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May. 7, 2021

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Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
I actually got some good comments for this story, plus it is more based on the story than random **** like Beginnings was. Enjoy! Oh and if you like it/don't like it, plz comment, I would like to see what the public thinks of this story, constructive criticism is helpful in making this story better .

Part 1:

Human Officer: I don't see how we can possibly trust you, after what you've done to us!

Nomad Officer: You should trust us, because we're your allies!

*Just then Eric Fullen walks into the bar.*

Jacob Fullen: Thank god your here, Eric. We got a problem.

Eric Fullen: *Puzzled* What?

Jacob Fullen: These two have been spatting out remarks at each other for the past ten minutes, sir.

Eric Fullen: Lemme just see. *Eric walked up to the two and got between them.* No fighting on my station; I am a believer of the Treaty, Lieutenant, so treat your fellow officers with respect.

Human Officer: Sir, he's a Nomad, how can we trust them?!

Eric Fullen: You can, and you will. They are on our side now, and if we just drop the Treaty just to let you spat out your opinions on them, I'll just confine you to quarters.

Human Officer: Understood, sir. *Turns to the Nomad* I'm sorry, Commander.

Nomad Officer: Your apology is accepted.

Eric Fullen: Good, let's concentrate on the Dom'Kavash, not each other.

Human Officer: Aye aye, Admiral.

*Eric leaves the bar, and returns to his office on Deck 2, when the door slid open, he saw one of his most beloved sights...*


Dom'Kavash Officer 1: The Humans actually think they can defeat us?

Dom'Kavash Commander: Possibly, but they don't have the firepower, nor the technology to win against the might Dom'Kavash Empire.

Dom'Kavash Officer 2: And these “Renegade Nomads”, they stand no chance against us, and their Nomad brethren.

Dom'Kavash Commander: Correct, now we're going to need a plan to defeat them, this is what I had in mind...


Unknown: Hey, honey.

Eric Fullen: Troi, it's great to see you. *Eric smiles as he sits in a chair next to his fiance.*

Troi Loland: You too, how long was I visiting the G.M.S. Novara again?

Eric Fullen: *Laughs softly* A month, don't you remember?

Troi Loland: Yes, I just like hearing it from you. *She smiles with her pearly white teeth.*

Eric Fullen: Almost as much as I love seeing you?

Troi Loland: *Smiles* Exactly that much. *She leans over and kisses him on the cheek.*

*Just then Commander Paul Sully entered the office.*

Eric Fullen: Ah, Paul, what's up?

Paul Sully: We just got the scanner data from the Omicron Alpha Unknown Starbase 005. They have detected Dom'Kavash ships approaching the Sirius Sector. *The stern look on Paul's face told the whole story.*

Eric Fullen: Put all stations on Red Alert, we gotta fend off their attack.

Paul Sully: Aye aye.

Eric Fullen: *Whisper* Where is Callum Sully when you need him. *Sigh*

*Eric kisses Troi goodbye and hastily exits the room.*


Crewman: Captain, we're picking up Dom'Kavash ships on long range scanners, they are heading right for us!

Captain Samantha Wiley: Red Alert! This is the G.M.S. Novara to Starbase 005, do you read me?

Starbase Control: Aye aye, G.M.S. Novara, we've detected the Dom'Kavash ships heading for your position and have sent the Sunder and the Avenger to rendezvous with you. Starbase Control, out.

Ember Fullen: They only send two ships? This is the Dom'Kavash we're talking about!

Captain Wiley: Let's just hope it's enough. *She sits down in her chair and watches as five Dom'Kavash cruisers come out of warp.


Transmission: This is the- under attack and need- Dom'Kavash- Starbase 005 has sent- Hull is losing- we need assistance!

Paul Sully: It's the Novara, Admiral. They came under attack by five Dom'Kavash ships while in the Omicron Omega system.

Eric Fullen: Has the ship been destroyed?

Paul Sully: No, the Avenger and Sunder were able to get to her and join the fight, but they need assistance, three cruisers can't take on the Dom'Kavash.

Eric Fullen: Is the Centurion still in dock?

Paul Sully: Aye aye.

Eric Fullen: Let's go.

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:35
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 2:

Ember Fullen: Captain, our shield array was just destroyed!

Captain Wiley: Shit, statuses of the Avenger and Sunder?

Ember Fullen: Taking damage, but they're warships, they're built for this kind of combat.

Captain Wiley: Understood, this is the G.M.S. Novara to the Avenger and Sunder, our Shield Array has been destroyed, we must retreat, good luck guys.

Unknown: Leaving so soon, Captain?

Captain Wiley: *Samantha's eyes widened as she recognized the voice* Admiral Eric?

Eric Fullen: This is the G.M.S. Centurion, we have just arrived in your area, are your sensors malfunctioning?

Captain Wiley: We lost sensors thirty minutes ago, sir.

*There was a sigh on the other end*

Eric Fullen: Roger, get out of here, Samantha, the repair crews at Starbase 005 are awaiting your arrival.

