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May. 31, 2023
Solurus System 1.174 Freelancer Server News
Posted by LancerSolurus on 2009/8/31 8:00:00 (27800 reads) News by the same author

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Click HERE to download the autoupdater for 1.174. This will also add the proper IP for the main server. Use 'Install From Web'.

Solurus Systems V1.174
September 28th, 2009

Created by Freelancer Fans

A sci-fi MOD containing many different universes combined into one. Systems are based mainly on the Star Trek universe, each race from the show are near their respective location in the galaxy.

This MOD is designed with role playing in mind. NPC reps only change for the NPC you shoot. This way a player can have a rep change done and it does not change for any new faction once set. Only the original factions can be changed since the files for them haven't changed.

113 New factions
143 Systems
351 ships
All gates unlocked
Many new commodities, quadruples the amount available
GPL based economy, you can have over $20,000,000,000,000,000 worth
All new graphics, icons, weapons & shields
Ship armor available for purchase
Scanners and tractor beams for sale
NPCs drop GPL, new commodities, engines and new power supplies
New high paying missions
Custom startup movie
Admin system, ship, thruster, weapons and shields
Cruise speed set to 1500
NPC cargo vessels heavily armored
All NPC and players ships rebalanced into 10 classes
All original ships upgraded to MOD standards
High speed tradelanes
New jumphole FX
Maximum credit limit increased to the game's maximum allowable amount - $2,147,483,647 (2.1 billion)
Most of the non-Freelancer ships were converted to Freelancer by our MOD team
New London, New Tokyo and New Berlin are full 3D systems with 40 to 50 bases in each

Original Developers
Lancer Solurus - Lead modder, major MOD design in all areas
D3mon - Ship hardpointing, scripting and the source for many of the new ships
Dakar - Logo design and idea provider
Polyfiller - Ship conversion, hardpointing, ship lighting, station lighting and custom surs
Crabtree - New weapons & ships from WTS, prison #2 system
Arch Gabriel - Icons, intro, tradelane textures and ship info cards
Noobster - Graphics, new intro and other additions
noChekks - Custom weapon designer
Andy - Original base population scripts and rumors
Hasirus - Several clan weapons
Buckeye - Original 8472 weapons

Install Freelancer
Run this program,
everything else is automatic
Enjoy the completely new Freelancer

To uninstall, use your Freelancer disk
and do a re-install.

This MOD does NOT use FLMM, do not
try to copy the files into your
Freelancer folder either, it won't work.

MOD Creator

Lancer Solurus
Welcome to my imagination!


- Crabtree (WTS Mod)
NX-01 (retextured and lit by me)
Cardassian Dreadnaught
Jem' Hadar Fighter
Andromeda Ascendant
Brakiri Dreadnaught
Centauri Personal Liner
Centauri Primus
Centauri Sentry
Centauri Vorchan
EA Cargo 1
EA Cargo 2
EA Omega Class Destroyer
EA Star Fury
EA Thunderbolt
Minbari Nial
Minbari Tinashi
Narn Frazi
Narn G-Quan
Narn Thnor
Narn T'loth
Narn Varnic
Vorlon Dreadnaught
Vorlon Fighter
Vorlon Planet Killer
Vorlon Transport
CFH Bird of Prey (Originally Reman Bird of Prey, retextured)

- Buck Rogers (Colours Elite)
Cylon Raider II
Eagle from Space 1999

- Michael Dan

- Necrolord
Flying Saucer

- Nightstalker
Battlestar Mk II (Orig Author Jamie Martinson "AncientAngel"

- Snoorkius
Norexant (+retexturing)

- Archedyne
Akira Class
Akira Admin Class (Texture by Noobster)
Gryphon Class
Arcadia Dreadnaught

- TFK-Killermatrix
White Star
Minbaron Flyer
Shadow Scout
Shadow Crab
Shadow Fighter
Shadow Hybrid
Shadow Scorpion

- TFK-Killermatrix and Hunterkiller
Intrepid Class (Org. Voyager)

- Xtreme Team Studios
Dark Angel
Calnor (XTS & Todd)
CMD Battle Station

- ColdFusion

- DarkLord
Armored Defiant Class (+retexturing)
Armored Galaxy Class (Org. - Enterprise D)
Darkstar II

- AD
Suhkteh (Org. Author - KitiHawk)
Cylon Raider (Org. Author - Porche)

- Porche
Anucrus (Org. A-Wing)
Dark Jedi Starfighter
Ep 3 Jedi Starfighter
Ep 3 Red Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter
Millenium Falcon
Snow Speeder
Colonial Viper

