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April. 12, 2021
Freeworlds: Tides of War - New Stations and Force User Starships! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2010/10/25 4:54:26 (4294 reads) News by the same author

As many of you already know, we've had an influx of extremely talented modellers and texturers on the team. They've been producing work at an extraordinary rate. Sizer, of late, has been the most busy finishing several amazing stations and star ships. While some of you have seen his work on our web page here already, I thought I'd write a quick article highlighting his work. Now that our shiplist is finished and requires only small alterations, we directed the developers to flesh out more unique stations. You see, we're moving away from our modular stations as we felt it wasn't high quality enough to be within the mod. Fortunately, Sizer has been extremely active showing all of us that this was definitely the right decision. Below you'll see the canon images and Sizer's model. I must say, these are some of the best bases I've seen in a Star Wars mod:
Cargo Facility 1:

The Cargo Facility 1 was a space station manufactured by VenteX Construction Yards, a subsidiary of Golan Arms. These stations were commonly used to store and distribute cargo, though a few were outfitted for manufacturing duties. Though unarmed, they had relatively strong shields. An older design, the C/F1 was superseded by the Cargo Facility 2.

Sizer's Design:

New Station Designs

Cargo Facility 2:

The Cargo Facility 2 was a space station manufactured by VenteX Construction Yards, a subsidiary of Golan Arms. A newer design, it superseded the Cargo Facility 1, and was known for its robust structure and reliability.

Sizer's Design:
New Station Designs
Centerpoint station:

Centerpoint Station was an ancient space station that was capable of moving entire planets with its tractor beams. It was created by the Celestials c. 1,000,000 BBY
Sizer's Design:

New Station Designs
Sensor Array:

Sensor Arrays were space structures made by the Galactic Empire used to spy and report anything happening in their vicinity. Arrays were found next to their Control Station, another structure. Prior to the Battle of Endor, with various skirmishes at sensor arrays throughout the Galaxy, the Rebels managed to misguide Imperial intelligence and proceeded to attack without opposition against IOS 24 in order to allow an escape to the Outer Rim.

Sizer's Design:

New Station Designs
Telgorn Corporation Repair Yard:

The Depot XLS was a Telgorn Corporation Repair Yard.

New Station Designs

Last but not least, I wanted to show everyone the awesome work done by Sizer, Dr. Knicker's and
Warb_Null in their completion of our Force User Starfighter expansion project:
As always any comments, suggestions or questions are always welcomed!

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