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June. 4, 2023

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So...who's starting to feel old? :P
Just popping in
2022/4/7 14:02
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Hiya. I'm Slake. You either know me or you don't. Some of you may have heard of me. Fastest man in the universe when flying without underpants (admin confirmed legit; they watched me real close when I left the fringes to fly in that race lol). King of the 300; if anyone ever wants to master it, feel free to gimme a yell on facebook. Some secrets should never die.

Yep, I had a colossal fly-boy ego like every other bastard out there, but hey - I had the personality, the crew, the mindset, experience, and skills to back it up. Still do, too.

Founder and leader of the Fringe Raiders (Raider ID "Raider_1J7", and later Skull Squadron. Flew with the 45th Tigers as Tiger_O6, Bulldo9.

Always the anti-hero, always willing to set aside server politics to help protect a server vs griefer server invaders, or just have a private RL chat with a fellow human being.

Man. I loved flying the Dagger into the Unknown. Gimme small ships vs big any day of the week.

Also got a kick out of assisting noobs make enemies with the Powers-That-Be and their corporate police lackeys, usually without them realising it... red reps FTW; white is for pussies.

Sell that cardy at Rochester, and come to the dark-side with the rest of the underdog good guys - if you don't believe me, maybe stop and read the bulletin boards next time when docking somewhere "disreputable".

Shout out to Robo, Polaris, Forsaken, Brow, and the GOI team.

Shout out to old wingmen; Cr4Fty, Dragonbreath, DaVoid, the original BullDog before bulldogg (gentle "dig" there; heya Spud), Magpie, Trinity, Vanbo/Veg, Chi, BadAsh, JD777, and of course the NEO and ZIMBY crew (Zombies and IMMORTALS). Shout out to the VOICE_clan. Shout out to Anvil, Dukie, Jaguar, Trigger, Wardog. Shout out to Learner, Mostly Harmless, and to the multitudes whose anonymous alts would join our wing for some black ops jumphole maverick hit-and-run-fun.

Apologies to all that were frustrated by our meta-methods; we still laugh in Discord about the one-ways, ambushes, and the time we fought a vicious 3-on3 at Freeport 9 for a good 3 hours, complete with every dirty trick in the book being applied by both sides.

If our propoganda vids offended or made people laugh while mocking our own crew with their seriousness, great, they were meant to evoke an emotional reaction, and thank you for being the trigger for some great memories from before gaming became "woke" culture.

They just don't make wars like they used to in current space sims... except maybe EVE. Seriously, private instances suck (looking at you ED).

To the RP players - if you get a glimpse of me on your radar, maybe don't try to enforce magical RP powers vs the cold reality of a fully-immersed Freelancer. If you're gonna talk it, you better be able to walk it. Or just smile and say "Hiya"; I rarely shoot without warning when meeting a fellow spaceman for the first time

Anyways... I'm thinking of jumping back into Sirius for a bit; not sure where though, as I moved from Australia to Japan about 5 years ago.


See you in Space (:=

Posted on: 2022/4/7 15:19
Re: So...who's starting to feel old? :P
Just can't stay away
2008/2/28 12:30
From Trade Lane Watching
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Posted on: 2022/4/14 17:01
Freelancer, 20 years old and still playing the game.

Is Juni here?