Captain Wiley: Aye aye, sir. *She turns to her helm* Lieutenant, set a course for the Alpha Unknown system.

Helm: Aye aye, Captain. *He pressed a few buttons on the console and the ship turned and entered warp*


Eric Fullen: Engage the nearest cruiser! *Eric stood up as he watched several more Dom'Kavash ships came out of warp* *Whisper* This isn't a skirmish, this is a raid...

Paul Sully: Sir, there is just too many of them!

Eric Fullen: *shakes head* No. No. Commander, are those prototype transphasic torpedoes installed before we left Alpine?

Paul Sully: Aye aye, sir.

Eric Fullen: Fire.

*Eric watched as five large torpedoes leave the Centurion, hitting each of the Dom'Kavash ships, destroying them upon contact. Eric breathed in heavily and sat down in the captain's chair*

Eric Fullen: Hail the Sunder.


Captain Johnson: Admiral Fullen, it's great to see you and the Centurion.

Eric Fullen: It's a pleasure, Captain. Make sure the Novara reaches Starbase 005 in one piece.

Captain Johnson: Aye aye, Admiral.

*The channel closed*


*Jacob entered Eric's office, a curious look on his face*

Jacob Fullen: You requested me, sir?

Eric Fullen: Jacob, I'm giving you command of the Centurion, Callum Sully has been working on a project to get into the Andromeda Universe, Project Arcturus. He has requested a fleet of ships to join him when he opens a wormhole into Andromeda. I want to give you command of the Centurion in the new universe.

Jacob Fullen: You... you... want me to command the Centurion?

Eric Fullen: Yes, Project Arcturus needs one of the best with them.

*Callum Sully walks into the office, and stands in front of Eric's desk.*

Callum Sully: Project Arcturus is a success, the wormhole has opened into Andromeda.

Eric Fullen: Perfect, Callum meet the new Captain of the Centurion. *He pointed towards Jacob.*

Callum Sully: Finally got promoted, Jacob? Great! Nice to have you on board.

Jacob Fullen: Thanks. Um.. If I may, I need to go prepare.

Eric Fullen: You're dismissed, bro. *Smiles as Jacob exits the room.*

*Callum takes a seat at Eric's desk and peers at his computer, studying the image on the screen.*

Callum Sully: I see ya still have plans for this base.

Eric Fullen: Alpine is one of my main priorities now, besides the Dom'Kavash.

Callum Sully: Of course.. Anyway, gotta go meet up with Paige, cya Eric.

Eric Fullen: Bye. *He sits down and stares blankly out the window.*


Ember Fullen: The Nomads still aren't very trusted around here are they?

Troi Fullen: No, there has been several arguments recently.

Ember Fullen: On the front line, you begin to trust them when you see them destroy a Dom'Kavash battleship in a minute. *She picks up a few medical tools, examining them.* I see you've kept my old place in good shape.

Troi Fullen: Will the fighting ever stop?

Ember Fullen: *Pause* Once the Treaty starts to settle in.


Helm: Captain, Starbase 005, it's gone!

Captain Wiley: What?!

Helm: I'm detecting several Dom'Kavash ships in the system. *Pause* I can't take us out of warp!

Captain Wiley: All hands, brace for combat!

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:36
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 3:

Tactical Officer: Twenty Dom'Kavash ships are detected in the Alpha Unknown system.

Samantha Wiley: Are you sure you can't cancel the warp?

Terrance Bradly (Helm): Yes, it's locked in for Starbase 005, no way to override it.

Samantha Wiley: Alert the Avenger and Sunder that we're under attack.

Terrance Bradly: Already on it.


Operations Officer: Captain, we're receiving a transmission from the Novara.

Captain Johnson: What is it?

Operations Officer: They say that they can't get out of warp, it's locked in for Starbase 005, which was destroyed by the Dom'Kavash, they are a direct course for a fleet of Dom'Kavash, and no way out.

Captain Johnson: Get everyone ready, we gotta protect the Novara.

Operations Officer: Aye aye, sir.

*The officer runs to the elevator and heads down to the lower levels.*


Terrance Bradly: We're coming out of warp, Captain.

Samantha Wiley: Red alert!

*Seven Dom'Kavash ships turned towards the Novara, weapons trained on the ship.*

Samantha Wiley: Lieutenant, evasive maneuvers! *She fell onto her chair as a torpedo hits the ship's shield array.* Scratch that, can you go to warp?

Terrance Bradly: We're having problems going to warp, Captain!

*Just then a unknown ship came out of nowhere and destroyed the Dom'Kavash ships, and warped away, it seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.*

Samantha Wiley: What the hell was that?

Operations Officer: I don't know, sir, it's hull configuration was unknown.

Samantha Wiley: Get us out of here, before any more Dom'Kavash ships appear.

Terrance Bradly: Aye aye, Captain. *He sets a course for Kurile and enters warp.*


Paul Sully: *Over intercom* The Novara just arrived in dock, Admiral. Captain Wiley wishes to speak with you.

