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May. 7, 2021

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Character Bio
Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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Posts: 1118
This is the first character Bio I wrote when I joined TFL over 3 years ago.

I continually used this and updated it as I went.

Posted on: 2008/5/21 22:53
Re: Character Bio
Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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Sir Roo Avery

Name: Roo Avery
Height: 5:11
Weight: 170
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length, normally tied back.

Head: An old style Kusari Naval officers hat, with black sunglasses.

Top Half Body: A Bretonian style Tunic, normally stained with coffee. On his left wrist he wears a leather band with a small white design clearly visible.

Bottom Half: Blue or Black Jeans, normally an old ripped pear, unless working for Royalty or an Admiral. Then the "semi" decent jeans are worn. Large Brown leather boots are worn on feet. Attached to his right boot is a holder for a Ornate knife.


Roo Avery was born on Freeport 9, 30 years ago. His mother died during the birth and he has no idea who his father is. Roo was taken in by a waitress at Benny's Bar whom went by the name of Stacey, and was well taken care of.

He started work at the docking bays at the age of 10. He cleaned out thrusters, did paint jobs, anything to earn him some money. He slowly managed to convince the passing Bounty Hunters, Pirates and Freelancers to teach him more about engines and ship.

By 14 Roo was well known by the regulars at FP9, and he had many "customers" that would seek out his services when docked. He was a whiz kid at doing custom mods on ships. And was reported to have worked on an experimental ship now commonly known as the "Infiltrator".

Roo was bought up around women. His adopted mother was a "lively" woman and would always throw large and wild parties. Roo would always be hiding somewhere to watch the women. His appetite for the company of women goes back to his childhood. He was known for his charm and good looks.

Whilst working on ships in the docking bays, Roo would listen in on conversations about the Illegal races held in the border worlds. He convinced a passing Freelancer with more money than sense to sponsor him in a race. Roo lost. But by his 4th race he was leading the pack.

By 16 Roo was a great racer. He would take part in all the Illegal races in Theta and would always walk away with prize funds. Needless to say, at his young age, he did not value money, and his winnings would end up be pissed up the wall.

But his ego began too grow as he won and continued to win. Eventually he started to make enemies. At 19 Roo ran into trouble whilst recklessly flying through the Border worlds. He was heading back to Freeport 9 after another fantastic victory when a young gang of Corsairs, upset that their leader had lost the race, ambushed him.

Roo not having an experience in actual combat, was completely overwhelmed.

His ship was destroyed and he was left drifting in his escape pod with no food or water. He drifted for days, before finally being tractored in by a B-wing with a large K drawn on the side.

He was rescued by Kaos, the Leader of the KAOS Clan.

He was taken in by the KAOS clan and was trained by the great Kaos himself. Whilst flying with KAOS, Roo learnt the value of money fast.

He made money by smuggling Cardamine into Liberty on a daily basis. The Liberty Police could do nothing to stop him. He would slip in and out without detection. He soon had a small fortune stashed away.

At the age of 22 Roo left the KAOS clan and good friends behind him. Amongst those friends was Stevious Maximus. Another pilot whom joined KAOS in the same week as Roo. Roo and Stevious had trained together. Stevious was the better fighter pilot. But it was Roo who made smuggling look like child's play.

As he left Planet Malta he handed Kaos a suitcase, inside the suitcase was 40 Million credits. Money to pay back the man who had saved his life.

Roo drifted from system to system. At times working aboard freighter ships. Other times as a deck hand on a Battleship or cruisers.

Whilst enjoying a few well earned drinks in the Bar on Manhattan one night, Roo won it big in a game of craps. Instead of pissing this money up another wall, Roo decided to buy himself a Rhino freighter and try to make some money on his own.

With the left over winnings Roo hired a young boy called Guy, whom today is still on Roo's payroll. He also bought a holds worth of stock and launched for space.

Roo worked as a Trader for a few months, slowly making connections and friends in powerful places. And still doing to odd couple of Cardamine or Artifact runs, just to keep in shape.

At 28, Roo was spotted by Spectre, the CEO of a new but yet powerful Trade Corporation. Spectre offered Roo a place in SDI as a Transporter. The routes were hazardous and the dangers large, but Roo along with his now good friend Guy, were able to complete all tasks assigned to them.

SDI didn't pay too great, but theres always ways to make extra credits in Sirius.

SDI provided Roo with a sense of security and meaning.

His list of enemies continued to grow, but so did his list of friends. Working on a diet of Coffee, smokes, women and more coffee Roo was beginning to wear himself out as a mere "Transporter"

Shortly after his 29th Birthday, Roo got caught up in some mess that he shouldn't of even known about. He ended up working for individuals that he shouldn't of even known....

Roo was eventually forced to leave SDI after being caught mixed up in large scale fraud and smuggling case. He had to seek employment on his own. Working for who ever payed him best, he ran Contraband, killed, and extorted. Occasionally going straight for a short while, Roo would hire himself out to the Great THC working as Border patrol. As his credits slowly rose, people slowly noticed him. One of them being {CDF}Captain_Blake.

