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February. 24, 2020

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BGCS_base_run_by Values
Just can't stay away
2012/5/22 20:21
Registered Users
Posts: 208
Anyone know which dll houses the information for these as i'd like to change the names for my custom project?

Example: W02bF01 Run by Ageira Technologies

Change to: W02bF01 Run by the Martians

Bad example but you get my point. The descriptions have to be coded somewhere.

Posted on: 2014/7/5 8:41
Re: BGCS_base_run_by Values
Just can't stay away
2008/2/17 19:44
From Virginia
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Posts: 369
W02bF01 Ageira Technologies
W02bF02 ALG Waste Disposal
W02bF03 (no universe.ini reference, but should be Blood Dragons)
W02bF04 Border World Exports
W02bF05 Bounty Hunters Guild
W02bF06 BMM
W02bF07 Bretonia Armed Forces
W02bF08 Bretonia Armed Forces
W02bF09 Bretonia Police
W02bF10 Bretonia Police
W02bF11 Bundschuh
W02bF12 Corsairs
W02bF13 Cryer Pharmaceuticals
W02bF14 Daumann Heavy Construction
W02bF15 Deep Space Engineering
W02bF16 Farmers Alliance
W02bF17 Gaians
W02bF18 Gas Miners Guild
W02bF19 Gateway Shipping
W02bF20 Golden Chrysanthemums
W02bF21 Hogosha
W02bF22 Independant Miners Guild
W02bF23 Interspace Commerce
W02bF24 Junkers
W02bF25 Kishiro Technologies
W02bF26 Kruger Minerals
W02bF27 Kusari Naval Forces
W02bF28 Kusari Naval Forces
W02bF29 Kusari State Police
W02bF30 Kusari State Police
W02bF31 Lane Hackers
W02bF32 Liberty Navy
W02bF33 Liberty Navy
W02bF34 Liberty Police Inc.
W02bF35 Liberty Police Inc.
W02bF36 Liberty Rogues
W02bF37 LWB
W02bF38 Mollys
W02bF39 Orbital Spa and Cruise
W02bF40 Outcasts
W02bF41 Planetform Inc.
W02bF42 Red Hessians
W02bF43 Republican Shipping
W02bF44 Rheinland Military
W02bF45 Rheinland Military
W02bF46 Rheinland Police
W02bF47 Rheinland Police
W02bF48 Samura Industries
W02bF49 Unioners
W02bF50 Universal Shipping
W02bF51 Xenos
W02bF52 Zoners
W02bF53 Liberty Navy (Prison Station Mitchell in Alaska). The other xx references to Battleship Osiris do not exist in multiplayer.

No bases owned by Liberty Security Forces, Bretonia Navy or Synth Foods Inc. ?

These are referenced in universe.ini

Posted on: 2014/7/5 16:39
Re: BGCS_base_run_by Values
Just can't stay away
2012/5/22 20:21
Registered Users
Posts: 208
Thx for the list but i already have that. I want to be able to change the names to custom ones which is why i'm looking for where they are referenced in the dll's. I'm aware of changing them in universe.ini as well.

Posted on: 2014/7/5 19:04
Re: BGCS_base_run_by Values
Home away from home
2009/8/16 2:58
From Qld, Aus.
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Posts: 1921
This came up just recently. You want DATA\AUDIO\voices_base_{fe,}male.ini along with the corresponding UTF files.

Posted on: 2014/7/6 7:48
Re: BGCS_base_run_by Values
Just can't stay away
2012/5/22 20:21
Registered Users
Posts: 208
That's the info i was after, thx. There's a lot of work there if i do this, as i'd need to make a load of custom sound files. I'll see how i feel about this after i've done some more coding lol

Posted on: 2014/7/6 8:10