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May. 7, 2021

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Greetings from Asylum 51
Just popping in
2009/6/26 6:37
Registered Users
Posts: 10
Greetings from the distant past. Glock36 of Asylum51 here. Egads! I've grown old! Only "The Wanker Timmy51" remembers me, I am sure. For those of you who don't know, Asylum 51 was a very off-beat mod of Freelancer back in the day when it was wildly popular with over 13 million members of Lancer's Reactor alone!
I am including a link to all versions of the mod for anyone who might want it for any reason.

Pretty explosions that take a long time to finish
Flying Battleships.
Flying Tubs and Toilets.
Flying sharks. (we were there before Sharknado!)
Many new systems with attacking AI Tubs, Toilets, rubber ducks, bender the robots, Guinness beer bottles, etc.
Contest system with configurable enclosed maze.
Beer bottle blowout system with Guinness beer bottles with special weapons that look like spewing beer.
An amazing number of custom ships that other mods may not have. Also rebuilds of some ships with off kilter wireframes.
Full complement of Admin ships, one of which is invisible. These ships will destroy everything in a 10k radius. Great for irritating players.
The usual configurable engines, weapons, etc.
Great but odd music in custom systems in later versions.
Oddly humorous.

Our mod was not one of the most popular in its day but we always had a strong following.

I wanted to make the mod available for posterity. You may use it in any way you choose.

These mods will not run in single player mode, only client server. We used cheat protection that may no longer be available but anyone with the skill can probably make them run in single player.

I go now to fade into the sunset and move in with Timmy. We are going to start a farm in Wales.

Wishing you well,
Act now and Save
Film at Eleven

Posted on: 2017/12/29 15:33
Re: Greetings from Asylum 51
Just popping in
12/29 7:12
From India
Registered Users
Posts: 2
Thank you, my dear friend, and godspeed!

Posted on: 12/30 4:50
For he who shall spit in the fire and take the blade