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September. 28, 2021

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Some theoretical gameplay questions

2017/5/22 3:10
From wonderlxnd
Registered Users
Posts: 33
Hey what's up.
I would like to up several questions from time to time about imaginary theoretical gameplay FL may have for a discussion. So it's ok to say theoretical and imaginary answers aswell. I would appreciate your seeing of them.
Maybe they'll better fit Disco forum as they have lore and roleplay background, but i don't like it.

Let me start from this one. Looks messy but feel free to narrow it.

There is a ship, f.e. lets call it Defender, manufactured by Liberty Navy.
Manufacturing of Liberty military vessels is made by Navy and manufacturing of Liberty civilian vessels is made by DSE, as determined in vanilla game.
Using of Liberty military vessels by Liberty civilian factions is ok as determined by question baseline and by common sense that trading convoys shall be capable of self-defence that House can provide in a fluid relations between corporations of different Houses.
Manufacturing means manufacturer is an only exclusive producer that may share rights of using and production of their products to other factions, f.e. to IC/Ageira/US/etc, lets call them legit retailers of that ship.
Liberty civilian factions have much less military ships access, also Liberty military factions have no need of using liberty civilian ships despite of they can do it.
Also imagine that gameplay reputation system is balanced and works as should, as well as player can belong to a faction and must belong to a faction to enter the range of possible reputation values to manufacturer or retailer to afford a Defender from one of them.

So, the question is:
Shall player be able to afford Defender with less total reputation requirement from retailer rather than manufacturer in that case? Because reputation of player to retailer does not mean same level of reputation of player to manufacturer (reputation of player belonging to some faction to that faction will always be higher than reputation of that player to allied faction).
If not, shall there be a definition of House in a reputation list to treat all inner factions as sub-factions for a concrete reputation requirements, and shall they even be variable?

Posted on: 2019/2/1 17:53
Re: Some theoretical gameplay questions

2017/5/22 3:10
From wonderlxnd
Registered Users
Posts: 33
Okay if that one looks like a bullshit, i have another, technical one.
I'm in a mess with engies of ships and how theoretically ideal they shall work. One friend told me that this is possible to make an engines system in a spacesim based on a real-world physics. I tried to understand him but got almost nothing.
The point is to invent an engine system that will remain FL dynamics and features (0-100% max speed achieving times, movement physics, etc), but:
- allow speed variations between ships, f.e. Defender shall have less speed than the Patriot;
- engines supposed to be changeable between ships, f.e. some Liberty faction manufactures an engine that is suitable to the whole lineup of ships of one size class (i dont think that vanilla system with a unique engine for every ship is a good decision cuz it is not correct as realistic manufacturing process and also neglects any sense to throw them into market);
- have realistic or close to realistic parameters to be variable and their logics.

I've managed to create an interesting one, but it is unrealistically uses a ship mass in its logics.
Ship's mass determines the required output power of an engine to achieve 100% max speed that is fixed per ship.
Engines have an ouptut power and sum (assuming some ship can carry more than one engine) of them suggested to match ship's required output power in order to achieve 100% max speed, but when they does not match, resulting max speed can be above or beyond 100% max speed, what variates a gameplay and basically is a second point of implementation of marketable engines.
So, (max speed with 100% output power match = MS; mass = M; engine output power=OP; all values are imaginary just to show logics, %s are just relative and supposed to be numerical megawatts or kinda)
If ship has M=100 and MS=100, with OP=120% max speed = 120;
If ship has M=120 and MS=100, with OP=120% max speed = 110;
If ship has M=80 and MS=100, with OP=120% max speed = 140;
If ship has M=100 and MS=100, with OP=80% max speed = 80;
If ship has M=120 and MS=100, with OP=80% max speed = 60;
If ship has M=80 and MS=100, with OP=80% max speed = 90.
Steerings, acceleration etc supposed to fit same logics but actially i have no idea how they work IRL, im a dumb non-technical designer and need help.

That seems fine as casual gameplay mecanics but looks like a total bullshit again in term of realistic physics and i dont think it can be acceptable by public.

Question is: whats your opinion and how do you see an engines system in an ideal game in a case that they shall fit terms at stat of msg.

Posted on: 2019/2/11 19:42