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May. 7, 2021

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Freelancer Two: An Idiotic "Screenplay"
Not too shy to talk
2008/12/20 9:32
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Posts: 83
This is what happens when you have a group of several hundred bored Freelancer players from the bowels of the Internet. Eventually, some of us started discussing mod possibilities, which soon went into storyline scripting, and then just what the hell a story of Freelancer 2 might actually be about.
The following is pretty vulgar, odd, insulting, but I like it enough to post it.


Trainwiz: The Order also needs to be less in control
khAn: drank an entire bottle of buckleys to up the difficulty
Africa: wanna die try meningitis
Trainwiz: If theres a huge conflict between nations
Trainwiz: I want to see them scrambling
Trainwiz: And the black dude dying heroically
Trainwiz: Oh, and what it needs more than anything
Trainwiz: KING
Trainwiz: BEING
Trainwiz: BADASS
Trainwiz: I wanna see him roundhouse kick an entire Kusari Fleet
Trainwiz: In space.
Dark: mass chaos as word of nomads gets out. Order forced into hiding
Trainwiz: Crazed figures take power
Trainwiz: Trent is on Freeport 10
Trainwiz: F***ing Zoner hookers
Trainwiz: Good End.
Dark: Rheinland becomes hostile again due to unwarranted resentment ala the interwar period of the weimar republic
Dark: space hitler
Trainwiz: More info on Freeport 7
Trainwiz: Have it be that the theif dude
Trainwiz: Wasn't told to get it by the Nomads
Trainwiz: After all
Trainwiz: Why would they destroy FP7
Trainwiz: If they were gonna get it anyways
Trainwiz: The artifact I mean.
Trainwiz: More shadowy figures.
Trainwiz: More references to Alliance-Coalition and Starlancer in general
Dark: that could be interesting actually. prequel/alternate viewpoint of the original story
Dark: play as a theinlander or somesuch
Dark: *rhein
Trainwiz: >Theinlander
Trainwiz: From what I've seen
Trainwiz: Most Freelancer mod stories
Trainwiz: Are either these 3 things
Trainwiz: 1) Lost sleeper ships
Trainwiz: 2) Nomads reattacking
Dark: take place in awesome space battles, escape being nomaded and join up with the outlaws or whatever
Trainwiz: 3) Dom Kvash Returning
Trainwiz: Nah, less Nomads
Dark: hear about the crazy #$%% Trent's doing
Trainwiz: Have a guy with a powerful Nomad Artifact mind control device
Trainwiz: That's taking all the skilled pilots
Trainwiz: And turning them into zombies.
Trainwiz: And have him be Russian.
Trainwiz: Because.
Dark: space russians could be fun
Africa: except they got vaporized
Africa: I would still like to see another proper sector in a mod
Africa: woah this is an interesting concept
Trainwiz: First off:
Trainwiz: Earth was vaporized
Trainwiz: Everyone in Sol is gone?
Trainwiz: F*** no, how can out of probably billions only one survive
Trainwiz: You'll have others
Trainwiz: Second: Spies would probably be everywhere during Coaliton-Alliance war
Trainwiz: Spies could put on Sleeper ships
Trainwiz: Spies go to Sirius unknowningly
Africa: oh yeah spies but isint freelancer quite a while in the future
Trainwiz: Have no choice to sttle down
Africa: after a few actual wars
Trainwiz: After 800 years
Trainwiz: Russian gene is...
Trainwiz: Dilluted
Africa: but it sparking back up inside an already existing faction could be awesome
Trainwiz: Exactly
Trainwiz: Have this one dude who's russian descendant
Trainwiz: Have him be all fanatical about it
Dark: and obsessed with his heritage
Dark: bam
Trainwiz: Exactly
Trainwiz: Wants to overthrow Alliance dogs.
