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May. 7, 2021

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Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
This is the first "Series" in the Galactic Militia Fanfiction "Franchise". It concentrates on a war between the Militia and the Outcassts, along with some Zombies.

This is a story me and my friend, Peacekeeper has been working on using chat on Xfire, I edited it to make it more clean, it takes place within the "Procyon" Universe.

Galactic Militia, Zombies, and Outcassts are all clans off of the Procyon Dedicated 24/7 Server.

This story was originally posted on the Procyon forums, the Galactic Militia clan forums, and even Gamers Abode. ( And I was thinking to share it to a bigger community and see what they think, hope ya enjoy.

"Real People" Characters:
Fleet Admiral Eric Maelstrom Fullen ([GM]~Maelstrom)
Captain/Rear Admiral Callum Sully (Peacekeeper)

NPC Characters:
Lieutenant Commander Ember Fullen (Chief Medical Officer)
Lieutenant Troi Loland (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
Field Marshal William Crusher (Marine Commanding Officer)
Captain Paige Maybourne (Wing Executive Officer)
Commander Paul Leddy (Wing Executive Officer)
Commander Deanna Leddy (Wing Executive Officer)
Warrant Officer Pablo Alvarez (Squadron Leader)
Crewman Matthew Sully (Squadron Pilot)
Lieutenant Commander Oscar Santos (Chief Engineering Officer)
Lieutenant Alec Dawson (Operations Officer)
Lieutenant Jacob Fullen (Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer)
Lieutenant Commander Blaine Callahan (Chief Security/Tactical Officer)
Commander William Nimz (Second Officer)
Fleet Admiral Jack Montgomery (Commanding Officer)

Now to Part 1:

Eric Fullen: Sit down, Captain.

Eric Fullen: We got business to discuss.

Callum Sully: Writing up a mission report, sir.

Eric Fullen: I will wait for you to finish it then.

*Eric takes a sip of his beer.

*Eric then listens intently to background music as a rock band plays.

*Eric whispers: Surprised that stuff still exists, but it's good.

Eric Fullen: You almost done with that report, Captain?

Callum Sully: nearly. Well, post sir, not report.

Eric Fullen: Alright Captain, carry on.

*Eric takes another sip of Sidewinder Fang.

*Eric examines his computer.

Eric Fullen: I am edited the specifications of our base on Kurile.

Eric Fullen: It's quite interesting.

Callum Sully: Interesting, sir?

Eric Fullen: Yes, the base is quite defended.

*Eric turns computer to Captain Sully.

Length: 10000 Meters
Width: 10000 Meters
Height: 10000 Meters
Decks: 10
Officers: 30
Enlisted Officers: 60
Marines: 100
Civilians: 20
Emergency Capacity: 1000
Offensive & Defensive Systems:
Phasers: 50 Laser Turrets.
Torpedo Launchers: 5 Sunslayer Torpedo Launchers
Torpedo Compliment: 100,000,000 Sunslayer Torpedos
Defensive Systems: 30 Planetary Anti-air laser batteries, 40 Planetary Anti-ground laser batteries
Shields: Class 10 Planetary Shields
Shuttlebays: 3
Fighters: Eagle, Anubis, Sabre
Transports: Dromedary, Armored Transport

*Eric turns computer around.

Eric Fullen: You see, Captain? Anyone dares to attack it would be suicide.

*Eric smiles.

Callum Sully: Wow.

Eric Fullen: I'd like to see some Nomads have a crack at it.

Eric Fullen: And watch them get squashed like the bugs they are. What do you think, Captain?

Callum Sully: It's amazing. Sorry sir, but I got to go.


*Callum Sully walks into the bar, and looks around for Admiral Fullen. He finds the Admiral beckoning to him at a table in the corner, and joins him

Eric Fullen: Finally you make it Captain Sully. What kept you?

Callum Sully: Sorry sir, just finishing up with my wing.

Eric Fullen: Are they in working order?

*Eric takes sip of beer.

Callum Sully: They're ready for battle at the drop of the hat sir...

Eric Fullen: Good.

Callum Sully: Are we allowed to drink sir? I mean, we're still on duty..

Eric Fullen: Does it matter?

Callum Sully: I don't know, does it? Sir.

Eric Fullen: Just stay away from the Gabian Ale, and you'll be okay.

*Callum laughs.

*Eric takes drink of his beer.

*Callum Sully calls over a waiter.

Callum Sully: Er, Liberty Ale please.

*Callum Sully sips some of the Ale.

Callum Sully: So, sir, why did you call me?

