community News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/6/3 2:00:00 (16850 reads)

Since we had major problems with the Freelancer Community Network Bar being hosted on GoogleCode (mainly high latency resulting in websites loading very slowly), the following measures have been taken:

- The FLCNB is now hosted on a seperate server, meaning we are no longer dependent on downtimes of The-Starport or GoogleCode.
- The FLCNB now also has its own Domain name, which means this will be the last update you as a webmaster will have to do. The domain name is which will always point to the server that hosts the FL Community Network Bar. This also means that we are a lot more flexible when reacting to server outages - we will simply update the DNS with a backup server.

Please help us to inform any webmaster that is running the FL Community Network Bar at the moment (or is no longer running it because of performance issues with GoogleCode) and spread the word (...)

Rating: 6.00 (6 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (16) is back! Freelancer Community News
Posted by Bas on 2010/5/16 13:18:22 (17095 reads)

Hello dudes,
I finally (finally!) brought back to life!
The site contains as before the information about the GLS Workaround and of course the pretty useful problem solutions FAQ! It containts the answers for many problems which players encounter with the FL game.
I changed the style which is now very similiar to The Starport one (I asked W0dk4 about it and I am a very bad designer yet). I also fixed a few grammer and code errors.

If you want to support the site please link to the FAQ as often as possible (please try to avoid to quote it) - I need the backlinking to get a higher rank at search engines (especially for the search term "freelancer patch" - links to outdated quickfixes or the 1.1 patch won't help the majority of the players who have troulbe with the missing GLS)

Feel free to make suggestion. Those who want to (...)

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ModDB Mod of the Year 2009 Freelancer Community News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2009/12/23 9:30:00 (16372 reads)

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The MOTY are once again upon us! With this comes the challenge of reaching the top honors, of once again showing how strong a community we still are! Please, The Starport's staff wants you to vote. Not just for your favorite mod, for all of Freelancer's excellent showing this year. This is a community effort; we want our voices to be heard!

So go, cast your vote and may Freelancer shine once more!
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Freelancer joins Facebook... again! Freelancer Community News
Posted by Roo Avery on 2009/12/22 0:01:11 (17801 reads)

So here I am again, with another one of those 'gimmicks'. This time it is Facebook. After doing a lot of digging around I learnt that the current Facebook Fan Page was very inactive and so were the ‘Admins’ of the page. Therefore I decided we needed a new one.

So here it is: Facebook Fan Page

But there are differences compared to the already existing Facebook page. For instance we have the @Freelancer_MP Twitter updates feeding into the page (not yet update but configured) and also an ‘Events’ section where you can set up events for your server and add in details… resulting in the advertising of your server event to all the fan page members we hope to get.

I have disabled the message board option for the time being, until the page grows. There is no need to have a second message board when we have a community of sites and servers with (...)

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