Trainwiz: And establish Coalition
Trainwiz: And with the Colonies is chaos
Trainwiz: Plus a mind-control artifact
Trainwiz: He's able to pull it off
Africa: mind control is silly
Africa: but awesome plot devices
Trainwiz: It might be neccesary
Dark: people going 'holy #$%% nomads what' isn't
Trainwiz: Plus it could fill plot holes
Trainwiz: Like have Von Claussen be captured by the dude
Trainwiz: And Mind Controlled
Trainwiz: Since he'd go after all the good pilots
Trainwiz: And eventually try for Trent.
Dark: if the world governments just up and said 'hey guys,you know those wars? we were posessed by aliens. yeah.'
Trainwiz: But he's not looking to control the government
Trainwiz: Just overthrow it
Trainwiz: Oh, and have the Osiris blow up.
Dark: I'm just saying, there's plenty of potential for civil unrest
Trainwiz: Have the whole fact that the Russian man's plans are working
Trainwiz: Actually
Dark: at least have it die by ramming something awesomely
Trainwiz: He's able to steal different battleships
Trainwiz: And uses them to attack convoys and whatnot
Trainwiz: Setting the colonies against each other
Trainwiz: Trolling.
Dark: and of course, rogue battleships throw things all crazy
Dark: now the question is, how does Trent's artifact interact with russian dudes?
Trainwiz: Hm....
Trainwiz: Have it be a point that because Trent has used the artifact directly
Trainwiz: His mind is slightly altered.
Trainwiz: Therefore, he's immune
Trainwiz: Sort of.
Dark: and can restore people being controlled
Trainwiz: Maybe, but only make that apparent at the end
Dark: by fighting them down and artifact lasering them
Trainwiz: Have it be a TWEEST
Trainwiz: That all his friends are controlled
Dark: or an opening
Trainwiz: The original point of the artifacts were to be "tests" for the nomads, that much is canon
Dark: Juni about to get all intimate, then bam holy #$%% she's got a gun and glowing eyes oh god what's happening
Trainwiz: That'd be awesome.
Trainwiz: Also needs know-all guy
Dark: ...wait, that's the opening to VTM:bloodlines isn't it
Trainwiz: Who explains some key points
Trainwiz: Like the whole artifacts thing
Trainwiz: Maybe have him be a Corsair or Outcast elder
Trainwiz: Who knows Russian-dude's background
Trainwiz: Or maybe even a Daam-Kvash
Africa: a unioner maby?
Trainwiz: Why Unioner?
Trainwiz: They don't really do much
Africa: yes but they arent really happy
Trainwiz: True...
Trainwiz: Hovis and his Racers need a bigger role
Trainwiz: They're supposed to be the best freelancers who can't stand anything anymore
Trainwiz: And only live for racing
Trainwiz: So have them show up at one point and just kick ass.
Dark: and be the big reveal of the mind-control artifact
Dark: so they show up and help you out, then bam oh god they're shooting at me
Dark: what the hell, man
Trainwiz: All controlled.
Trainwiz: Shouldn't have all gotten together in one place I guess.
Trainwiz: Needs to have Bald Science dude die as well as Morpheus.
Trainwiz: Though Orillion's death should be more profound, have him die with the Osiris
Dark: Safe to say that King is badass to just say 'F*** you' to mind-control?
Dark: and that fits well with the awesome ramming death
Trainwiz: Yep
Dark: maybe have him cripple russian-dudes latest ship as he prepares to attack a delegation of the colonies' leaders
Trainwiz: Just something really badass.
Trainwiz: Oh.
Trainwiz: Have it semi-early on
Trainwiz: To introduce Russian guy
khAn left chat.
Trainwiz: Have Trent captured by him
Trainwiz: Mind-controlled sort of
Trainwiz: And forced to do evil stuff.
Dark: actually, if we make his artifact resist it
Trainwiz: Semi-resist.
