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February. 28, 2020

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[Freelancer Mod News]New demo of Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy released!
Quite a regular
2010/6/13 13:38
From Russia, Penza
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Posts: 144

Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy is the fan project about old good game Freelancer. We currently published new demo version. You can find download link at end of this post

New storyline campaign

The Nomad Legacy's story tells about the adventures of a new hero, who by complete chance happens to be called Trent.

Jump right into a variety of new story missions, inspired both by the original Freelancer game and its mysterious unreleased alpha version.

The new missions are designed in fashion with the original game's traditions Intense battles, new cutscenes, and a gameplay that feels spot-on.

If you liked the original game and you're looking for Freelancer 2 done right, The Nomad Legacy is right there for you to grab.

Open in new window

A world full of new opportunities

The Nomad Legacy's events take place in a completely new world, built with slightly different rules. This world is made with the same building blocks: stations and ships will look exactly the same, but updated to fit new logic and scale.

Try the improved station sabotage missions.
Take part in side quests unrelated to the main story.
Transport goods in the new courier missions.
Take advantage of the new mining mechanics.
Explore and study the world to maximize your ship's abilities!

Open in new window

A new way to improve your ship

The Nomad Legacy completely redesigned the equipment and weapon systems.

Weapons are no longer defined by classes. However, you can now improve your ship by completely replacing its internal parts! Engine, power plant, etc...

On top of that, your equipment will get bonuses depending on the type of your ship: Interceptor, Fighter, or Freighter. Build your ship to fit your style!

Open in new window

Download demo-version from our site:

Posted on: 2/11 11:35
Re: [Freelancer Mod News]New demo of Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy released!
Home away from home
2008/9/11 15:55
From Somewhere at Moscow
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Posts: 1760
Wow. Drake with big gun 8-[...]

Posted on: 2/15 21:51
Open Sirius Mod