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April. 11, 2021

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Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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I started this in may 2005 and never got round to actually finishing it. This was the first and only draft...

Posted on: 2008/5/21 22:50
Re: Untitled
Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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Posts: 1118
Drifting towards the Freeport the computer terminal flashed into life. The operator's fingers fired into action pushing buttons faster than most would be able too. The operator was wired on coffee and pep pills. His eyes had dark rings around them and bloodshot. His pupils where tiny. Faster he typed, and pushed the buttons on the terminal. Suddenly he stopped and sighed. A new message was flashing on his intercom screen.

"Sir Avery, I see you are hovering again in places you are not welcome. Why is it you persist on following those who only wish their business to be private? I do sometimes believe you have a death wish. Whilst I do also admit, lady luck always seems to be smiling on you. Whenever we try to track you down and take you down, you always avoid us...somehow! Well my long time stalker, not anymore. You see, you may have tracked my agent to the Freeport, but you’re now stuck in this system. At every jump hole I have fighters sat and ready to finally blow your nosy little person into a million pieces. This time, your persistent spying stops. Enjoy Roo Avery."

Roo leaned back into his flight chair and sighed again. A sigh of despair mixed with a hint of boredom. He reaches into a breast pocket and pulls out a packet of Marlboro. He removes one and lights it up using a small pen like lighter from the same breast pocket. After another sigh, he puts the Corvette into reverse and backs his way into a gas field. Again he lets his fingers explode into action as he starts punching in instructions and coordinates into the ships systems.

“Now, let’s see those pests keep track of me now.”

Turning to the Intercom screen he sends a small message to SDI Intelligence. Once sent he kicks the engines into power and makes his way to check point one.

The Corvette comes to a soft landing on the landing pad in Luxury Liner Hawaii. Roo carefully switches off the terminal. He reaches down under the terminal and flicks a small red switch. One light in the top right corner of the terminal flashes twice and then goes out.

Voice over from intercom:

“Roo, it’s about bloody time you where back. We have been waiting an hour to get this meeting underway. Get your sorry behind to the conference room. NOW.”

Spectre’s booming voice died down and Roo sighed. He slips out of the flight chair and makes his way to the exit. On his way out he picks up his sandwich box left carefully by the exit.

Halfway across the landing pad a boy, no more than 17 runs over to him and hands him a small piece of paper. On it is a scribbled a message. The boy suddenly starts babbling.

“Thank the heavens your back Sir. It’s been crazy down stairs. The terminals have been receiving messages all day. It seems like all the rumours are true. We have reports coming in from all sides. THC, TFL Police. It’s true what you believed; DARK had been planning with KAOS. Omen is back…..and….”

“Stop boy. Its fine. We have no need to worry. KAOS have never been high on our priority list so don’t worry about a thing. I have discovered something slightly more important. Now do me a favour, take this lunch box back to my apartment and tell my wife the sandwiches where lovely. Make sure on the way you chuck the sandwiches in the trash, got it?


Roo throws a wink at the boy and strides off in the direction on the Conference room put aside for the sole use of SDI.

Roo enters the conference room and finds Spectre sat at the head of a long mahogany table. There are 4 seats and places laid out. Spankey occupies the seat closest on the right to Spectre, opposite what is Roo’s seat to the left. Next to Spankey sits Matsumoto and opposite Matsumoto sits Ravage…

“Ravage, you back. Good to see you old chap.” Roo beams at Ravage as he takes his place on Spectre’s left.

“Before we get this underway, does anyone mind if I order a coffee… man I’m fried…”

A sigh comes from Spectre’s direction an obvious look of frustration.

“Make it quick, we have been waiting for you.”

Roo throws Spectre a sly grin and leans forward and pushes a small intercom.

“Yes sir?”

“1 black coffee, 4 sugars.”

“Yes Sir Avery, right away”

Spectre cuts in and starts to talk.

“Ok guys, I am going to have to take some leave there are some things I need to get sorted and I wont be reachable until I’m back. Roo, you will take charge of SDI until I return. Spankey, are you able to fly yet?”

“Not yet boss. Doctors reckon wont be long, a few days at most they predict.”

“Ok, Matsumoto, you will take role of Chief of Security until Spankey returns, remember, I want cooperation with Roo, he will be updating our little KOS list and he will make the final decision on recruits until I return….”

