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January. 20, 2018

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Weird FLServer Error

2011/6/19 9:16
Registered Users
Posts: 46
Hello Friends

As the title suggests i got a weird Error with a mod im currently involved with @ the flservers console:

E:\FL\Scratch\Source\Server\FLChatServer.cpp(798) : NOTICE:General:Universe chat attempted from an account without the proper rights.

Without proper right?? wtf?^^

We are still suffering from this error -> KLICK
(fl crashes when someone is opening his/her chatbox)
It occurs randomly and istn adding any fun into the game^^
Sometimes the client crashes, sometimes everything is fine.

Maybe anyone has any idea?


Posted on: 2013/1/1 23:32
Re: Weird FLServer Error
Home away from home
2009/8/16 2:58
From Qld, Aus.
Registered Users
FLServer Admins
Trusted Speciality Developers
Senior Members
Posts: 1818
That message shows up when a player tries entering /u universe chat message in the chat without having admin rights. (Admin rights can be given by creating empty file admin in the account directory and restarting the server.) I don't see how that would be related to the crashes you're experiencing, but I don't know what else would be causing it, either. Can you provide the crash address/offset/module?

Posted on: 2013/1/2 2:52
Re: Weird FLServer Error

2011/6/19 9:16
Registered Users
Posts: 46
Thx for ur reply

Hm nobody is tryin to enter with /u as prefix.
But i think it could be related to one of the serverside FLHook plugins.

Can you provide the crash address/offset/module? Weird FLServer Error

It doesn't give me an offset or error message.
FL simply crashes to desktop.
When its happening in windowed mode, it seems like the window gets contracted and after a while it simply disappears.

Can u tell me what to look/search for?

Posted on: 2013/1/3 17:43
Re: Weird FLServer Error
Quite a regular
2009/7/16 5:43
From Germany
Registered Users
Posts: 163
Dunno if it will help in your case, but as you might know i had the same error some time ago and it looks like its solved.

Look at the _changed_offsets.txt i recently uploaded to your dropbox.
There i listed all the changes that you haved applied to the vanilla german no-cd Freelancer.exe.

Remember when the error occurs? -> klick

CTD when the client "is asked" to enter text

so i took a vanilla exe file and reapplied all of your changes, except the chat related ones.
[cuz i noticed that the both of us made kinda like the same typos]

Et voilá it was working for me.
(tested like 20 character creations & several chat input box openings in space)

Maybe u just made typo.

Trust me i know that problems, so take the advice of an old rusty man ^^ and double check ur changes. Mistakes in INI files are more easy to reverse than offsets^^

Posted on: 2013/1/6 13:29
Re: Weird FLServer Error
Home away from home
2008/5/13 15:48
Registered Users
FLServer Admins
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Senior Members
Posts: 663
Also had (have?) this error
- and it was possibly caused by 2 reasons.

banners by the playerctrl plugin
- seen @ my test server running NOT under an admin account btw
- pretty sure, also @ the main server (this one running under winxp admin account

#2 (possibly!)
various flhookadmin players with msg rights,
but not having an 'admin' file in the account directory

When I d read Adoxa's post above,
I d added 'admin' files to those accounts
- but I didn't have time to check, if it's gone now.

Posted on: 2013/1/8 8:53
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