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May. 10, 2021

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The Hitchhikers Guide to Freelancer
This was originally designed by 30mc and myself, but neither of us saved the text we did for Jolt, so I wrote it all over again.

Credit for the title goes to 30mc

The Hitchhikers Guide to Freelancer

So maybe you got through single player, or maybe like me, you didn’t even look at single player before multiplayer, and your thinking it is time to go on a server and bash some heads in.

At this point in time, there is NO GLOBAL List without a little help from our friends. This is a few ways to get to the global list. One way is this: It is pretty self explanatory and a small change of an ini file, designed by Crazy.

Also this designed by w0dk4,

Either of these two links will get you into the current global server.

Now, you finally get to the server list and your thinking ‘why can’t I get on some servers?’. That’s a simple answer; all servers with 1.0 in the version are called ‘Vanilla.’ That is what your standard game is called. Any server you see that has another number attached to it in the version file, is a moded server. To get on that server, you will need Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM) , which is accessible in the download section here. Use the 1.3 version, because the 1.4 version is a beta version and is buggy.

Installing FLMM is simple, it’s self extracting and will leave you with a icon on your desktop. Next, go to the server of your choices forums, most have a forum address in the global list, in the server description part, you have to click on the server to see the forum address, which has a mod on it for that particular server. You download the mod you are looking for, and you OPEN the mod with FLMM, it will place itself into FLMM, then you click on the mod, and click the activate button, the mod will have a green checkmark when you are done initiating the mod.

A Word About FLMM
It is not without its issues also, it does ‘blow up.’ When it does you will know it, and if it does do this. Open up FLMM, on the top left is a tool bar, go to tool/open mod folders/ and physically delete the mod you just downloaded. THIS NEXT STEP is extremely important. Again, go to Tool/Restore backups. This enables mod manager to fix itself. Usually, this solves most problems. However, there are some times when you need to reinstall everything for bad blow outs , including Freelancer the game. If you are playing MP, be very sure you save your MP id, in this folder: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE, you are looking for the folder that says myflaccountid. That number is your on-line id, you MUST save it to restore any characters on ANY server you go to.

Also, using any of the standard mods in FLMM is a BIG no-no on any server, you will get banned for it. Most of the mods in there, are for single player only.

Finally on-line
There are various ways to start this game, some people buy a trader ship, some people start by doing missions. Keep in mind, if you do missions you will become hostile to some factions of NPC’s. For instance, if you do missions for the Police, the Pirate factions will become angry with you, or vice versa.

I will speak about Vanilla Freelancer, the 1.0 version, because that is what I like. So, you come up in Manhattan in a starflyer. There isn’t really much you can do in that, except fly to the storage depot along side Newark Station, shoot the middle barrels and you will get stuff that falls out of them, that you can sell at Newark Station for a pretty tidy sum. That will enable you to buy a Rhino Trader at Manhattan.

Keep in mind every server starts with different starting credits, some start with 2k others start with 10K, that depends on the server you go to.

So, you got a Rhino, and now you are thinking, what next? Well, here are a few trade runs to consider, while you are flying about:

From: Planet Pittsburg, New York
To: Southampton Shipyard, New London

From: Kensington Shipping Platform, New London
To: Newark Station, New York

Cash: About 125,000 credits (using a rhino)
Time: A 20 minute round trip
Route: NY, Cal, Cortez, Manchester, NL
Nice and scenic
(credit to Springchicken from Jolt forums).

From: Yanagi Base, Sigma 13
To: Planet New Berlin, New Berlin

Engine Components
From: Planet New Berlin, NB
To: Yanagi Base, Sigma 13

Cash: Umm, about 650,000 credits altogether, I think (using a dromedary)
Time: About a 8 minute round trip

Tip: Use the Jump Hole to get to Frankfurt from Sigma 13, its quicker.
(credit to Springchicken from Jolt forums).

On a new character I bum about doing a few missions to get Rhino
then do
Pittsberg : Boron - 120creds to LD14 Leeds - 960creds
Ld14 : Mox to New London ( cant do with being empty ) Get Clydsdale freighter and take Lux Food to Manhatten , the Water to Fort Bush and Pharma to Pittsberg and start all over again , Till i get enough to buy Humpback , then do Diamonds from New berlin to New Tok , Engine comps from new tok to yanagi base and then Artifacts back to new london . again use the JH and press dock asap to stop u being caught running illegal goods 2million creds in about 2-3hrs from start is usally what u earn.
(credit to MinioN, Jolt Forums).

Posted on: 2008/5/28 17:45
Re: The Hitchhikers Guide to Freelancer
This next link is a total spoiler for those of you that do not want to get a quick fix to trading, this link is from Jolt Forums, and is quite a few trade runs. So if you just want to explore, then do so, but if not, use it wisely :

As I said, there are tons of trade routes, and tons of exploring to do, so have fun at it.

There are 3 trader ships in Vanilla, A Rhino, sold at Manhattan, Dromerdary, sold at Mactan Base, in Magellan, and a Humpback, sold in the Hamburg system. Keep in mind, each ship is different, the Dromedary holds the most cargo, while the Humpback is more maneuverable, however, do not be fooled by traders, I have seen Humpbacks take out Eagles in one pass with an experienced polite behind the helm.

