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August. 16, 2022

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GE Model Submission
Home away from home
2008/2/10 22:00
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Looking for new submissions to be added to Galaxy Empire. This is mainly for expansion of content to the universe. The GE part is free for download, link to the demo will be provided soon (the future city map needs to updated to the version shown in the latest video. The GE game will be free for all, only the server will cost a one time fee. Which means anything you provide will be in the free part and you will be credited. If you provide only a basic texture for your model it will be upgraded to add a normal map, glow maps and specular maps as required to meet the standard look within the game. Once the demo comes out you can also submit whole systems that you have built (GE 3 has a built in map editor so I can fix your maps). GE 3 will stick to DX HLSL 3, when GE 4 comes out it will be HLSL 5 which won't be for awhile. Your model may be modified if needed such as if needs animated docking doors. Also polygon reduction and vertex simplification will be done to reduce the FPS hit on lower end systems. You won't notice it has been done unless you inspect your file. I will be setting up a google drive for your submissions shortly, I'm mainly looking to see if the FL community is willing to support this project. GE is based on the FL style INI format but with greatly expanded support for such things a highly customizable HUD configurations to NPC character interactions.Think of it as a mix of FL and Fallout/Stalker.

Content needed includes :
* city scapes
* computer consoles
* buildings
* ships (low poly will be given preference until LOD is fully implemented, Max users will be able to create the LODs, if not I will create them or give you a free script to do it (Max 8 or higher))
* skin characters (with a bone structure with facial bones, I will do the animation part for you), best if you use MakeHuman with the default map (baked ambient occlusion AO will be done as well since characters support it) bones (163 bones) since I plan to do facial animations
* biped skinned character (baked AO textures added)
* blender skin character (baked AO textures added)
* FBX skinned character (baked AO textures added)
*DAE skinned character (baked AO textures added)
* landscapes
* weapons
* PVP maps (think red/blue fight maps, coop, capture the flag, etc)
* elevator platforms (seen in the latest video)
* detailed mission story ideas, the next mission progress item makes the item shows a animated glow map on it
* cleaned BVH animations (IE computer console tapping, sitting, talking)
* male/female voiceover (lines will be provided for those who have good microphones
* space items (IE planets, moons, asteroids), providing a complete system will give you you're own system
* building interiors
* ship interiors
* cleaned BVH animation for inclusion in character animation, looking for many idle animation for NPCs
* building with separate door model
* artifacts for special enhancement for owner who finds them (aka Stalker)
* buildings used for construction made for a specific enhancement in mind (such as mining, food gathering (think silos), pacification of natives etc), this will be use for planet colonization (think of the Civilization series)
* ground vehicles (IE harvesters, tanks, aerial, miners etc.)
* space stations
* asteroid models

More to come, many of the above is already supported, most only have one model that they use. Looking for some variety. If you have ideas of what you want, post in the comments below.

Posted on: 2017/8/16 2:15
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