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May. 10, 2021

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Ships To Fly
This ship is a whole lotta brick

It is a Corsairs level 10 ship and one of the best in the game, sold at Omicron Gamma, Crete and a few other places. (Happy now CatDog).

If you master the flying ability of this ship, you will be one of the chosen few in this game. It is best to fly this ship in a triangle formation, it's easiest to turn in that formation, and you HAVE to learn to slide to turn this ship effectively, because of the mass of the ship. Sliding is an entire technique unto its own, but you are basically sliding your ship like you are skating. I'm really not a slider, so maybe one of you that can slide, could explain it a bit better.

This ship is built like a brick and is known for its armor and its ability to crush its opponent, if you can fly it.

Keep in mind, whenever you see a titan pilot that person is usually one of the best fliers in this game. The ship is hard to use, but with a bit of practice, you'll get the hang of it.

Posted on: 2008/9/6 20:00
The Eagle
This ship is by far the easiest level 10 fighter in the game, sold at Freeport 9 in Omicron Alpha.

It's known for its turning ability and its agility in a fight.

Most new players I recommend this ship, because it's the easiest to learn how to fly and kill.

It's not as heavy as the titan, it has less armor, but the agility of the ship makes up for less armor.

Posted on: 2008/9/6 20:03
The Sabre
The Sabre is a level 10 Outcast ship, sold at Malta in Omicron Alpha, and a few other places I believe.

This ship has a forward firing turret and that is useful in getting that last bit of hull you need to get. HOWEVER, I would call this ship hard to fly, because of the way it is structured. If you are using this ship you must master reverse to swing this ship around in a fight. Reversing and strafing is a MUST when trying to turn this ship.

1 tip I can give you NEVER face a Sabre head on, you will die. It's a very strong effective ship, flown by the right pilot. You have to out turn a Sabre and stay behind it because once you get in cross hair of a good Sabre pilot, your gunna die unless you out turn it.

Posted on: 2008/9/6 20:08
The Centurion
Without a doubt one of my favorite ships to fly.

For the sake of argument we will call this 'the baby titan' sold at Cardiz in Omega 5, it's a Level 9 Corsairs ship.

It has a bit less armor then the Titan, with the speed of an Eagle.

The set up I would use on this ship would be two Advanced Debilitators, level 8, and Krakens, level 9.

This little baby is powerful and effective, you also have to use a bit more strafing to turn this, because it is after all 'a baby titan", flown in the triangle fashion.

Posted on: 2008/9/6 20:16
Re: Ships To Fly
Home away from home
2008/6/13 22:44
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In my vanilla times (lol long time ago) I've used the Bounty Hunter fighter "Hammerhead".
Its less powerfull than the Titan, Eagle or Sabre and it can only carry lv 9 guns but with a bunch of reaper or skyblast i killed some of the best eagle and sabre pilots on DFLS.

Posted on: 2008/9/6 20:22
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