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May. 7, 2021

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[Freelancer Mod News]Enigma V.4 ATG
Just can't stay away
2010/8/9 17:45
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Posts: 336
Developed on and for the GERMAN version of Freelancer, this Project aims to serve a variety of new aspects.
Even though Enigma V.4 ATG features improved graphics, custom Sound- and Jump-FX aswell as new Systems, Stations, Ships and Items, the main concept of this MULTIPLAYER ONLY-Mod is to vastly extend the original Freelancer while not being unbalanced or overloaded with too many ships or way too powerful equipment. (...since there are already so many Mods out there with hundrets of Ships, Systems and Items)
Each Account can have up to 10 Characters with its appropriate Faction-Outfit and Reputation. The implementation of almost every valuable feature of a custom (german) FlHook and the serverside management of Special-Events enables the player to be whatever he/she likes to impersonate.
Be a mighty Faction-Leader, Explorer, a lawful Police-Officer, Bountyhunter, ruthless Assassin, member of any Military Faction, a relentless Pirate or a prosperous Trader... There are no limits.
CRAFTING of unique Items and Ammo is implemented aswell as MINING and MULTI-WINGMEN-Support even in Missions. The upgradeable maneuverability and capabilities of ships as well as the REAL UPGRADING of WEAPONS allows every player to stay competitive even against larger or usually more powerful vessels in PvE or PvP.
Carriers for MOBILE-DOCKING and mighty BOMBERS or SCOUT-Ships are available. These "special-purposes"-Ships and other features enable a whole new world of tactical gameplay in Freelancer.
Turret-View-Zooming and loads of other features like Widescreen-support, new HUD-Functions and SPECIAL-SERVER-EVENTS submitting lots of new aspects to your Freelancer experience all the way. Destructible Bases, mountable cloaking-devices, radar-jamming Armour, AIR TO GROUND ACTION, FTL-jumps, Raids, Puzzels/Riddles, new Missions and FX enriches the new extended Sirius-Sector with ENIGMA V.4 ATG... an ALL-GERMAN Freelancer-Mod.

Posted on: 2014/1/7 19:36