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April. 11, 2021

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Sirius Science Committee looking for members

2012/6/23 2:14
From Classified
Registered Users
Posts: 32
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The Sirius Science Committee is a scientific organization, deicated to the ever evolving people of Sirius.

Goal: To explore the Omicrons, Omegas, and the Sigmas closely. As well as transport materials that would otherwise be considered, unethical, to raiders of the trade lanes.

Play Style: Depending on 1 of the 4 roles of the Sirius Science Committee or SSC for short.

Ship Roles

Scientific Vessels( S.V ) use ships from transports to capital ships, if you can aquire them.

Exploritory Vessels( E.V ) are geared to deep space operations and can also act as escorts for S.V tagged ships. Similar to S.Vs, but gunships are availible for E.Vs.

Security Escorts( S.E ) pare the general fighter pilots and gunship commanders. Although S.Es are allowed Capital ships, to use in the field, Gunships, fighters, and freighters(Which can be used as Heavy Fighters) should be choice of pilots, to avoid unwanted confrontations.

Ships with the Tags SSC have the highest authorization in the SSC fleet. These ships are captained by the most rugged and top notch spacers Sirius has ever known. Using powerfull weapons for self-defence and ships, worth of their names, the SSC Tag is given to those with the up-most respect. EX: SSC_The Meranda(Ship name is not taken)

To Join the SSC in the pursuit of the advancement of the Human race, fill out as follows in a reply:


* This is required for Roster information. If you plan on renaming, Simply place pervious name of your ship. If creating a new character with 1 of the 3 tags, E.V; S.V; S.E, then continue.

** Information fo which departments would be best for your placement in the SSC.

Note: Ships should be univerally accepted by all factions, Civilian, Zoner, and Border World Export Vessels seem to draw little attention, which is perfect for the SSC. If you wish to keep you ship, if you own one already, check with the laws of every house government to avoid fines and such.

Name of the ships will remain on the roster if your ship changes. Ship Name IDs your vessel and is all that is required.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Playing on the Freelancer Discovery Mod Offical Server.

Posted on: 2012/6/24 20:03
Re: Sirius Science Committee looking for members
Starport Staff
2008/10/7 19:56
From England
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Starport Staff
FLServer Admins
$$$ Supporters $$$
Senior Members
Posts: 638
You probably won't find many Discovery GC players here, Regious.

Posted on: 2012/6/24 23:07
Re: Sirius Science Committee looking for members

2012/6/23 2:14
From Classified
Registered Users
Posts: 32
Maybe, but people wanting to try it might want to join. Doesn't hurt to try.

Posted on: 2012/6/25 15:40