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April. 11, 2021

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The Corsair Empire
Just popping in
2008/6/11 18:00
From Alberta, Canada
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Posts: 11
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The Corsair Empire is Shattered Worlds newest incarnation of the traditional Corsairs. The Empire returns to the Corsair roots of piracy, pillaging and conquest.

We are a technocratic government of militaristic marauders, pursuing new technologies through the study and adaptation of the Daam'kavosh artifacts that exist within the Malvada cloud. What were once considered mere inert trinkets have now been unlocked to provide the Corsair people with a plethora of cybernetic and nano-technological enhancements.

The Corsairs are an unlawful faction. Our role is one of an aggressive, scientifically advanced militaristic people. Our goal is simple: domination. In a universe plagued by aliens, intergalactic fiends, brooding House governments and harsh environments, it is a case of survival of the fittest. And make no mistake, we are the fittest.

For more information, read our faction document and contact Ramirez on the Shattered Worlds forums.

Posted on: 2011/4/6 20:21
Re: The Corsair Empire
Just popping in
2008/6/11 18:00
From Alberta, Canada
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FLServer Admins
Posts: 11
With an ever-expanding sphere of influence, the Corsair Empire is still looking for more capable and dedicated pilots.

Whether you're a grizzled fighter veteran or an able smuggler, the Empire can find a place for you within it's ranks. Our smugglers have been seen in recent days pushing even as far as the outskirts of Liberty. The artifact trade is rife with profit. That profit can be in your hands. Our fighters scourge the lands of southern and eastern Sirius, pushing back the threats to our people and striking hard and fast into the space of our enemies. Our capital fleet grows each month, giving us the behemoths of war to push against our enemies.

The time is now; the Empire is on the rise. Will you have the courage to seize your destiny with the last truly free people in Sirius?

Posted on: 2011/7/20 20:02