Eric Fullen: Send her in. *The door opens and Captain Wiley enters, tugging at her uniform.* Hello, Captain, I heard about what happened at Starbase 005, and believe me, we're gonna do something about it.

Samantha Wiley: Thank you, sir. But that's not why I'm here.

Eric Fullen: *Curious* Then what is it?

Samantha Wiley: A unknown alien ship saved us from the Dom'Kavash, we couldn't even penetrate it's hull with our sensors before it jumped away.

Eric Fullen: Another alien ship? There's more alien races out here than there are us; were they friendly?

Samantha Wiley: Unknown, all I know is that they destroyed the Dom'Kavash ships, that's enough convincing for me.

Eric Fullen: One sec, maybe Callum Sully knows something about this. *Sits down at his desk and hails the Admiral through the communications satellite near the Andromeda wormhole.*

Callum Sully: Yeah, Eric?

Eric Fullen: We're running into unknown alien vessels, I think they've might've came through the Andromeda wormhole, do you recognize this ship? *He holds up a picture of the ship to the screen of his computer.*

Callum Sully: Yes, in fact, the locals and the the Militia crew here call them the Vanguards, we're currently at war with them, but if they have gotten into the Sirius Universe, I'm surprised they didn't attack the Novara, they attack our ships on sight.

Eric Fullen: Then it's a possible threat to Human security?

Callum Sully: I'd say yes, they are somewhat like the Nomads, shapeshifters, which makes them pretty hard to find, make sure you destroy that ship, Admiral, if they get into Militia operations, they could start infiltrating the Militia Hierarchy.

*Eric and Samantha share glance at each other and then turn back to Callum on Eric's screen.*

Eric Fullen: Alright, thanks for the info, Callum. We'll keep an eye out for this ship, Eric out. *The screen goes blank.*

Samantha Wiley: That ship saved us sir, but if they can infiltrate our hierarchy they must be avoided.

Eric Fullen: I agree, I don't want shapeshifters to end up taking over our government. But still, our main concern is still the Dom'Kavash, but these Vanguards might end up adding to the threat if they ally with the Dom'Kavash.

Eric Fullen: Agreed, we must destroy that ship if we are to succeed in this wa-

Paul Sully: *Radio* Admiral, fifty Dom'Kavash ships have just warped into Kurile space, they are preparing weapons for orbital bombardment!

Eric Fullen: Shit. Captain, I'm afraid we have to call this meeting short, I believe the Novara is ready to get launched again?

Samantha Wiley: Aye aye, Admiral, and she's all yours.

Eric Fullen: Let's go.


Paul Sully: *A explosion can be heard.* Admiral, they have begun to attack Kurile, a small city-platform is under attack.

Eric Fullen: *Just entering room* Launch all fighters; Paul, your with me.

Paul Sully: Where, sir?

Eric Fullen: The Novara.

*Paul nodded and accompanied Eric and Captain Wiley; when they arrived in the dock with the Novara in it, they beamed aboard.*

Samantha Wiley: Lieutenant, prepare the ship for takeoff, and take us into the upper atmosphere.

Terrance Bradly: Aye aye, Captain.

*As the ship began to exit the atmosphere, a massive ship came into view*

Samantha Wiley: What the hell is that?

*The ship turns and fires a weapon at the Novara; the shaking of the ship knocked everyone on the bridge off their feet, and as Samantha and Eric get up, the others watch as they disappear...*

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:37
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 4:

*Eric looks around, amazed at what just happened.*

Eric Fullen: What the hell?

Samantha Wiley: Oh my- I think we were just beamed.

Eric Fullen: Do what?

Samantha Wiley: It's a alternate universe technology, sir. Allows instant transport from one place to another.

Unknown: Shut up.

*Eric and Samantha turn around to see a Dom'Kavash appear from the shadows.*

Eric Fullen: Who the hell are you?

Unknown: My name is Admiral K'Yal, of the Dom'Kavash Empire, of course, you should know this, Eric.

Eric Fullen: You Dom'Kavash are all the same to me, bent on enslaving us.

K'Yal: True. Now to business, you either come with me, Fullen, or your friends on Alpine will be destroyed, including that Captain of yours. *Points to Samantha*

Samantha Wiley: Admiral, don't do it, you're the only thing that keeps Alpine going!

*Eric stares down at the ground for a few minutes, then looks up with fierceness in his eyes.*

Eric Fullen: I'll go with you, under one condition, none of my crew gets hurt, and she, *points to Samantha* goes back there.

K'Yal: Deal.

*Eric watches as she disappears into thin air; when she's fully dematerialized, he returns his gaze to the 'Kavash*

K'Yal: Come.

*Before Eric could react two guards came out of nowhere and injected him with something; in an instant, he fell over, unconscious.*


*Samantha appears back on the Novara, her confused crew stared at her as she rematerialized.*

Terrance Bradly: Captain?

Samantha Wiley: Get us out of here, Lieutenant.

Terrance Bradley: Where's Admiral Fullen, ma'am?

