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May. 29, 2023

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Freelancer Tools Directory
Quite a regular
2008/2/14 21:37
From İstanbul, Turkey
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Posts: 176
While I'm aware there are pins and the whole forum below this is filled with tool listings, I figured it would be sensible to have a central post linking out to everything. There's a lot of dead links and undocumented tools out there and it might be helpful if folks didn't have to pick through the forums bit by bit in order to find what they need.

I'll do my best to keep this post updated. If I've missed any tools or there's anything terribly wrong below, please post in the thread or @ me on Discord!

Maintained/Current Tools

Adoxa’s Tools
A large listing of extremely useful and diverse Freelancer modding tools created by Adoxa. Please check the link for a full listing.

FL Mod Studio
A well-polished and powerful IDE. Includes a system editor in full 3d and various tools for dealing with Freelancer’s ini files. Most current version is 1.3.

For decompressing thorn (.thn) files into lua for editing. A patched version can be found on Adoxa’s website. For bulk decompression, we suggest dethorn.

An infocard importer/exporter and editor for Freelancer. It’s Starport thread can be found here, along with a download link: ... t_id=46542#forumpost46542

A tool for checking Freelancer’s ini file for obvious errors. ... load/371/

Freelancer Developer
Freelancer Developer is a multipurpose tool that helps modders in various ways. It currently includes an automation tool, a DLL editor, a CRC database maker and a series of mathematical utilities.

A hardpoint editor for Freelancer .cmp and .3db files. It can also be used as a SUR viewer. ... nglefile.php?cid=2&lid=16

An editor for a variety of the game’s file formats being developed in conjunction with the open source game engine reimplementation, Librelancer. It can import Collada (.dae) model files.

A set of MaxScript tools for Autodesk 3ds Max to import and export 3D models for Freelancer. It’s able to import and export hitbox files (.sur) and requires 3ds max version 2018 or higher.

Resource Hacker
While not a Freelancer-specific tool, Resource Hacker is an extremely useful tool for editing and viewing Freelancer’s .dll files and adjusting the game’s version number via the exe.

Skotty and Schmackbolzen’s ALE Editor
A GUI utility for viewing and editing Freelancer’s ALE (effect) files. Currently in development. ... t_id=65280#forumpost65280

UTF Editor
An updated/reimplemented version of the UTF Editor that is similar to the one released by Colin Sanby and Mario Brito. Source code included. This version adds a model viewer and improves animation related tools.

Posted on: 2020/8/7 13:22
Re: Freelancer Tools Directory
Quite a regular
2008/2/14 21:37
From İstanbul, Turkey
Registered Users
Wiki editors
$$$ Supporters $$$
Posts: 176
Deprecated Tools

An infocard editor capable of modifying or viewing the contents of Freelancer resource dll files. Although it works fine, it does not support bulk import/export and there are better alternatives now. ... glefile.php?cid=5&lid=866

Freelancer Explorer
One of the early IDE modding tools for Freelancer, Freelancer Explorer is a system/general GUI editor. Be warned many of the ini files it generates are buggy or broken and it does not work well on modern systems. Use at your own risk. ... oads/freelancer-explorer1

Milkshape CMP plugins
Moonhead has done a great overview of Milkshape and Freelancer cmp on the Starport, but a lot of the plugins are buggy/deprecated. Use at your own risk. ... php?topic_id=3747&forum=9

OBJ to SUR Converter
An OBJ to SUR converter. While it can function fine, there is a severe boundary volume hierarchy bug that can cause serious problems present. Use at your own risk. ... t_id=40875#forumpost40875

Posted on: 2020/8/7 13:23