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August. 6, 2020

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My unbelievable rookie question again.....
Not too shy to talk
2008/4/3 23:32
Registered Users
Posts: 97
I always want a hook for Freelancer client to make Freelancer client send something to current FLServer, then i possible to check cheaters and game files modify with FLHook.

my plan is:
A player logon server, client hook detect player has logon, then send chat message [/check filename filehash] to flserver. flhook will check the filename and hash, if not correct, player will be kick.(if player have't send /check, they will be kick too)

but thats easy to say and hard to do, especially i never seems any bit VC++ code before...... :-\

so any one can tell me If my plan is possible or not
and could any one give me a simple way to hook client and make send message function?

Posted on: 2008/6/22 8:46
Re: My unbelievable rookie question again.....
Just can't stay away
2008/6/20 0:27
From Russia, GMT+4
Registered Users
FLServer Admins
Trusted Speciality Developers
Senior Members
Posts: 278
i want to know something basic about client hooking too... :

Posted on: 2008/6/22 13:51
Re: My unbelievable rookie question again.....
Starport Staff
2008/8/4 23:29
From United Kingdom
Registered Users
Senior Members
Posts: 310
This requires a little amount of network knowledge and the knowledge of any program language to pull it off however you wish:

For this to work you will need a client/server architecture, meaning you will need to create two programs (harsh right?) - one of them is run at the server end - which will do the following:

-When a player logs on it will send a message (like you asked)
-Checks MD5 Hashes against files contained on the server when an MD5 hash is sent...
-It will connect to the client and when client detects a connection, the client will then do it's thing...

and its thing is this:

-Client will send (most likely) an MD5 hash of most of files in FL known for cheating (such as asteroid fields, speed modding etc.) to the server...
-Server checks them against the MD5 hash of its own files...

If of course the MD5 doesn't match then something is different and well the player has to be kicked because...well he's not allowed to be different in FL's competitive multiplayer environment... lol

Posted on: 2008/12/3 2:44