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July. 9, 2020

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Starpoint Gemini 3 (New Freelancer Like Game)

2017/7/21 10:43
From Australia
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Posts: 35
Amazing! Only a couple of weeks ago I was excitedly posting here about the release of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and now someone over in the Freelancer Facebook group posts a video of yet another very Freelancer like game called Starpoint Gemini 3!

I'd listed the previous Starpoint Gemini games over in my old Freelancer Similar games thread here as they had space combat, trading on stations and even some planet landing stuff however they still felt a bit different eg more of a big ship tactical combat game. However for this new game it looks like they've totally gone in a pure Freelancer style fighter game direction (which I think has upset some of their past fanbase but hey its great for us FL fans haha) with all the cool FL stuff like landing on planets and space stations to trade and visit their seedy space bars for work! It also has an interesting (unfinished) side game where you take control of a small probe infiltrating derelicts and space stations avoiding security systems that sort of reminds me of some of X2 – The Threat’s side missions.

The game is still in early access on steam so naturally it lacks polish but is already looking absolutely gorgeous!! The only fault I have with its otherwise stunning graphics are the very plastic mannequin like people but apparently the devs have said they'll be fixing that.

This guy has done a good video preview of it:

Here's some sexy screens I found around the place:
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Posted on: 2019/9/13 12:43
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