Dark: that could allow the evil Juni opening and still keep her alive
Dark: while providing plot
Trainwiz: Nah, Evil Juni needs to be a twist
Trainwiz: have it be when Trent escapes
Trainwiz: Russian dude gets this huge Vendetta against him
Trainwiz: And begins actively hunting him
Trainwiz: Have there be a lot of chemistry between Trent and Juni, that when Juni goes Evil, it is even more unexpected
Dark: 'oh god, trent, you're safe. I thought I lost you.' (has gun)
Trainwiz: TWEEEEST
Dark: also, on a lighter note, russian dude totally speaks with an obviously fake accent
Dark: since he wouldn't exactly have a real one
Trainwiz: Yep
Trainwiz: If we can get a guy with a real spanish accent as well
Trainwiz: That'd be even better
Trainwiz: Have him say something that is sort of like "Get out of here Stalker" at one point
Dark: man, I don't even know how a spanish-russian accent works, but now I wanna find out
Trainwiz: Maybe have Trent in a holding cell
Trainwiz: And motion for his guards to leave so he can mindcontrol him
Trainwiz: And say something like, "Get out of here freelancers"
Dark: good god, I forgot how melodramatic von claussen was
Trainwiz: Final battle needs to be tons of different battleship fleets (But all belonging to Russian dude) against maybe just a small Order fleet
Trainwiz: Maybe even back in the Dyson sphere
Trainwiz: Have it somehow be that Russiandude escapes through the Hypergate or something
Trainwiz: So we actually get to go through it, and have a one on one battle
Trainwiz: Or maybe for a CRAAAZY end
Trainwiz: Have Russian dude almost beat Trent in the Hypergate
Trainwiz: But have something save him
Trainwiz: Like a huge ass battleship appear
Trainwiz: And just ice his ass
Dark: and when trent comes back out, dramatic twist in the music, evil grin, and fade to black?
Dark: nah, too silly
Trainwiz: Yeah
Dark: but this is sounding pretty cool
Trainwiz: It has just enough cliche to be Freelancerish, and just enough originality to be good.
Trainwiz: And most of this can easily work
Trainwiz: The thing is you can only have 13 missions
Trainwiz: But they can be any length
Dark: hardcoded, huh?
Trainwiz: Yep
Trainwiz: Russian dude needs to have Coalition banners and #$%%
Trainwiz: Just have Coalition #$%% everywhere
Trainwiz: Oh that's good.
Trainwiz: Have his final thing be
Trainwiz: That he wants to find a wreck of a Coalition ship
Trainwiz: And repair it, duke it out with suprmeme weaponry
Trainwiz: And make it his flagship
Africa: clouded by insurgents
Trainwiz: Eh?
Africa: the coalition fighters from starlancer
Trainwiz: Oh yeah, been a while
Trainwiz: That'd be good.
Trainwiz: If you want some more cliche, have Trent get an Alliance Starlancer ship
Trainwiz: Like the Phoenix or something
Trainwiz: And have them go at it.
Trainwiz: Alliance vs. Coalition at last
Trainwiz: Or even better, Russian dude makes an Ion cannon.
Trainwiz: Another homage to Starlancer
Trainwiz: Nah.
Trainwiz: Needs just Coalition
Africa disconnected.
Dark: ohboyohboy shipyard assault
Trainwiz: Flying through dat Minefield
Africa entered chat.
Trainwiz: Yeah, but Nomads defintely need to have little, if no, presence in the game
Dark: have everyone think russian is nomad at first
Dark: but is just insane
Trainwiz: That'd work, have the Coalition thing be revealed just as Trent's escaping
Trainwiz: Maybe he sees like the Insignia or something
Dark: and the nomad-b-gone ray doesn't do anything to him
Trainwiz: They have one of those?
Dark: referring to the lasar at the end of freelancer 1
Trainwiz: Oh, the Hypergate one.
Dark: trent's artifact
Trainwiz: Oh that would make a good enough end.
Trainwiz: Have the know-all guy confront Trent at the very very end
Dark: no, as in like, it doesn't work on him
Dark: cuz he isn't nomad
Trainwiz: I know.