For those of you that do not like trading, you can start with missions, however as I said, keep in mind if you shoot 1 faction, you will piss off another, but sometimes its fun .

Some servers start you out with a neutral reputation, meaning you are neutral to all, and you may not have to take bribes to fly around safely. It is best to have 1 trader character, 1 fighting character and 1 mission character. Your fighting character can be neutral to all, with a Junkers and Zoners bribe. Do not shoot any npcs, just take those two bribes, and be off. You can also make a very friendly character if you shoot about 75-150 Xenos, you will piss off the Xenos but the entire universe will love you. Keep checking the reputation Icon, which is in the upper right hand corner of your hud. Xenos can be found in a lot of places, the frequent the Colorado Jumphole in New York, Detroit Munitions, also in New York, and another good place to move your rep faster is Keplar, Gnome base, (b6 grid reference). However, they fly hawks there, so you may want to pick up a Defender at the New York System. Speaking of which, a Defender is best to do missions with in New York.

A Bit About Ships
Many people fly many different ships, you have to find what is best for you. The standard level 10 ship is an Eagle, sold at Freeport 9, in Omicron Theta. It is the easiest to fly for a beginner. The standard set up to begin with for a level 10 ship is 2 Tizona Del Cids, with 4 Nomad Blasters. Tiz’s are sold at Tripoli Station in Omicron Gamma, and Nomad guns are found in the Unknown system. The NPC’s drop them, when shot. Nomads will drop either Blasters or Cannons. A good tip to decide which is best is this. If you have aim use Nomad Energy Cannons, if your aim ain’t so hot, use Nomad Blasters.

Your setup should look like this:
2 Tizona Del Cids
4 Nomad Blasters
1 turret of your choice, Salamancia is my favorite, sold at Leon Base, in Omega 41. Some people like rapier turret, level 8, those are sold also at Tripoli also in Omicron Gamma.
Advanced Counter Measure Dropper
Advanced Thruster
1 mine of your choice, my mine is a cutter mine dropper, sold at Freeport 9, in Omicron Theta.
1 wasp/hornet, sold throught the Omicrons.

The above is just one reference to a level 10 ship. I know people who can take out a level 10 ship in a Hawk, because they are very skilled pilots. A very good friend of mine called [WP]Dragonfire can take an Eagle in a Patriot, so again, play around with the ships, see what you like and what you don’t like, and try them all, because they all are fun.

A Bit About Guns
There are many different combinations of firepower in this game, you have to find what is good for you. If your aim is bad get guns with a lower refire rate, if your aim is good, get guns with a higher refire rate. Keep in mind, your ship will only hold the level of gun it is capable of.

A word about Code Weapons, do not use them, if your aim isn't godlike, let me repeat that, do not use them, if your aim isn't godlike.

A Bit About Ship Movement
Keep in mind, when you aim your weapons you have to compensate for ship movement. You must learn to strafe and engine kill to be an effective pilot. Sliding is a term that can make your ship slide either left or right, its almost like skating on ice, and make you very hard to hit. A good lesson for ship maneuvering is to fly around stations, or fly through a debris field and shoot the debris while strafing and moving. Once you have mastered movement, your aim will come in time.

Server Life
The most important thing I can stress about making the jump to multiplayer is this. Be respectful, do not flame. Most people have been playing this game several years, and will kick your butt from here to kingdom come, if you flame them. Do not call people names, or tell them they suck, because that guy will get 3 of his friends and hurt you .

Each and every server has established players, be nice to them, tell them you are new, most will help you if you ask, just be respectful.

Clan Tags
Most servers have clans, and believe me, the MP aspect of freelancer is very very fun. I have met all different people from all walks of life in Freelancer, from all different parts of the world. I consider some to be life long friends, so keep that in mind when you join a server. A clan tag is usually in the front of someones name [SLF]Torch[X]. The [SLF] is a clan tag, the [X] stands for pirate. DO NOT under any circumstances, make a character with a clan tag if you are not in that clan. You will get the daylights beaten out of you, or on some servers get banned.

Role Play
Some servers have Role Play mixed into their server, usually tags will depict what role play they are playing. The most standard are [H] for Hunter, they act as cops, [X] for Pirate, they are the bad guys, and [R] for Rogue, stay away from the [R] players they are always really good players. As I said there are many tags and also some different tags servers use, Be sure to check the server board of the server you intend to frequent and introduce yourself and see what that particular server has to offer.

The Use of Mods
The only mods you should ever use is the server mod of the server you frequent. If you intend to go to a server and use an indestructible mod, one where you can not be shot, and cause havoc to other people on the server, you will be banned. So keep in mind, unauthorized mods are a BAD thing on ANY server.

So, now you pretty much have the basics of the game you intend to play on line, have fun, remember to be respectful.

If anyone else has something to add to this to make someones MP experience better, please do. I consider this a work in progress.

Posted on: 2008/5/28 17:50