Samantha Wiley: We'll discuss that later, get us out of here!

*Terrance turns around and sends the ship in warp.*

Samantha Wiley: Admiral Eric has been kidnapped.


*Paul Sully was working on some crew details when Captain Wiley walks into his office, he stands up and salutes her.*

Paul Sully: Captain. Do you need something?

Samantha Wiley: I need to tell you something, and then propose a plan.

Paul Sully: Shoot.

Samantha Wiley: The Dom'Kavash have kidnapped Eric, Commander. I propose we invade 'Kavash space and rescue him, perhaps end this war.

Paul Sully: *Silence.* With Eric gone that puts me in charge of Alpine, doesn't it?

Samantha Wiley: Yes.

Paul Sully: *Turns toward a window, and stares out at the transports floating by, then turns around to Wiley* Let's do it.

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:38
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 5:

K'Yal: Tell me what I want to know, Eric. *He slams down several pieces of paper, a angry look on his face.*

Eric Fullen: Kiss. My. Ass.

*Eric felt a blow against his face, enough to knock him out of the chair.*

K'Yal: Don't test me, Admiral. Where is the secret Militia Base in the Omicron Omega System?!

Eric Fullen: I ain't gonna tell you #$%%!

*Another slap to the face causes Eric to start spitting blood onto the floor.*

K'Yal: You want me to go back to Alpine and rip apart your precious little family? Maybe even your little girlfriend?

*Eric's face comes up, his face was of pure hatred, the only thing keeping him from getting up and murdering the 'Kavash man was the laser binding on his arms, holding him to the chair.*

Eric Fullen: You lay one of those nasty fingers on her...

*Eric then felt a blow to the back of the head, a 'Kavash guard knocked him with a blunt weapon, he was starting to think he was getting a concussion.*

K'Yal: Then give me the damn coordinates of the damn base, Fullen!

Eric Fullen: I've told you already, we have no base in the Omicron Omega System!

K'Yal: *Slaps Eric* YOUR LYING!

Eric Fullen: If you don't believe me, then go look for yourself! You'll never find a base there! Militia forces haven't even thought of building a base in the Omega system.

*K'Yal uses the moment to take another slap across Eric's face, then turns to the Guards.*

K'Yal: Take him back to the Brig, I'll deal with him later.

*K'Yal leaves the room and the two guards unbind Eric, as he stood up, and they were trying to get on the portable binds, he grabbed one of the men's weapons and fired at the other guard, then turned the gun on the other guard, and fired. Taking the gun with him, he runs out of the room, and out of the complex, heading for the woods of the strange world he was now deserted on.*


Terrance Bradley: Captain, we're coming out of warp in the Omicron Omega system.

Samantha Wiley: Good, take us in to Starbase Gamma, tell them this ship is in need of a fleet to invade 'Kavash space.

Terrance Bradley: Roger.

Paul Sully: I hope this plan of yours works.

Samantha Wiley: Me too.


*Shivering in the freezing weather, Eric gathers wood and rocks to start a fire, the old fashioned way. After the fire was made he laid down and stared at the stars, hoping one of them was the Novara coming in to rescue him, which he knew they were going to, knowing Paul and Samantha.*

*As he slowly slipped out of consciousness, he realized he finally was at peace for the first time since he left Alpine on the Novara.*

Eric Fullen: *Raising a glass of water he made using supplies from a emergency pack he had with him* To the good times. *He sipped at the water and fell asleep, dead to the world.

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:39
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 6:

*Samantha entered the Hangar of Starbase Gamma, and saw Admiral King waiting for her 20 meters away, she approached him.*

Samantha Wiley: Admiral, it's good to see you.

Admiral King: You too, Captain. Why are you here?

Samantha Wiley: I need a fleet.

*Paul catches up with them.*

Paul Sully: Correction, WE need a fleet.

Admiral King: What for?

Samantha Wiley: We are going into 'Kavash space.

Paul Sully: Eric, er, Admiral Fullen, has been taken by the 'Kavash into the corner of the galaxy.

Admiral King: Admiral Fullen has been kidnapped? *gasp* I'll see what I can do, but it will take a while to get the required amount of ships.

Samantha Wiley: Hurry then, we need 'em.

Paul Sully: *Paul turns to Samantha* We should contact my brother.

Samantha Wiley: *Samantha turns around to Paul* Sounds like a plan, let's return to the Novara.

*She turns toward their shuttle and hops up the landing platform.*

Samantha Wiley: *Pops her head out the window* You commin'?

Paul Sully: *He calls over his shoulder* Yeah, be there in a sec. Just something I need to do first.

Samantha Wiley: Okay.

Paul Sully: *Paul runs up the corridor the Admiral took* Admiral! Admiral! Wait up sir.

Admiral King: Yes?

Paul Sully: There's, er, a new piece of equipment a few of my scientist friends have been working on. They've just finished it, and it's ready for pick-up. I was wondering if you could pick it up and mount it on one of our cruisers.

Admiral King: I will try, anything else?