Dark: (don't know if that's how it works...)
Trainwiz: Well, it creates a power source
Trainwiz: That Nomads can't resist
Trainwiz: So they get literally sucked into it
Dark: hm
Dark: so first major showdown, trent uses that, thinking the mind control is nomads again
Dark: and... nothing happens, and everyone goes 'oh #$%%'
Trainwiz: Would work.
Trainwiz: Have him escaping from Russian dude
Trainwiz: And he meets the Osiris
Dark: good opportunity for the osiris to die as well
Trainwiz: Actually that's better
Trainwiz: I just want Trent to be picked up by Osiris and everyone thinking he's evil
Trainwiz: Because he was working for Russian dude
Dark: ooh
Trainwiz: Good chance for maybe some sort of confrontation with Juni
Trainwiz: Have that fill in the gap between this and Freelancer 1
Trainwiz: Maybe have Russian dude's attempted mind control make Trent have dreams about Freeport 7, about how there's something unfinished about it.
Trainwiz: But there would need to be a big thing behind it.
Dark: becomes obsessed about visiting the wreckage, which is an adventure in itself
Trainwiz: Truth.
Trainwiz: Arrives at Freeport 7 maybe gets ambushed.
Trainwiz: Then you have the first major showdown where Osiris dies?
Dark: hm
Trainwiz: Have it just get worse and worse.
Dark: Meets the russian at freeport 7, is captured
Trainwiz: Freeport 7 is gone though...
Dark: escapes, Order thinks russian is nomad so thinks trent is now nomad
Dark: the wreckage I mean
Trainwiz: That works then.
Trainwiz: Have that be near the beginning
Trainwiz: Like, within the first four missions
Dark: Or even the opening mission, barring exposition
Trainwiz: Nah, needs Trent at the edge worlds or somewhere
Trainwiz: Getting more and more uneasy about Freeport 7.
Trainwiz: Then visting it.
Trainwiz: Getting blown up and captured
Dark: Would also make getting to freeport 7 wreck a bit easier
Trainwiz: True
Dark: I can't remember which system it's in, but it's there
Trainwiz: Sigma-17.
Trainwiz: But it's pretty out in the open...
Dark: The Russian's ship will provide suitable distraction methinks
Trainwiz: Perhaps...
Trainwiz: Have it cloak?
Dark: maybe.
Trainwiz: It just seems a bit sudden though...
Dark: have him hail trent while cloaked, speech about how they're both looking for something suitably dramatic
Trainwiz: Maybe something less than Cloaking?
Trainwiz: How about a projector?
Trainwiz: No wait
Trainwiz: Cloaking, cloaking works
Dark: then bam holy #$%%, and forcibly tractored. and as to lead in, maybe the reason he goes to freeport 7 is he hears rumours of strange happenings out there
Trainwiz: Nah, you can't tractor ships.
Trainwiz: You need to have his ship blow up
Trainwiz: And have a cutscene of his pod being taken in
Dark: or at least crippled
Trainwiz: Then have him wake up in some sort of cell
Trainwiz: Maybe have Von Claussen be a guard
Trainwiz: Have him be mind-controlled.
Trainwiz: Have Russian dude come in
Trainwiz: Yada yada, mine control scene
Dark: and completely blank, have Trent try to talk to him with no response, then yeah russian
Trainwiz: Next mission is a battleship stealing one
Trainwiz: Have him be noticed by several people
Dark: and actually yeah, then just go do evil things
Trainwiz: Russian dude orders him to kill those people
Trainwiz: But Trent resists
Trainwiz: Russian dude looses it
Trainwiz: Actually, have the mind control thing be less obvious
Trainwiz: No pulling out a strange thing and using it
Dark: and invert the original evil juni, have him sent to go kill juni (who is now fairly important) and the artifact helps him snap out of it
Trainwiz: That might work, since Juni works for the LSF
Trainwiz: Have him steal a battleship in open airspace
Trainwiz: One of the defenders is Juni
Trainwiz: Can't kill Juni/Artifact resistance
Trainwiz: But still steals the battleship.