- Wrath of Achilles
Reman Bird Of Prey
Klingon Dreadnaught
Achilles Class
Frankenstein (Org. FL Humpback)
Romulan Raptor (Org. - Romulan Raven (name conflict), Org. Author - Mad Dog)
Martian Flyer (Org. Mars Flyer)

- Mogadin

- Aldebaran
Tardis Bank Ship (Org. Tardis)

- Raven Night & Moonraker
Klingon K'Tinga Destroyer

- Raven Night & Mind-Blip

- Raven Night, Mind-Blip & Captain KoraH
Klingon Dreadnaught II

- Deathshadow
Razor II

- Lancer Solurus
Plasma Sphere
PT Admin Sphere

- Mad Doc Software - Armada 2
8472 Battleship
8472 Behemoth
8472 Destroyer
Federation Starbase
Queen's Diamond
Emperor's Diamond
Tactical Cube
Borg Assimillator
Borg Scout
Federation Scout
Klingon Scout
Romulan Scout
Federation Turret
Ferengi Freighter
Borg Pyramid

- Activision - Armada
Romulan Raptor Mk II
Kessok Transport

- Atra-Hasis
Original Battlestar
Buck Rogers Starfighter
EDF Andromeda

- Azel/Atolm

- Atolm

- Noah Wallace
Breen Battlecruiser

- John Stone
Space Dragon

- Queball

- Luqtis
ISA Victory

- Redragon
Breen Wing Destroyer
Hirogen Hunter (& ThomastheCat)
Bajoran Raider (& Kane Anuenue)
Aeon Timeship (& Atheorhaven)
Kazon Jasar
Kazon Kamitica
Kazon Promaritan
Valdore Class

- Hollis J. Wood
Whale Probe (Guild Transporter)
29th Century Borg Cube

- Ben Rubery
Independence Auxiliary Cruiser (Bajoran IAC)

- WickedZombie, Moonraker & Skinman
Assimilated Intrepid

- Moonraker
Concorde Class
Furious Class

- Taldrin
Cardassian Barkus

- Taldrin & Thu11s
Hydran Stinger Fighter

- Tyrel Lohr & Atra-Hasis
Cardassian Bok'Nor

- Tyrel Lohr
Borg Cube
Romulan Warbird
Condor Raider
Miranda Mk II Class

- Spacecadeglowuk & Atheorhaven
Doomsday Machine

- MajorRacal

- Skinman & Pelican
HCX Ares (Darkone)

- Skinman

- P81 & Knox1709
Adv. Galaxy Class (Org. Agamemnon)

- Rick Knox

- Scorpion
Borg Sphere

Klingon Kron

- Kane
X-Bird Of Prey

- Maggot

- Grinch

- Straxus

- MarianoDT
Planet Express
Xindi Ghost

- Mr_Tricorder
NSEA Protector

- Smiley
Jem'Hadar Warship

- Birth Of The Federation (not the game)
Echo Papa

- Allie Peed

- ModelsPlease

- Kreeargh
Kenoen Station

- Darkdrone
Hirogen Station
Borg Interceptor

- Hawkeye
Sovereign Class

- Dolphoenix & Vorlon
Cardassian Galor

Original Basestar

- WickedZombie
Assimilated Defiant

- Pneumonic81
Constitution Class
Alita Class

- Pneumonic81 & Atra-Hasis
K'Mirra Freighter

- MatthewHooker
Mantis Class

- * Research complete, no credit available, converted from Battle Clinic models *
ACA Intruder
Vorcha Class (Mad Doc?)
Neghvar Class (Mad Doc?)
Windrunner Class

- Serenity
X-302 (+texturing)

- Unknown, researching...
DY-100 - Terradyhne?
Enterprise D - pneumonic81?
Tsunkatre (Hirogen freighter)
Reaver GFT
Sanora Dreadnaught (Sona)
Sajuk Heavy Cruiser (Founders)
Cyrencia Class
Farragut Class
CCP Scorpion
Star Destroyer
Tie Fighter
Tie Phantom
Zorg Starfighter
Delta Flyer
Armored Transport
Camara Freighter
Tholian Spinner
Tholian Spike
Tholian Hauler
Black Manta
Omen Baseship (Hirogen)
TSP Raptor
TMP Bird of Prey
Borg Tactical Tetra
Borg Tactical Cruiser
Sona Command Ship
Ori Warship
Borg Freighter
Wraith Dart
Advanced Omega Destroyer
Goa'uld Flagship
Tactical Assimilator
Basestar Mk II
King Cobra Dreadnaught
Gorn Dreadnaught
Viper Mk II
Romulan Manta
L'rexa Scout
Klingon Heavy Freighter
Kazon Raider
ISC Transporter
ISA Freighter
Crystalline Entity
Xindi Aquatic
Sovereign B
ICA TMP Battleship
Police Car
Arrakis Bomber

