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December. 12, 2017

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Player View DIstance

2012/9/21 4:48
Registered Users
Posts: 48
I've been replaying vanilla Freelancer recently, and I noticed that I can't see anything very far away. I'm working on a mod right now and I want the player to be able to see things from across a system. Even if it just looks like a speck, I want the player to be able to see it. Just wanted to know how to change this. Thx in advance.

Posted on: 2012/11/11 17:22
Re: Player View DIstance
Just can't stay away
2010/8/2 0:04
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FLServer Admins
Posts: 464

Posted on: 2012/11/11 18:08
Of all things that are lost - brain I miss most
Re: Player View DIstance
Just can't stay away
2008/7/16 12:33
Registered Users
Posts: 205
To set the distance an object becomes visible at you need to change the LOD value, for objects like bases, trade lanes etc this is in DATA/SOLAR/solararch.ini.

The example below is for a small asteroid base like Alcatraz the range when it becomes visible/selectable is 7000 m for it to be visible across a system you might need to change this to 150000 - 200000 depending on system size.

Tekagi's base in Tohoku is set at

LODranges = 0, 7000, 25000, 150000

so it can be seen right across the system.

nickname = miningbase_small_ice
ids_name = 1
ids_info = 1
type = STATION
DA_archetype = solar\dockable\miningbase_small_ice.cmp
material_library = solar\asteroid_dock.mat
material_library = solar\ast_ice.mat
LODranges = 0, 7000
mass = 100000000
open_sound = depot_open_sound
close_sound = depot_close_sound
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountD, 50.000000
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 2.500000, Sc_open dockA
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountB, 2.500000, Sc_open dockB
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountC, 50.000000
docking_camera = 0
solar_radius = 500
shape_name = NNM_SM_DEPOT
hit_pts = 999999961690316250000000000000000000.000000
fuse = miningbase_small_ice_burning_fuse, 0, 0

One thing to consider is the impact on performance, a quote from sumanuti's link so be careful what you wish for

"Ah this has been a great one! Funny turning that one up, really brings even an overclocked i5-2500K to it's knees (although it seems to only use a single thread it seems). Only thing left now are the tradelanes. Anyone got any ideas for that? Thanks for the step by step guide btw."

Posted on: 2012/11/11 18:13

Edited by CK256 on 2012/11/11 18:20:18
Re: Player View DIstance

2012/9/21 4:48
Registered Users
Posts: 48
I never even thought about performance impact. I'll have to take that to mind when I start changing stuff around. Either way, thx for the help.

Posted on: 2012/11/12 15:42