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March. 5, 2021
Biocross RC1 - it's back! Freelancer Server News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/8/4 4:40:00 (7045 reads) News by the same author



After an admittedly depressing start to BETA...


Where large reports of numerous crashes and what not made me cry repeatedly and hit my head of the wall, whilst screaming WHY!?...


I am very happy to bring you the next step up - in the words of some famous rapper - it's harder, better, faster AND stronger...


So strong, hard and fast in fact that I have dubbed it a Release Candidate - (although I know somebody will find something especially FF, he always has something to say >.>)





I have decided to withdraw my statement that Biocross is IFSO's replacement as that is not explicitly true - Ioncross is perfect for lightweight servers, who have a minimal player base of around the 100 - 200 mark. When it gets higher than that things can begin to get sluggish and painful, which is where Biocross steps in...

Biocross is backed by the powerful MSSQL Server (supports 2005 and 200 as it's data source, long gone are ini files! XML has replaced TXT and VB.NET has replaced VB 6.0 - but these are all empty words - let me take you on a journey (through time and through space) to determine just what it is you will notice as an avvid IFSO user in the past, and just what you will notice as a newcomer:


First and foremost you will notice it is shiny, not important and completely irrelevant to running a server but it is more approachable for new comers and can perhaps even help the old IFSO users out a bit, I have made it as ergonomic as I possibly could (as a student programmer I am yet to fully understand ergonomics to a prestigious level) and I also tried to add an extreme amount of variety, there is certainly over 10 skins to choose from, from what I remember all of them have their differences as you can see above this one is VERY different!

Additional Features:

I designed Biocross with inexperienced Server Operators in mind and as such numerous features popped up which provided a simple GUI for common tasks an Admin may have to perform:

This is the multiplayer character editor (don't worry people this is NOT the main player editor ) you know your MP Startup char file? This is designed to edit that quite easily, if you have enough courage you can add your own lines, and once all the percentage markers have been removed (- the name of course) you can have a go at editing it in the BIG player editor

This one is a mass character editor, what it does is asks you to select as many players as you like, then to select one player to act as the template - what then happens is all the equipment, location data, cargo and everything else except the name is grafted onto the select players. The scenairio I designed this for was [SP] creation and [Admin] char management - everytime you get a new admin you don't want to have outload them with the same equipment over and over again manually right? Only suckers do that now biocross is here


Extensive Searching:

Everyone knows Ioncross's player search and organisation lacked any kind of REAL data management at all... in fact you had to KNOW the players name you wished to look at word for word to be able to acquire his data pretty much...

Biocross' search feature now allows for Wildcards, advanced filters, AND, OR, OR NOT, OR ELSE statements and a few more - you can filter by multiple conditions, you have sort by system, base, rank... whatever the hell you want:

Good luck - check back as an updater application will be available soon which means no more having to manually download patches (yay!)


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