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April. 11, 2021

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Outcast Girls
Just popping in
2009/4/8 9:57
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Kurt Baumann was approaching Yanagi Depot with a load of engine components in the hold of his Dromadary, the *deleted*.
A lone Sabre approached him from behind a wrecked Imperial fighter and scanned his cargo hold. The pilot, a female Outcast, hailed him on the sub-space comm. In a threatening yet somehow sultry voice she said, "I'll give you just one chance, stud. Drop the cargo and you can leave here in one peice."
Baumann studied his tactical display. Only one fighter...very unusual...pirates usually operated in packs of several fighters. He answered, "You'll just have to fight me for it baby." If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was a faction that just wouldn't stay bribed. He already had the Outcast girl's Sabre targeted, and he swung the Drom around to bring his turrets and missile launchers to bear on her.
The Outcast girl purred, "I was hoping you'd say that" and launched a Hornet followed by a Cannonball and opened up on him with her guns and turrets.
Buamman switched targets to the Hornet and destroyed it. The blast wave detonated the Cannonball and the combined blast waves engulfed the Sabre. He opened up on her with shield stripper turrets he'd picked up down in Corsair turf and once her shields were down followed up with a barrage of Moonstalkers. He targeted her shield generator and blasted it with his guns and turrets.
The Outcast girl dropped mines and floored her thrusters to maneuver for a clean shot. Baumann detonated her mines just as they were clearing the launcher, once again engulfing the Sabre in the blast wave. The already weakened Sabre began coming apart.
Baumann dumped one of his pallets of engine components and tractored in the Outcast pilot's escape pod. He commed Yanagi, "This is the *deleted* with a load of engine components and an angry lady. Request permission to dock, and please send a medic to the docking bay."
The Junkers on duty acknowledged, "Copy that, welcome back to Yanagi, will have medic standing by. Do you need a security detail as well?"
Baumann laughed, "No thanks, if I can handle her in a VHF I think I can handle her in person."
Baumann landed his Drom in bay one and stepped out of the cockpit. He unzipped his faded brown leather flight jacket and unsnapped his shoulder holster to allow quick access to his antique .45 ACP. He opened the cargo hatch on his Dromedary and stood back as the Junkers stevedores unloaded the escape pod. The medic was reaching for the release handle when the escape pod opened up.
Inside was a very attractive looking Outcast woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She said, "I'm fine, really...although I could use a drink." She winked at Baumann.
He laughed and said, "Well let me buy you a drink then, miss..." She smiled and said, "Josephine Dominguez. Mrs. actually." Baumann said, "Pleased to make your acqaintance, although I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances."
She answered cryptically, "The circumstances are more pleasant than you imagine, Herr Baumann, late of the Rheinland Police."
At his quizical expression she said, "Yes, I know all about you. Let's talk about it over that drink, shall we?"
(in the interest of saving space in the Starport forums, story continues in the linky at top)

Posted on: 2009/4/10 15:57