Dark: for the second hit, let the player capture at least one battleship for fun
Trainwiz: Then once he gets back
Trainwiz: Russian dude looses it
Dark: or yeah, russian runs off with ship while Juni cripples his ship and brings him to his senses
Trainwiz: Nah, no bring to senses.
Trainwiz: Just won't do it
Dark: still evil trent?
Trainwiz: He's not really evil
Trainwiz: Because once Russian dude brings him back
Trainwiz: He basically beats him and locks him up
Trainwiz: But Trent manages to escape
Trainwiz: Has to run from huge battleships
Trainwiz: And is almost doomed
Dark: and everybody who thinks he's a nomad now
Trainwiz: Nah, because he's running from just Russian dude
Trainwiz: WHo's probably out of the way
Dark: but people don't know what russian is
Trainwiz: Have the Osiris recapture/rescue him
Dark: they just know that mind controlling people is nomad turf
Trainwiz: Maybe have the Ships cloak when the Osiris begins to appear
Trainwiz: So it just appears that Trent is running alone
Trainwiz: And they take him on board
Trainwiz: Basically beat him up and confront him
Trainwiz: Juni somehow convinces them he's not Nomad
Trainwiz: Later on have a confrontation
Trainwiz: Between Trent and Juni
Trainwiz: Fill in some gaps
Dark: and as they figure out what's happening the russian's fleet decloaks and attacks, perhaps
Dark: yeah, have them argue and whatnot
Trainwiz: Maybe, but this would still be like, Mission 4.
Dark: yeah
Trainwiz: The Osiris should die around Mission 6.
Dark: so they escape the initial attack (when russian realizes he's lost trent, who isn't taking over the battleship)
Dark: news starts leaking out, things heat up in the colonies
Trainwiz: Well actually,
Trainwiz: Russian's plan needs to start working
Trainwiz: So people start going crazy
Trainwiz: Since Battleships are attacking each other
Trainwiz: And all the colonies are on the brink of war.
Trainwiz: And the Order finally fully believes Trent
Trainwiz: And...
Trainwiz: Maybe then they launch a counter-attack on Russian?
Trainwiz: But Russian has a huge ass fleet
Trainwiz: And the Osiris dies at that point...
Trainwiz: Trent still gets more disturbed about Freeport 7....
Dark: this is when osiris kamikazes, shaking the russian's control enough so that a large amount of the ships can break off and flee
Trainwiz: Yeah, because otherwise all the order would die.
Trainwiz: have it be at the point where Trent realizes he isn't a Nomad
Trainwiz: Russian that is.
Dark: and Orilion, prompting that final moment
Dark: and now that the threat is known... hm
Trainwiz: Not completely known
Trainwiz: We just know he's crazy
Trainwiz: And we don't really know his motives exactly
Dark: yeah, this would be the go find out what's up bit
Dark: root around in the border worlds, that sort of thing
Trainwiz: Just a few order survivors...
Dark: on that note, oh hai osiris :3c
Trainwiz: Yay!
Trainwiz: Oh, have maybe him meet someone like Lonnagain>
Trainwiz: Since we never actually see him die.
Trainwiz: Maybe he gives more info on Freeport 7...
Trainwiz: Maybe he knows the Artifact stealing guy
Dark: heck, maybe he's drinking his life away on a nearby base
Trainwiz: That'd work
Trainwiz: In his drunken stupor he somehow reveals that the theif wasn't working for the Nomads
Trainwiz: Introducing an unknown third party...
Trainwiz: Maybe at this point Russian catches up with them
Trainwiz: Manages to impart the whole fact that he is Coalition-descended.
