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April. 12, 2021

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Problems with chat commands
Just can't stay away
2008/6/16 20:41
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i have a pretty strange behavior when using commands. For example, when i type into console

/s hi

prints in system chat <Name>: /: hi --> which is wrong, the /: are too many chars

But when i type in

/s hello

Then this prints in system chat <Name>: hello.

I tried to debug the SubmitChat and HkCb_SendChat functions. In SubmitChat the chat message is only what i type in the console. But in HkCb_SendChat the BinaryRDLReader extracts <Name>: followed by what should be the chat message.

This behavior is different between debug and release dll, while in release it is not working, it does in debug. And in release its only working if i use 5 or more chars after the shortcut, e.g. /s. I looked through any changes within those two functions and others i made over the past months, but am not able to identify what could cause this strange behavior.

Now has anyone of you a clue where i could look for, and why shorter messages than 5 chars with shortcut commands are not printed correctly into the console.

Which routine adds the name to the extracted text from BinaryRDLReader in HkCb_SendChat while the name is not in the text in SubmitChat. Because i feel something in between those two is causing the misbehavior. Normally the extracted chat message in HkCb_SendChat does not contain the command itself again.

Any hints are welcome. I am really clueless right now and dont want to implement something in HkCb_SendChat to remove shortcuts if they are still detected within the chat message there.

Posted on: 2016/8/2 21:06
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