Roo lets out a long whistle; Spectre turns to him with piercing eyes.

“And for God’s sake Roo don’t go employing Crusher or anyone else similar.”

The 5 around the table burst out laughing as Roo’s coffee arrives bought in by the same lad that Roo was stopped by near the hanger bay. Spectre stands;

“Ok gentlemen, if you could leave us now, I need to speak with Roo on other matters. I will see you when I’m back. Fly safe and good luck to all.”

The 3 men stand from their seats and make their way to the door followed quickly by the young lad who bought the coffee in. Once the door is closed Spectre sighs and drops his heads to his hands. There is silence for a while, eventually Roo breaks it.

“What’s really on your mind? Speak up man.”


“Oh yippee… the man still talks in riddles. Come on, we have known each other for years now boss. What is it that is bothering you the most?”

“…… The SCC, KWC, DD, STAB, everyone. It’s a bloody hornet’s nest out there. It’s about to explode in our faces and I’m not quite sure Sirius is ready. I was right with my prediction. Just look to KAOS, they are the new “Superpower”, they have HLF eating from their palm and they have hired DARK. Of course, if Omen had not of returned we may have seen a different DARK.”

Roo remains silent, sensing Spectre is not yet finishes.
“We have for years been there for Sirius, money has been spent left right and centre on helping different organisations start up. We have had our fingers in more Pies than a Baker. But yet even I can not clearly see a way out of this one…… basically, what I’m trying to say, is tread carefully whilst I’m away, things are fragile and a wrong move could mean a lot of damage to SDI. I am trusting to you look after it for me until I return. Promise me it will still be here.”

Roo looks up from his coffee with a grin on his face.

“Ha! Of course it will still be here. I’m too darn scared to ruin it for you. Damn, you will chase me until the end of the universe if I mess up.”

Spectre smiles and stands from the table.

“Good, now I have to get going, I have a transport to catch. Don’t go tracking me, I want some privacy for this.”

Roo nods and let’s Spectre leave the room before he leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the table. He takes out his packet of Marlboro and lighter from his breast pocket. A figure walks in from behind and stands waiting. Roo acknowledges the figure with a simple nod. The figure approaches and stands directly behind Roo. It leans across his shoulder.

“You where supposed to be home days ago.”

“I’m sorry darling, work has been made again. You know how it is. Come let’s head upstairs and have some dinner. I’m starving.”

Roo stands and wraps his arm around his wife’s waist. And they make there way out of the conference room.

Omicron Gamma:
“Avery, you are late. You know this shipment was due to leave 5 hours ago. I have men waiting around because of you. I will have to report this to her Ladyship.”

“Do as you please. Her ladyship knows where to fine me. Bother’s me not one bit my good man.”

The KOAS supplies manager grunts and storms off towards his desk at the rear of the goods loading bay. He shouts at two loaders as he goes and they run to start loading the corvette that sits idly by.

A young man enters the loading bay. The man walks whish his back tall and with a sense of superiority about him. Nemesis approaches Roo.

“Roo, I see you’re late again. Temporal signalled in to tell me you had passed through the jump hole. I trust you are well?”

“By that you mean, you hope your lap dogs HLF and DARK did not cause any serious damage whilst I was in Cambridge right?”

“Well yes, again I am sorry. They like to hunt, and it does not matter what myself or Athena say, we cannot always stop them. But you have had no trouble from any KAOS Elite or pilots so you should be pleased.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Anyway, I must be going. It is good to see you Roo, take care out there, you never know what Pirates will be close behind.”

Nemesis throws a grin in Roo’s direction and walks off towards to corridor.

[i]“Screw you Nemesis, your mind games wont work. Your just angry I can come and go freely”[i/]

“Sir, we have finished loading the crates in the secure hold. Your are ready to leave.”

“Thank you.”

Roo looks back to the supplies manager and makes an extravagant bow in his direction, sarcastically salutes and makes his way to his corvette. Once aboard he checks the secure hold hidden behind false panels in the cockpit and sleeping quarters. He makes his way to his flight chair. Leans down and flicks the switch under the terminal turning off the security devices designed to stop KAOS engineers looking to deeply into the ships files. Making himself comfortable he lights up a Marlboro and switches the Corvette into full power. Checking systems he plots his course, knowing he will be safe on auto-pilot until Omega 5. Once set, he sits back and lets the auto-pilot take over.