Eric Fullen: I need you for a... special assignment.

Callum Sully: Special Assignment? Sir?

Eric Fullen: I need you to go deep within Omega-5. And find out anything you can about Admiral Mank's plans. If any. And maybe a little Nomad killing in there too, I hear he is trying to get Nomads to help out. I don't know how though.

Callum Sully: Do I have permission to take in a couple of fighters for reinforcements?

Eric Fullen: Of course, they can be your... crew.

Callum Sully: I have just the pilots for the job sir.

Eric Fullen: Good, I'd like to meet them for myself if you don't mind.

Callum Sully: My brother, and my Captain, sir.

Eric Fullen: Your brother? He's in the Galactic Militia?

Callum Sully: Yes sir, joined last year.

Eric Fullen: I was unaware, well I'm glad you guys are able to work together. Those two seem fit for the job.

*Eric finishes his beer.

*Eric calls over the bartender.

Eric Fullen: One more please.

*Callum plays with his Ale glass.

*Eric takes glass from bartender.

Eric Fullen: Thanks.

*Eric turns back to Callum.

Eric Fullen: When can you start?

*Callum takes a sip of Ale, before putting it down and playing with the glass again.

Callum Sully: 2 hours should be perfect sir.

Eric Fullen: Sounds good, mind if I accompany you until you reach the Omega-5 Jump Hole?

Callum Sully: Of course not sir. But mind if I ask why?

Eric Fullen: I am going to meet a old friend in Omega-5, might as well not go in alone. I don't trust him much.

*Eric sips on drink.

*Callum looks around he bar distractedly.

*Callum notices a barmaid looking at them.

*Eric looks at Callum Sully.

*Callum nudges Eric excitedly.

Eric Fullen: (whisper) You got your eyes on the barmaid huh?

*Callum nods at the barmaid.

*Eric exchanges looks at both the barmaid and Callum.

*Eric smiles.

Eric Fullen: You want to be alone with the barmaid?

Callum Sully: No sir, I er, my interests are with... Someone else, though I'd rather not talk about it sir...

*Eric smiles innocently.

Eric Fullen: I understand, Captain.

Callum Sully: But what about you sir? She's er, she's not bad looking...

Eric Fullen: Oh, you think I'm not looking for a women of my own? Oh but I am, Captain. Although you are right, she is pretty beautiful.

*Eric smirks.

Callum Sully: Well, I better go and brief Paige and Matt... See you in an hour sir.

Eric Fullen: Okay, good luck, Captain.

*Eric take sip of beer.

*Callum gulps down half of whats left of his Ale, leaves the rest and goes to walk out of the bar.

*Eric smiles as he stares at the computer and his schematics.

*Callum gets halfway across the bar before muttering something in audibly, and collapsing in a untidy heap on the floor.

*Eric gets up and runs to Callum.

Eric Fullen: Sully?!

*Eric checks Callum's life signs.

*Eric finds a pulse.

*Callum mumbles something.

*Eric turns to a security guard.

Eric Fullen: Get the Chief Medical Officer, stat!

*Eric turns back to Sully.

Eric Fullen: Callum, you okay?!

*Callum's head lolls to one side as he mumbles something.

*Eric watches as Lieutentant Commander Tory Ember Fullen runs in, the Chief Medical Officer, hurries into the room.

Eric Fullen: Ember, what's wrong with him?

Ember Fullen: I don't know, what happened?

*Callum suddenly lashes out, grabbing Ember's arm.

*Eric grabs Sully's arm and pulls it off Ember.

Eric Fullen: Get a hold of yourself Sully!


*Callum Sully passes out.

Eric Fullen: Ember, get this man out of here, to sickbay, now!

Ember Fullen: Yes, sir.

*Eric Fullen helps Ember put Sully on a stretcher.

*Eric Fullen helps Ember get Sully to Sickbay.

Eric Fullen: What could be wrong with him?

(On the way to the Sick Bay, Paige catches up with them.)

Ember Fullen: I don't know, Eric, never seen this happen, until a guy get's too much link time on a avatar.

Paige Maybourne: What happened?

Eric Fullen: He passed out in the Bar..

Paige Maybourne: Is he going to be alright?

Eric Fullen: I don't know, I'm hoping Ember can figure that out.

Ember Fullen: Well he seems to have no internal problems.

(Paige looks at Ember.)

Ember Fullen: It might have been stress related.

Paige Maybourne: Tell me he's going to be alright.

Ember Fullen: I assure you he'll be perfectly alright.

