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June. 18, 2019

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Possible encounter issue in Kepler
Just can't stay away
2012/5/22 20:21
Registered Users
Posts: 190
Now i've been going through the encounter code for weeks now, and when i got to the Kepler code, bearing in mind i have jflp installed i came across this,

nickname = Zone_Iw05_Tradelane_2
pos = -8100, 0, -18397
rotate = 0, 173, 0
shape = BOX
size = 520, 520, 30520
comment = . Tradelane to ames
lane_id = 2
tradelane_down = 20
sort = 2
toughness = 8
density = 6
repop_time = 15
max_battle_size = 4
pop_type = major_tradelane
relief_time = 15
encounter = tradelane_trade_transport, 8, 0.24
faction = co_kt_grp, 0.26
faction = co_ni_grp, 0.16
faction = co_shi_grp, 0.26
faction = co_ss_grp, 0.32
encounter = area_trade_freighter_pirate, 8, 0.11
faction = gd_z_grp, 1

As far as i was aware, while you can have different encounters in a tradelane starting with tradelane_, i wasn't aware an area code will work. Surely that should be tradelane_trade_freighter, as there isn't a tradelane_trade_freighter_pirate encounter. Shouldn't make any difference as all it does is make the npc behave a certain way.

Anyway, not aware an area encounter can work in a tradelane, just thought i'd mention it

Posted on: 2018/5/13 15:10
Re: Possible encounter issue in Kepler
Home away from home
2009/8/16 2:58
From Qld, Aus.
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FLServer Admins
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Senior Members
Posts: 1905
Bering (IW01, line 373) and Hamburg (RH02, line 1201) also have those area encounters in tradelanes.

Posted on: 2018/5/14 3:12
Re: Possible encounter issue in Kepler
Just can't stay away
2012/5/22 20:21
Registered Users
Posts: 190
I've been getting random crashes in these systems, may or may not be related to this which is why i'm on an encounter witch hunt atm. I suppose the argument is if the encounter is declared then it should work, i'm just fuzzy on area encounters working in a tradelane, not logical

Posted on: 2018/5/14 6:15