Paul Sully: That's it sir. *He runs back down the corridor towards the landing platform* Take it away.

Samantha Wiley: Roger. *She presses a few buttons on her console, activating the engines, and prepared the ship for takeoff, within minutes they were in the air and heading for the Novara.*


Samantha Wiley: Let's see if we can get this thing to work.

*She toils around with the computer, and was able to get the correct bandwidth after switching the bandwidth capacitor to a lower bandwidth.*

Samantha Wiley: There we go.

Samantha Wiley: What shall we say?

Paul Sully: Hmmm, something about the 'Kavash kidnapping Eric of course. Probably something about bringing as many ships as possible.

Samantha Wiley: Alright. *Opens channel* This is Captain Samantha Wiley of the G.M.S. Novara, calling for Fleet Admiral Callum Sully. Callum this is of great importance. Eric has been kidnapped by the 'Kavash, and is prisoner on their homeworld. We're trying to make a plan to rescue him, but we simply don't have enough ships to do the job. If you can spare any ships, and possibly come yourself to help us. After all, your our best pilot. It'll be great to see you come and join us, thank you. I also have Commander Paul Sully here and he wants to tell you something as well.

Paul Sully: Remember that new piece of equipment McKay was working on? The one on Manhattan? Well, he's just finished it with some help from Radek. Admiral King is going to mount it on one of the Cruisers helping in the battle.

Samantha Wiley: I hope you can get over here, Sully. We can't do this without you. *Closes channel* Now we wait.

Paul Sully: *Paul slumps down in the Captain's chair, and start twiddling his thumbs* I can't do this much longer.

Samantha Wiley: Do what?

Paul Sully: This waiting... It's killing me...

Samantha Wiley: We've only been waiting for about ten minutes...

Paul Sully: I know.


*1 Week Later*

Samantha Wiley: Admiral, is our fleet ready?

Admiral King: Yes, but we'll need to wait for Callum's response first, and maybe his fleet.

Samantha Wiley: Understood.

Paul Sully: We just received an encrypted databurst from Andromeda! It's Callum!

Samantha Wiley: What did he say?!

Paul Sully: The Warp Gate is too unstable to go through, and the Star Drives on his ship aren't yet operable, so it's going to take another week at most before his fleet can get here.

Samantha Wiley: Damn. I'm not sure Eric can last till then.

Samantha Wiley: *Thinks then turns to Paul* We'll start our attack on Friday, perhaps we can survive until Callum arrives.

Paul Sully: Roger

Samantha Wiley: Let's get some rest, we'll be practicing wargames with our ships and testing our new equipment at 1400 hours tomorrow.

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:39
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 7:

Terrance Bradley: The 'Kavash homeworld is coming into view, Captain.

Samantha Wiley: Can you pick up Eric's lifesigns?

Terrance Bradley: Confirmed, he's definitely down there.

Paul Sully: Crap, prepare for impact!!

Samantha Wiley: What is it, Commander?!

Paul Sully: *A massive shudder shakes the ship.* The 'Kavash are firing on us. *Turns to Terrance* Fire all forward rail guns and launch all Missiles!

Terrance Bradley: Firing. Commander, our rail guns have no effect on the 'Kavash battleship! They've improved their shielding since the last time we've fought 'em.

Samantha Wiley: Shit..

Paul Sully: Evasive maneuvers, launch all fighters! See if they can do any damage.

Terrance Bradley: Captain.. The fighters are penetrating the enemy's shields!

Samantha Wiley: Good! Tell them to do as much damage as they can.

Paul Sully: Result! We have taken down a Cruiser! But.. Crap.

Samantha Wiley: What? Status?

Paul Sully: Their weapons platforms are picking off our fighters like flies... *Into radio* All fighters return to the hanger immediately!

Terrance Bradley: Captain! We've just lost several of our cruisers!

Paul Sully: Shields down to 64%, we're not going to hold out much longer!

*Samantha sits down, and stares out the view screen at the enemy ship*

Samantha Wiley: Do we have power to retreat?

Stanley Bradson: Captain, I'm picking up multiple ships approaching faster than nearly anything we've encountered! And we can't penetrate most of their hulls with our sensors!

Samantha Wiley: What the hell?

Paul Sully: We're about to find out, prepare for impact!

*A few seconds later the Centurion appears next to the Novara(?)*

Terrance Bradley: It's the... Centurion!

*Samantha gasps as Callum Sully appears on her viewscreen*

Callum Sully: Well, hello Captain, Paul, looks like I arrived in the nick of time, eh?

Samantha Wiley: Once again, actually.

Paul Sully: You seem to have a knack for that...

Callum Sully: Well, it took a few days to get our Star Drives operational, and compatible with our systems, and then it took us a day and a bit to get here, so hush.

Samantha Wiley: *Samantha laughs for the first time in a long time* Let's get these Kavash shall we?

Stanley Bradson: Unknown ships are attacking the Kavash, but not dealing a significant amount of damage, sirs, ma'am.

Callum Sully: So where's McKay's weapon then?