Blake offered Roo a place amongst his merry group of pirates, The Corsair Defence Force.
Not being a Corsair from birth, Roo struggled to gain respect at first, but slowly people noticed his skills, not in battle, but with diplomacy, accounting, smuggling and most importantly pure piracy!

Roo would run Artifacts out of Cadiz and into the heart of Bretonia daily. Not able to stop him, Navies and Police tried luring him out with "sting" operations to catch him at drop zones. But Captain Blake and the CDF were always at hand to blast a path for Roo to slip through, make the drop and get back out...

After a time, there was a mutiny in CDF and many good pilots and Officers were killed. Still strong in numbers, but not a command structure, Roo was sworn in as Quater Master Roo Avery. Second only to Captain Blake himself. Never in the history of the Corsairs had a non Corsair been given such a position of power. And nor will it be repeated again.

The Corsair Defence Force entered an age pure of terror and aggression. With Blake leading the attacks, and Roo the mastermind behind the smuggling operations, counterfeiting and extortion, there wasn't a single man or woman alive that didn't shake with fear when reading news reports of their exploits.

Rumour had reached Roo that there was a band of Pirates that no longer wanted a non Corsair in power. No one could blame them Roo had thought. He made a final trip to Captain Blakes quarters where they sat up the night drinking and laughing at their exploits. By morning Roo was gone. He didn't step foot on Cadiz for nearly 18 months after that night.

It was 1 month after leaving Cadiz that Roo was seen. It was in Benny's Bar in Freeport 9. Rumour has it, Roo was helping Benny out with some "Book Balancing issues". Benny went from being in the red, to suddenly having a small fortune stashed away in a Bank on Luxury Liner Hawaii. No one knows how this happened, but Roo Avery certainly had something to do with it.

Roo Avery eventually disappeared from Sirius for nearly 6 months. When he reappeared it was back working for SDI. People have speculated that Roo Avery has always been working for SDI, and when he was working for the highest bidder, and when with the CDF, he was merely undercover. Meaning his disappearance could of been for safety. Other's have speculated that CEO Spectre had Roo working in the Gemini Sector where Spectre is rumored to have originally come from himself. Maybe he was there working on the "Centurion" a fighter that Spectre has been pumping resources into to have developed. Or maybe he was there on business. It matters not, as only Spectre and Roo will know what happened during those 6 months.

Roo came back to SDI and took the position of Director of Marketing and Head of SDI Intelligence (another reason people speculate on Roo's somewhat colorful past). Now back with SDI for more than 4 months, Roo has was Knighted in a secret ceremony held on Planet New Tokyo by THC Moradin and THC Hyperion. Now Sir Avery with estates on New Tokyo Roo enjoys far greater wealth than ever before.

Sir Avery has also started his own Coffee Shop Franchise with the first "Roo's Coffee House" now open on Freeport 9. With financial backing from SDI the franchise has taken off well. 20% of the profits made and all tips go directly to the Sirius Humanitarian Relief Fund whom SDI have always worked closely with on various projects. There are plans to expand the Franchise to Luxury Liner Hawaii, New Tokyo and New London in the coming months.

Sir Avery is rumored to be married, although when and where his marriage took place and to whom is somewhat a mystery.

Life is a cycle, as this man has proven. But life tends to also take unexpected twist and turns. Sirius is not known for being a "stable" place after all...

Sir Avery continued to work for SDI, but no longer as out on the front line moving cargo. Avery was confined to private quaters on Hawaii and the office at INTEL HQ.

SDI had been watching the Rheinland Goverment for a few months due to a tip off from the now ex CEO Spectre. They had been rumoured to hold a weapon that could do massive damage. SDI Intel, more precisely Roo was working along side Lord Nedelor to destroy this weapon. The SCC knew nothing of what Roo and Nedelor had been planning. Even Colonel Blackheart, up until recently, knew nothing of the close working relationship Lord Nedelor, Spectre and Roo had.

Roo and Nedelor mapped out thier plan of action. Roo had for months been planting information in places so that key figures would do what was needed. Nedelor and Roo had manipulated a full scale assualt on Rhienland involving the extremist Chang, Colonel Blackheart and other key people. Many lives were lost during the assualt, and this included the life of Avery also.

It has was confirmed by Nedelor that Roo had given his own life to ensure the destruction of Rhienlands secret weapon. However no reports of what this weapon was have been filed, and Lord Nedelor has refused to give details on the weapon.

Sir Roo Avery gave his life to protect the citizens of Sirius, regardless of their beliefs, political stance or views on Sirius.

With the death of Roo Avery, and the departure of Spectre, it was only days before Sirius Diversified, Inc closed it's door and ceased trading.


Posted on: 2008/5/21 22:53