Trainwiz: All seems lost
Trainwiz: When the Racers show up
Trainwiz: And somewhat destroy Russian's forces
Dark: and then all seems lost again
Trainwiz: But Russian does something and they go hostile
Trainwiz: So that'd be the explanations missions
Dark: also, russian's powerbase would be brain'd corsairs and outcasts, yeah
Trainwiz: And his elite would be mind'd Freelancers and other really good pilots
Dark: goddamn King, such a badass
Dark: I don't even need to ask if oyu're a bad enough dude to rescue the president, you just are
Dark: but yeah
Trainwiz: Then... hm...
Trainwiz: Maybe at this point Trent realizes that Russians orgins are somehow Hispania related?
Trainwiz: And so he goes to the Omicrons
Trainwiz: Almost dies at one point, and is rescued by Know-all man's men?
Trainwiz: Knowall should probably be some sort of amazing Xeno expert
Trainwiz: Since he's so close to the actual nomad homeworld
Trainwiz: He has tons and tons of artifacts
Trainwiz: He should be the one that originally wanted Trent's artifact
Trainwiz: Knowing what it could do.
Dark: that'd be a hell of a relevation for trent
Trainwiz: He then explains more about Russian, Freeport 7.
Trainwiz: Maybe if we wanted to B^U it, have him explain about the Nomads
Trainwiz: Be cool if you drop hints that somehow he's a DK
Trainwiz: Like, the only remaining one.
Dark: and off course, but when battling the russian ships should totally switch allegience at random
Dark: wingmen at least, if not named characters
Trainwiz: Might be possible, might not.
Dark: that'd be trippy
Trainwiz: Have it be that when Know-all shows up
Trainwiz: THings start going trippy
Trainwiz: And Russian guy looses for once
Dark: well, you can change allegiences in battle, but don't know how the scripting works
Trainwiz: I think it is.
Trainwiz: But random changes might not be
Trainwiz: Anyways, the whole loosing brings new hope
Trainwiz: And the Order manages to find Russian's final goal
Trainwiz: The Coalition ship
Dark: that lone one from the unused intro?
Trainwiz: Nah, just a Coalition ship
Trainwiz: One that Russian really wants
Trainwiz: Since it would make his "heritage" complete
Dark: maybe have it be knowitall
Dark: s ship/base?
Dark: which he commissioned for the historical fun of it
Dark: or something, I dunno how we'd hack that
Trainwiz: Nah, it needs to be completely obscure
Trainwiz: But Russian does manage to sort of steal it
Trainwiz: Or maybe not
Trainwiz: Maybe it getting completely blown up just makes him totally loose it.
Trainwiz: But he has to retreat
Trainwiz: All the time its only Trent and maybe King doing this
Trainwiz: Maybe this is when King gets to say F*** you to Russian
Trainwiz: Which makes him even more angry
Trainwiz: So finally Trent lands.
Trainwiz: Juni does the whole seduction thing before going evil
Trainwiz: As does everyone that isn't Trent
Trainwiz: Knowitall guy is gone for some reason
Dark: Yeah. knowall guy dissapears, russian escapes, and Juni goes all mind-control
Trainwiz: As does everyone else
Trainwiz: Except maybe a few
Trainwiz: Like King and such
Dark: except Trent and king
Trainwiz: And he manages to turn them back.
Dark: due to artifact and badass, respectively
Trainwiz: Or maybe not
Trainwiz: Actually, that might work
Trainwiz: Have it be
Trainwiz: That they take Trent
Trainwiz: To Russian's fleet
Trainwiz: And basically dump him in front of Russian's current flagship
Trainwiz: Which could be like, a repaired Osiris
Trainwiz: As a twist
Trainwiz: Since battleships leave debris behind
Dark: or some sort of hybrid, his old ship with the burned out osiris reinforced on
Trainwiz: Even better
Dark: if we go with the ramming demise
Trainwiz: That'd be awesome
Trainwiz: If it's his ship
Trainwiz: But unrepaired
Dark: just straps it on instead of pulling it out
Trainwiz: So it has the Osiris still sorta stuck in it
Trainwiz: Yeah, that's awesome
Dark: totally
Trainwiz: But it's just King and Trent vs. a Whole Diverse Battleship fleet
Dark: Maybe they grab Trent
Dark: and are all haha
Trainwiz: You mean King.