Paul Sully: Ah, that would be.. On the way. Hopefully. Admiral King contacted us 3 hours ago, he had just left Manhattan.

Samantha Wiley: Then he'd be... 20 minutes away?

Callum Sully: Presuming the Kavash didn't intercept communications, which I think we can safely say they did, and they probably sent a cruiser and at least 3 squads of fighters, but they'll be in for a bit more than they bargained for.

Paul Sully: So, with the battle included he'd be about...

Callum Sully: 50?

Paul Sully: Yeah, about 50 minutes I think.

Samantha Wiley: Can we survive that long?

Callum Sully: There's only one way to find out.


Computer Voice: Proximity alert, a 'Kavash cruiser and several fighter squadrons are inbound.

Admiral King: Understood.


Terrance Bradley: Captain, Admiral King's ship has just entered scanner range, it's 10 minutes away!

Callum Sully: Shields down to 14%! I doubt we can hold out that long, we need to retreat!

Samantha Wiley: Wait... Admiral has that new ablative generator been installed?

Callum Sully: It's not been installed yet, it's sitting there though.

Paul Sully: *Paul hails the Centurion* Callum, did you say in one of your reports you have some sort of transport technology?

Callum Sully: Yes.

Paul Sully: Would it work to beam in two people from Manhattan onto the Novara?

Callum Sully: It would take a tremendous amount of energy, but I suppose it's possible.

Samantha Wiley: Manhattan is over 20 light years away.

Callum Sully: Like I said, a tremendous amount..

Callum Sully: Good thing we have an alternate power source on-board to power the Star Drives to get us here faster...

*Callum cuts off and a few minutes later, two men are standing on the bridge of the Novara*

Paul Sully: McKay, Zelenka, welcome aboard the Novara.

Posted on: 2010/11/24 5:40
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Re: Galactic Militia: Retaliation

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 8: Finale

*McKay and Zelenka are working in the generator room of the Novara with sparks flying around them when Paul Sully's voice crackles over the radio.*

Paul Sully: How's that installation going boys?

McKay: I'm working as fast as I can, alright?! It's worse because Radek here keeps getting things wrong. *Zelenka replies in Czech*

*Back on the Bridge, Paul Sully stumbles back to his seat, and swears under his breath*

Samantha Wiley: Is it almost ready?

Paul Sully: It's not looking good, if only the Admiral could get here faster...

Terrance Bradley: Captain, we're detecting several more 'Kavash cruisers entering orbit!

Samantha Wiley: Shit.

Samantha Wiley: Status of our shields, Commander?

Paul Sully: They're gone, another hit and we're goners! *Suddenly the shuddering stops and the look out the window to see the Centurion blocking the Novara with their shield*

Samantha Wiley: *She sighs a deep sigh of gratitude* Thanks, Callum.

Callum Sully: Anytime, just get Rodney to hurry up with that shield!

Terrance Bradley: Captain, we're picking up Admiral King in system, he's... *Before he could finish King's ship jumps in next to them.*

Admiral King: Here she is, Captain.

Samantha Wiley: It's good to see ya, Admiral.

Paul Sully: Great timing sir!

Paul Sully: Seriously, what is it with you Admirals and great timing today?

Admiral King: I'm deploying the device, um... what exactly does it do?

Callum Sully: You'll see.

*King fires the device at the furthest firing ship. The firing ceases, and strange lights bounce off of the shields. In a matter of seconds, the shield is depleted, and the Hull is cracked open, sending a shock wave through the nearest 2 ships to it, and they blew up instantaneously.*

McKay: Wow..

Samantha Wiley: I think it worked better than you expected, McKay?

McKay: Well, I never actually saw it work on a active shield before, we only had the one we were storing on Manhattan, and it's shields died years ago...

Callum Sully: Just be careful how many of those things you fire King, we only have about 29 shots left now.

Samantha Wiley: Let's work our way into the atmosphere then, Lieutenant Terrance, target the nearest cruiser and fire.

Terrance Bradley: Aye aye, Captain.

McKay: Oh, Paul, we have the, um, the Armor installed into the Novara's systems.

Samantha Wiley: Perfect, activate the Ablative armor!

*All of a sudden the Novara was being covered by a weird looking, thick armor, it covered the entire ship, protecting them from enemy fire.*

Terrance Bradley: Incoming torpedo! *Boom* It.. bounced off our armor, and exploding upon contact with a asteroid.

Samantha Wiley: ETA till we enter the atmosphere?

Terrance Bradley: Two minutes.

Man: *A voice crackles over from the Centurion* I've picked up Admiral Fullen's life signs on the planet!

Callum Sully: Great, try to beam him up! Crap.

Samantha Wiley: I've detected it too. There is a deposit of Makarsite on the planet, it's blocking all transporters.

Callum Sully: Looks like it's a fight to the surface then. See you then, Sully out.

Samantha Wiley: Understood, let's do it.

Terrance Bradley: 98 Kilometers till we reach the surface!

Terrance Bradley: 97.5.

Samantha Wiley: Can we go any faster?

