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October. 25, 2020

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Re: [Freelancer Server News]ALL GERMAN Freelancer-Mod online
Quite a regular
2009/8/26 17:46
From Germany
Registered Users
Posts: 163
Ich finde es sollte langsam reichen und die damit nichts zu tun haben sollen sich raus halten und nur die betroffende sollen es unter sich aus machen!!!!!!

Posted on: 2013/11/6 18:43
Re: [Freelancer Server News]ALL GERMAN Freelancer-Mod online
Just can't stay away
2012/8/10 14:03
Registered Users
Posts: 206
NovaII, and now I will show you where you are wrong.
Every intellectual property is copyrighted by law, every ship we model is, every graphic we create is and so are many other pieces which find the way into our mods.

We are the ones spending thousands of hours each year to create something new and improve what we already have. We do that for the players on our server. We invested all the time and work for the server we pay for and the communities we run for meanwhile more than one decade.
We did not spend years of hard work just so somebody can come by and simply rip stuff out of our mod in just a few hours just to present it as their own work. Period!
Its not just respectless, it violates the rights of the original creators and it damages the FL modding community.

Furthermore you should keep in mind that not everything was created for the Freelancer community.
Infact I have enough content in my mod (created by people that don't even play FL) that i am only allowed to use because I have the permission of the original authors where I am bound to (license) agreements. And in some cases some content was even bought by me (yep real money -> was worth it).

You hardly can tell me that you have any right to take something from our projects just because you want... even if it is copyrighted, bound to license agreements or even a commercial product which found its way into our mod.

We had enough modders in the past years which thought that they have every right to take from others just because they know how to copy/paste.
I dont see them in the FL community anymore, their mods were banned on moddb and on every major FL Community site... even their servers were closed.

This clearly is not the first time that we discussed such a topic and maybe it is noticeable that I show a good amount of patience this time.
I dont think that J.R. wanted to cause any harm and i personally dont want him to give up his modding project.

However, if not released for public modding use then you need the permission of the mod creator if you want to use parts of a mod.
You either get a yes or a no as reply. Thats how it works.

Posted on: 2013/11/6 19:46
Re: [Freelancer Server News]ALL GERMAN Freelancer-Mod online

2013/10/19 0:51
Registered Users
Posts: 34
Laws are not always right. They're sutuative, adjustable for economical and political situations, and often made for governments's self-defence. They cannot know and rule such things as people relations, and cannot even know the objective truth.
But yes, you own what you've made, and nobody is against it as I see.
I know that feel, I have my own project, btw. But i'd be pretty glad to share what I have after idea will be materialized and mod released. And I'm always free for exchange in sincere intentions.
Realize that "steal" thing means physical grabbing of an original source which exists in a single copy. Did he steal your HDD with sources so you don't own them? Nop. So, please, be kind and positive, ask him for adding a notes to readme, something else which will refer to your origins. He never said that your ships are his ones, and ever didn't tried to sell them as his own, never had an intention to harm something or someone.
Yes, of course stupid copypasting cannot even become a good mod, and time shows this. But that's not about copypasting, it's about people who make such trash and get a logical result.
I argee with most, just bring peace, bro, and don't feed your ego.
I hope you'd have a deal. Good luck both.

Posted on: 2013/11/6 20:23
A crime is the thought itself, the implementation is the only consequence.
Re: [Freelancer Server News]ALL GERMAN Freelancer-Mod online
Starport Staff
2008/10/7 19:56
From England
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Starport Staff
FLServer Admins
$$$ Supporters $$$
Senior Members
Posts: 635

J.R. wrote:
Download deleted.... Server password protected... and will no longer be offical... used only for private "LAN"

Cheers J.R.
I think that's as far as this thread needs to go then.

Posted on: 2013/11/6 20:28
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