- Upgraded FL Ships And Weapons
Liberty Dreadnaught
Bretonia Dreadnaught
Bretonia Gunboat
Bretonia Cruiser
Armored Transport
Patriot II (Orig - Patriot)
Nomad Fighter (Better Equipment + Shielding)
Ghost Fighter (Another Nomad Based Fighter)
New Battleship, Cruiser and Gunboat Weapon Upgrades
13 Advanced Battleships, Cruisers and Gunboats (Based on Ultra 64's Battleship Encounter Mod w/FLMM 1.3)
New tradelane weapons
New docking ring weapons
All original flyable ships upgraded to new classes

**** Unknown authors ****
If you know the author,
or I have missed a credit,
please email me at

If you find an incorrect credit, please click the MOD's website above and send me an email from there.
It will be corrected in the next update.

NOTICE : Every faction will appear in the Selomize, Kronos & Sol Inner systems

Most ships and weapons can be purchased in the factions' respective systems.
Liberty, Rhineland, Nomad and UGNF battleships can't be bought.
The Tardis Banking Ship is available in most of the new populated systems.

** Special thanks goes to Microsoft for making such a great game!! **

Additional thanks
- "The Lancer's Reactor" for hosting tons of Freelancer files and support for this mod
- Nightstalker for letting me use his BSG Mark II ship in the MOD.
- Crabtree for his excellent WTS MOD which got me interested in making this MOD in the first place and for his help with this MOD.
- PsyCadelik for the Freelancer System Editor used to make all of the initial systems
- BlueCat for the FL INI Analyzer which found alot of bugs in the MOD (and in the FL files), a little buggy though
- Accushot for FL Scan, complemented FL INI Analyzer very well
- To everybody putting up with the crashes while I fix it!
- Dakar & D3mon for testing the server and auto-updater
- D3mon for hardpointing all of those ships
- Silver Fire for his weapon pack, 4 new weapons
- Brockenstein for keeping the help page going on the forum
- Azr3l for his hard work on the infocards
- Many others, too many to name

* Great Helpers *

***> Argon One for replacing my hardware when my computer died
Polyfiller for figuring out the lighting and custom sur files
Azr3l for the excellent replacement icons and ship info cards
Noobster for new backgrounds and missles (modified Ripper and Wolverine's weapons)
noChekks for over 70 new clan weapons
Excellent ship hardpoint editing and scripting by D3mon
Hasirus for FOFT weapons and original jumphole effect
Crabtree for Shadow beam weapons & new prison system
Buckeye for 8472 weapons
SS MOD server players for new models and ideas

Intro Video
Animation - me
Audio - Darker Projects Productions

Intro music by
- New Voyager Theme - Marcos-Klien Group
- Star Trek Music - Paramount Studios

Additional thanks go to the admins who help keep out the cheaters and who keep the server running smoothly!

You can NOT uninstall Solurus Systems MOD at this time. You will have to reinstall Freelancer to get rid of it. This will be added at a later date.

It takes imagination and persistance to get this far, I hope I can make it to the end. This is a huge change from earlier versions, some things will just blow you away when you see it.Oh yeah, the AI will love to kill you the first chance they get and they aim alot better now.

Does anyone ever really read all of this? If so, let me know....

No infringment of copyright is intended. All copyrights belong to their respective authors.

Many of the converted ship models can be found at

If you are wondering why we used ships for a faction that is actually from another race (ex. Gorn ships for the Reavers), it was because we could not find any ships for those factions.

Additional utilities used in the making of the MOD and managing the server

Server side
Ioncross Freelancer Operator - Joe Boomz
Cheaters Death Lite - Mischa
FL Shell - Skif
DBS Auto-Updater - Lancer Solurus
FL Player Cleaner - Of course me again
FL Clan Editor II - Who else
FL Stat - Cryosphere (GPL & 2.1 bil support by me)
FL Hook - w0dk4
FL Shell Jumps - Fox Unit 01 & Noobster

FL INI Analyzer - Blue Cat
FLScan - Accushot
UTF Edit - Mario Brito
Paint Shop Pro - JASC
Milkshape - Mete Ciragan
FL Stripper (INI file compactor) - Lancer Solurus
Random System Generator - Don't blame me too much, I like to write programs
FL Error Checker - Ummmm, could be me, who knows?
FL Weapons Balancer - Once again....
Visual Studio C++ V6 - Microsoft

All original authors are free to use any part that is your work, even if it has been updated.

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