McKay: No

Samantha Wiley: Damn.

Zelenka: The engines were damaged before we managed to get the armour working, and we're already over taxing them going this fast.

*Ten minutes later*

Terrance Bradley: Captain, the surface is in viewing range.

Samantha Wiley: Onscreen.

Terrance Bradley: It's 26 Kilometers away, ma'am.

Terrance Bradley: *The ship shudders hardly* Shit, Captain we've just lost all propulsion! We're freefalling!

Paul Sully: Fire up afterburners!

Terrance Bradley: They're not working!

Paul Sully: Crap.

Samantha Wiley: Admiral Sully! We're in freefall!

Callum Sully: Okay, I'm on my way, get as much of the crew that is not needed to help me land her into as big a group as possible, so the the Centurion can beam them to safety... I should only need you Paul, Sam, and Terrance.

Samantha Wiley: Paul, go round up the crew, we don't have much time!

*Moments later, Paige Maybourne, Callum Sully, and two of the Rapscallion were standing in the Bridge.*

Samantha Wiley: Welcome to the bridge, Admiral.

Callum Sully: No time, no time.

Terrance Bradley: The helm is yours.

*He gets up, allowing the Admiral sit down.*

Callum Sully: Paige, you take navigation, Rapscallion, get down to engineering, see if you can fire them up. Terrance, I need you to take the co-pilot seat, Paul, take weapons, blast any trees/rock/rubble etc, out of the way and Sam, I need you to overlook engine progress from here.

Samantha Wiley: Roger.

*She sits down in her seat, pulls up a console in her armrest, and looks at the engine readings*

Callum Sully: I'm going to have to manually take this baby in. Without killing us, or anyone on the planet. And preferably not damaging the ship too much...

Paul Sully: No Pressure then?

Callum Sully: *Callum's chuckle is dry* Thanks for that bit of humor there Paul, but I need absolute concentration here.

Samantha Wiley: The Rapscallion has just entered Main engineering.

Samantha Wiley: He reports that he's working on getting the engine online, but it's heavily damaged.

Callum Sully: *Callum enters several commands into his console.* We're coming in too fast... Paige, how much more airspace do we have?

Paige Maybourne: 15k, and declining more and more rapidly.

Samantha Wiley: Are you sure you can land this thing, in one piece?

Callum Sully: Land it? Yes. In one peice? Well, that's something completely different.

Samantha Wiley: Engineering reports progress, but not enough!

Callum Sully: Tell him to try and slow the speed if he can

Callum Sully: Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick! Too fast, too fast!

Terrance Bradley: Our hull is burning up!

Callum Sully: Paul, blasting would be good right about now.

Paul Sully: Roger.

Paige Maybourne: 5k!!

Samantha Wiley: All hands brace for impact!


Callum Sully: Please don't say-

Samantha Wiley: Engineering reports engines online! Only maneuvering thrusters.

Callum Sully: Firing maneuvering thrusters... dammit, not slow enough!

Paige Maybourne: Impact in, 5.

Paige Maybourne: 3

*Samantha grabs her seat tightly.*

Callum Sully: Everyone hold on tight!

Paige Maybourne: 1!


Samantha Wiley: Ughh...
*Samantha's eyes, open, she was laying on the floor of the bridge, Paul's face staring into hers as he helps her up.*

Paige Maybourne: Errgggh..

*Callum stirs and looks around to see Paul helping Samantha up.*

Callum Sully: Everyone report.

Samantha Wiley: I feel like I broke a few bones but I'm alright.

Paul Sully: I'm good.

Callum Sully: Terrance? Rapscallion?

Rapscallion Engineers: Ssssshhh..

Samantha Wiley: Uh oh.

*Laying on the floor was a still Terrance*

*Samantha checks for a pulse..*

Samantha Wiley: He's.. dead.

Samantha Wiley: Callum... *cough* You do know now you owe me a new ship?

Callum Sully: *Callum chuckles* Hey, I got you down here alive didn't I?

*She laughs and helps up other crew members on the bridge.*

Samantha Wiley: Where did you detect Eric's lifesigns?

Callum Sully: Uhhh, they were just... *checks a portable nav-map he saw on the floor near Paige* Ah.

Samantha Wiley: What?

Callum Sully: I'm now picking up two lifesigns...

Samantha Wiley: Two?

Callum Sully: Right in front of us.

Samantha Wiley: Can we get the viewscreen online?

Paul Sully: Negative, there's no power to any of the ships systems.

Samantha Wiley: Shit. We'll just have to go out and look ourselves. There should be a airlock around here somewhere... Ah, here. *She opens the airlock*

*A gust of hot arid air floats into the bridge and flushes over everybody's faces.*

Samantha Wiley: How can the Dom'Kavash stand that?

*She jumps out of the airlock and onto the surface.*

Paul Sully: *coughs* I have no idea, but it's better than in here that's for certain... It smells of.. death... in here... * he avoids looking at Terrance as he climbs out the airlock.*

Samantha Wiley: Callum, can you lead us to the lifesigns?