Xynokoden disconnected.
Trainwiz: Since you are Trent.
Dark: no, then King flies in
Dark: and starts blowing #$%% up
Trainwiz: But king got captured w/ Trent
Trainwiz: Oh, that'd be good
Trainwiz: Trent is all frozen
Dark: and the russin's dudes are surprised since they assumed he was mind-controlled from proximity
Trainwiz: And King does his badass blow #$%% up thing
Trainwiz: King is too badass to be mind-controlled
Dark: but he's King so he's all F*** you
Trainwiz: And then the final fight begins
Dark: then you both get the hell out of dodge
Dark: or that
Trainwiz: And it's just King and Trent
Trainwiz: So really F***ing tough
Trainwiz: Though battleships can't aim for #$%%, so we're alright
Trainwiz: And then at the last minute the Deus Ex Machina happens
Trainwiz: Or maybe Russian wants to go one on one
Trainwiz: And leaves through maybe some nearby wormhole
Trainwiz: Or a jumphole
Trainwiz: And Trent has to follow
Dark: or you fly into his ship through the gap caused by the osiris
Dark: maybe after
Dark: ooh
Dark: one on one ship fight
Trainwiz: Exactly
Dark: resulting in the osiris being blown out, leaving a hole for trent to fly in
Trainwiz: But in an unknown
Trainwiz: Actually, let's combine it
Dark: and go toe to toe with the russian himself
Trainwiz: Have it be a one on one in an unknown
Trainwiz: And just as Trent is about to be killed by the battleship
Trainwiz: Have something huge ass appear
Trainwiz: And blow a hole in the hybrid
Trainwiz: Allowing Trent to finally take out Russian dude.
Trainwiz: Maybe in a big space fight
Trainwiz: Like, in space suits
Trainwiz: That'd be the cutscene
Trainwiz: Then Trent manages to go back.
Trainwiz: And everyone is cured
Dark: make the system be like, near a sun with flares
Trainwiz: Something dangerous
Trainwiz: OH!
Trainwiz: Omega-13
Trainwiz: THe Blackhole system.
Trainwiz: He'd escape to there
Dark: oh totally yes
Dark: Oh! and of course he captured Juni or something, so you can't just let him get sucked in
Trainwiz: Nah, too cliche
Trainwiz: Juni doesn't seem like the helpless type
Trainwiz: Even mind controlled
Trainwiz: It has to be one on one
Dark: yeah
Dark: I mean, after he's defeated
Dark: and being sucked intot he black hole
Dark: instead of just sitting there and watching, some sort of dramatic rescue cutscene
Trainwiz: Then he basically rescues everyone, and because Russian is dead and the artifact is gone
Trainwiz: Then return to Manhattan
Trainwiz: Trent and Juni have made up
Trainwiz: Maybe have Knowall guy appear
Trainwiz: And have Trent be in his face
Trainwiz: About why he didn't help
Trainwiz: And have Knowall guy go
Trainwiz: "But I did"
Trainwiz: TWEEEST
Dark: oh dang
Trainwiz: And just leave it at that.
Trainwiz: And then have Knowall have some brief speech
Trainwiz: About how more artifacts like Russian's exist
Trainwiz: And then basically end
Trainwiz: With Trent able to explore #$%% and whatnot
Dark: I was gonna suggest that Trent haul in a crate of sidewinders to the manhattan bar, but that could be good
Dark: or both. or whatever, this is a good outline so far.
Dark: I need to get some sleep now though, night y'all
Africa: night
Trainwiz: Night
Dark left chat.
Trainwiz: And I copied it all.

Posted on: 2009/10/30 4:16
Re: Freelancer Two: An Idiotic "Screenplay"
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2008/2/10 15:03
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i like that lol also...


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