Omega 5: Near Cadiz Base

“SDI vessel this is BHG, we have been tipped off you may be transporting contraband through Bretonian space. We would appreciate you reporting to Planet Cambridge for a scan in line with DD’s restrictions placed on contraband trafficking. BHG out”

Roo sits up in his flight chair and stretches. He had been dosing and his alarm clock wasn’t due to go off for another 10 minutes. He looks down at his scanners. His KAOS escort are gone. That’s not right. They should stay with him until he jumps to Cambridge, it is then that he is left alone to make it to New York. He tries to contact the escort leader on the Comm’s unit, but he gets no reply. A bad feeling comes over him as he opens a channel to the BHG pilot.

“BHG, this is SDI Sir Avery, whom am I speaking with?”

“Sir Avery this is Lost Child. Will you allow me to escort you to Planet Cambridge?”

“Under who’s authority are you acting Lost Child. I do not believe BHG have been hired by DD and nor do I remember the SCC granting you permission to request cargo scans. So if you don’t mind I will be on my way.”

“Avery, don’t be a fool. We know you are moving for KAOS and the Bretonian police are waiting and so are Liberty. Give it up.”

“See you around Lost Child, and please be warned, do not tail me.”

“Avery, its your funeral.”

Roo sat up straight, quickly turned off the Auto Pilot and took full control of his Corvette. Looking at the scanner he spotted a small group of Corsairs leaving Cadiz, looking like they where on a patrol mission. Quickly Roo opened a channel to the Group Leader.

“Corsair Leader, this is Sir Avery, whom am I speaking with?”

“Sir Avery this Corsair Leader Delta12. Is that you Quarter-Master Avery?”

“Yes it is, I, you may scan my Corvette for prove my friend. I need assistance, I have a Bounty Hunter looking for me. Any chance you guys could provide me some cover to make a run for it. I have a valuable cargo on board.”

“Avery, you’re a friend of the corsairs, consider it done. We are on route to his location now. Good luck out there”

“Thank you Delta12.”

Roo pulls the corvette round and sets course for the Cambridge jump hole. If indeed the Police are waiting, it would not be near the jump hole. They would risk falling prey rogue pirates and Corsairs out for some fun.

The slums of New York where always quiet on a Thursday, Roo always felt a pang of guilt. He knew why it was quiet, it was because he had 5 hours previously dropped off a shipment of Cardamine and right now he knew that it had beet cut and split and would now be travelling through the bodies of those he knew where sprawled out in their homes on the floor. He was helping to feed their addiction. He was helping to make New York as corrupt as it was back on earth, only know, it was a planet, not just a city. He was helping to make the Outcast Elders richer and helping to make Liberty defenceless as their citizens and even nobles and officials sat in “Cardamine Hot houses” with stupid childish grins upon their faces. He was helping to destroy peoples life’s….
But this is what he was good at. He had started smuggling for SDI Black Ops when it was introduced. It had been the way he proved himself to the then SDI Operations team and managers, eventually attracting the notice of CEO Spectre himself. He had a perfectly clean record. He had managed now for all this time to not be caught once. Of course, there were individuals within the Navies and Law enforcement officers out there whom suspected him and where even hunting him, but none could catch him. It made him a valuable asset for a long time.
When SDI closed down Black Ops, Roo was permitted to smuggle from time to time for select clients. But never had he smuggled Cardamine, he did not like this. His niche was Artifacts, and Weapons, from all over. There where rich nobles in all the Major House systems who ordered all manner of Alien Artifacts to be delivered, it had kept Roo busy, and in return for protection, Roo kept the Pirates supplied with Weapons. It worked like a well oiled machine. SDI moved legal goods for all the house navies, Spectre keeping them sweet by arranging stings on known smugglers from other organisations, all of this drawing attention away from Roo.
But know he was considering going straight, either that or just working with Artifacts and Weapons. He was disturbed too much by what he saw, the damage Cardamine was doing to the people of the slums here in liberty.

Posted on: 2008/5/21 22:51