*Callum and Paige follow suit as a small fighter approached them. It landed and Cal'Kosh and Nom'val departed from it.*

Callum Sully: I don't need to lead us to them, they're coming to us...


*Just then a 'Kavash came around the corner, Eric in his grip, a pistol to his head*
Callum Sully: Crap.

K'Yal: Make one move and he's dead.

Samantha Wiley: Let him go, K'Yal.

K'Yal: Never.

*Cal'Kosh and Nom'val both start hissing at the sight of K'Yal*

K'Yal: Why the hell are you 'Kavash helping them?!

Callum Sully: Let him go, or you'll be blasted where you stand!

K'Yal: Kill me and he dies as well.

Cal'Kosh: Remember K'Yal, thousands of years ago, in a different galaxy, far away from here.

K'Yal: Cal'Kosh?

Cal'Kosh: That's right brother. It's time I had my revenge, don't you think? *He draws a pistol. Nom'val does the same.* You see, my creations are so much more than yours ever were.

K'Yal: Don't you dare get close to me, Cal'Kosh. I'm not afraid to kill you and this human.

Callum Sully: Don't do it Cal'kosh. *he turns to K'Yal* Your armies have fallen, you have lost your fleets, you are the last of your kind, give it up.

K'Yal: While I live, the Empire does too.

*The Renegade edges forward*

K'Yal: Don't test me, Cal'Kosh!

Cal'Kosh: Well, we will soon put an end to that then. *he shoots, and Nom'val follows suit. K'Yal's finger falls on the trigger as he is shot by the two bullets.*

*The gun in K'Yal's hand goes off, drilling a large hole in Eric's head, Eric screams just before dying.*

Samantha & Callum (Unison): NOOO!!!

*Callum runs up to K'Yal's body.*

Callum Sully: YOU! *thump* BASTERD! *another thump is heard*

Callum Sully: YOU! *CRACK* KILLED! *crack* ERIC! *smash*

*Cal'kosh is killed by Callum, smashing his head in, and Nom'val is shot by Samantha before he can react.*

Samantha Wiley: He's... dead.

*She sits down, her eyes drifting off into space*

*Paul stands there, his eyes unbelieving, Paige's eyes start to well up and Callum stands there, purple blood dripping from his hands.*

*Meanwhile on Alpine Outpost, Troi, out of nowhere, starts crying.*

Samantha Wiley: *Samantha turned her head to Callum* No-... Now what?

Callum Sully: Now? Well, we give him and Terrance memorial services, Paul takes command at Alpine, then we all go back to our daily lives.


Callum Sully: *Callum steps up to the microphone and stares out at the mix of clothes and uniforms, the tears and the mournful faces, and starts his speech* We recently fought a battle, and a war. We won the battle, and won the war, but we lost valuable people in the process. *He reads out a long list of 236 names before reaching the bottom.* And last, but certainly not least, Terrance Bradley and Eric Fullen. I hold myself completely responsible for Terrance's death, I was the one who ordered he stay on board of the Novara to help with the final descent, and it was me who couldn't slow the ship down enough. Me who killed him. Not the Rapscallion who couldn't get the engines working. Not Captain Samantha Wiley or the recently promoted, Admiral Paul Sully, who helped in the descent, and were in charge of the Novara, but me. And Eric Fullen, a hero in his own right. He allowed the Kavash formerly known as K'Yal to take him instead of Captain Wiley when he knew full well what would probably be at stake. We have a toast in remembrance to these 238 GM Men and Women who died to preserve the future for our children, and our children's children, and our children's children's children. To them! *Raises a glass from a table beside him*

*No one notices a hooded stranger lean over the casket and touch Eric's left hand with an object he swiftly replaces back into the fodls of his cloak*

*Samantha then steps forward to the mic.*

Samantha Wiley: I know I haven't known Eric for very long, but he's been a inspiration for me ever since I joined the Militia. I truly believe he will be missed; he was the greatest person to command Alpine Outpost and the Militia itself in over a hundred years. Terrance, I knew him for years, greatest helmsman I've ever had. I don't think I could ever replace him, no one could. For what it's worth, Eric and Terrance were heroes of the battlefield, of a war that ravaged the world we know today, if it wasn't for them, we would all be dead right now, or slaves to the Empire. I am honored to have fought beside them, and to even know them. Troi is one of the luckiest women in the sector to have Eric, and now, he's gone. I'm so sorry for your loss, Troi. We're all here to help you through your loss. *She steps down from the mic, as she returns to her seat, a tear dropped out of her eye, rolling down into nothing.*

Idk about you guys, but making this final piece for this part, was very emotional, I felt like I was killing off a part of me because I've been using that character ever since I started the GM series (Beginnings) in June/July this year. I hope you enjoyed, more will be coming soon, we're currently working on Vanguard (which has 3 parts to it as of this post) I will post it when it comes close to it's finale. Thanks for reading this far, .

-Shadow Viper aka. Maelstrom, Kainz, ect.

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