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April. 11, 2021

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Hispania News Network HNN
Just popping in
2009/4/8 9:57
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Posts: 7

New Nomad Threat
A Maltese customs officer was attacked last night by a man who was acting strangely. Juan Esteban had been missing since the 2nd Nomad Invasion and presumed dead. When Lieutenant Emilio Sanchez of the newly formed Combined Hispania Armed Forces asked him to submit to a routine body scan at the docking bay, Esteban went berserk. Lt. Sanchez had to be assisted by four bystanders before he could subdue the suspect. An MRI revealed a strange growth inside Esteban's abdominal cavity with tendrils extending into his spinal column. He is being held in isolation while doctors determine how to extract this strange mass of tissues, which has a DNA sequence very similar to that of captured Nomad 'pilots', the central nervous system organ which directs Nomad fighters and other vessels.

In other news, acting Leader of the Ordered Chaos Corporation, [OC]Remnant, defeated a Nomad Elite pilot last week. Details to follow.

In an exclusive interview by Carlos Rodriguez on the Oribital Spa & Cruise Luxury Liner Hawaii, Freelancer Han Solo is quoted as saying, "Details are simple. The Ordered Chaos pilot lost multiple engagements to the nomad in single combat, then put out a general distress call, which was answered by my friend Luke Skywalker. While it took them a while to coordinate operations between a notorious pirate and an upstanding citizen, eventually they settled on a tactic of one person attracting the nomad's fire and just dodging, while the other concentrated on shooting at him. When the nomad switched targets and began spamming missiles at the one shooting at him, then they switched roles."

Sadly the co-operation between the heroic Luke and the pirate came to an end after the [NOM] was chased from the system, and the relentless pirate turned on his crippled rescuer, sending his outcast minions to finish off his erstwhile savior.

Anarchy In the UK
Submitted by Tachyon Net from Trafalgar Depot
The recent rescue of the Queen Mother has been met with mixed emotions by the citizens of the remnants of Britonia. Details of her whereabouts since the mass exodus from Sirius Sector are sketchy at best. The Britonia flagship Prince of Wales, which was transporting the Queen Mother to safety in the Antares Sector, was destroyed during the exodus and all hands were presumed lost. The Royal Physician, who was with the Queen Mother throughout her ordeal, refused to allow her to be scanned for alien implants saying, "It is preposterous that she should be forced to submit to such indignanty, especially after all that she has had to endure."
Such scans have been implemented at a number of bases as a security measure following the discovery of Nomad parasites infesting the bodies of several people recovered from the wreckage of a Nomad Battleship. The nature and purpose of these infestations are not known at this time. Masses of alien tissue inhabited the abdomens of these victims with tendrils entering their spinal columns.
The Queen Mother was transported by heavily armed and escorted Armored Transport to Planet Edinburgh. Officials felt that given the fact that the Britonia Armed Forces are beginning to turn the tide against the Nomad Threat, it would be safer to return her to Britonia rather than risk another flight through the Devil's Corridor, as the Zeta Sector has come to be popularly known. The welcoming ceremony staged at Edinburgh was marred by riots as Britonia Police clashed with protesters.

Communications Lost
From Order Information Network, Planet Nefarra
Communications have been lost with a number of bases and planets in the Sirius Sector. Information is sketchy at this time, but reportedly a number of the locations which are now off the Tachyon Net had reported incidents of recent arrivals suddenly attacking government officials without provocation. Large numbers of people who had been thought to have been killed during the 2nd Nomad Invasion and the Antares Exodus have been turning up in recent weeks, all reportedly suffering from amnesia since their disappearances.
(in the interest of saving space in the Starport forum, HNN Tachyon Podcast continus in linky at top of page)

Posted on: 2009/4/10 16:25