Paige Maybourne: Thank god... I couldn't imagine what would happen if he... (she trails off)

(Ember examines Sully with a some medical equipment.)

Ember Fullen: Whatever is going on has got to be related to something outside of his own body. Has he been in contact with any Nomads?

Eric Fullen: I don't know.

*Callum starts going into convulsive shock.

Eric Fullen: #$%%!

(Ember gets a needle and pokes it into Sully, Sully begins to come out of the shock)

(What little color is left in Paige's face disappears.)

Eric Fullen: WHAT THE #$%% WAS THAT?

Ember Fullen: I don't know, Eric!

Paige Maybourne: WELL FIND OUT!!

(Paige runs out of the Sickbay, crying all the way out.)

Ember Fullen: I've actually seen this before... I think. Are you sure he has not been in any contact with Nomads?

Eric Fullen: I don't know, Ember.

*Callum starts to stir.

Ember Fullen: There is a disease running through today's Nomads...

Callum Sully: What? Where... Where am I?

(Ember turns to Sully.)

*Callum looks around.

Ember Fullen: Captain Sully, are you okay?!

Callum Sully: What happened?

Eric Fullen: Your in Sickbay. You had a sort of problem.

*Callum starts itching his arm where Ember stuck the needle.

Callum Sully: What kind of... Kind of problem?

*Callum itches harder.

Eric Fullen: Ember: Like a problem that could've killed you.

*Callum starts itching both arms.

Eric Fullen: Why is he itching so much?

Callum Sully: WHAT THE #$%% DID YOU PUT IN ME?!?!?!

*Callum starts itching so much the skin starts to come off.

Ember Fullen: It is a special serum that will itch, but it will help get rid of the disease.

Eric Fullen: Oh you mean this serum?

*Eric holds out a full needle.

(Ember goes silent for a second.)

Ember Fullen: #$%%!!!!!!

Eric Fullen: WHAT?!

(Matt walks in, sees Callum bleeding so badly.)

Ember Fullen: I injected him with a serum that could kill a normal human being.

Eric Fullen: Matt?

(Matt goes pale.)

(Matt goes green.)

Eric Fullen: Matt?...

Matthew Sully: I think...

Eric Fullen: Are you alright?...

Matthew Sully: I think I'm gonna hurl...

(Matt rushes out the room.)

Ember Fullen: Great, another vomiting person, this place can't take much more filth.

Eric Fullen: This isn't time for SAPPY jokes!

Ember Fullen: Whatever Eric!

*Callum passes out from loss of blood.

(Ember checks Sully's blood type.)

(Ember injects blood of Sully's same blood type, abling him to be able to feel again, the itching wears away.)

(But there is no way to get rid of the serum.)


*Callum wakes up to find Eric and Paige asleep in chairs around him.

*Callum sits up.

*Callum looks around blearily.

*Eric opens eyes, and stares at Callum.

Callum Sully: Please say it was all a dream

*Eric smiles.

*Callum looks at arms.

Eric Fullen: Maybe.

Callum Sully: #$%%.

Eric Fullen: Maybe not.

*Callum swings legs over side of the bed.

Eric Fullen: Ember might be able to give you new arms.

*Callum stands for a couple of minutes before falling back down.

Ember Fullen: Your at a lost of balance from all the blood you lost. It might not be a good idea for you to walk.

Callum Sully: Guess I'm not a normal Human being any more, eh?

Eric Fullen: I don't think you ever were, Sully.

*Callum grimaces at Ember as Page awakens.

*Eric smiles.

*Callum smiles at Paige fervently as she smiles at him reassuringly.

Callum Sully: Sooo tired...

Eric Fullen: (Whispers under breath) You two make a lovely couple.

Callum Sully: I may be partly disabled, but I've got perfect hearing you know!

*Eric goes silent.

*Eric smiles innocently.

(Paige blushes, and backs away out of the Sickbay.)

Callum Sully: It's against regulations, you know that Eric.

Eric Fullen: Since when?

Callum Sully: Since.. #$%% man it was so long ago I can't remember.

*Callum looks disdainfully at Eric.

Eric Fullen: Well I'm #$%% in command now, that law is no longer in effect as of right now.

*Eric smiles.

*Callum sighs.

*Eric laughs.

*Callum passes out again.

Eric Fullen: This can wait till later to discuss.

Eric Fullen: Seems like you need sleep anyway.


*Callum wakes up to find new arms.

*Callum looks around and sees Eric by the window.

*Eric notices that Sully is awake and turns around

(Matt and Paige walk in.)

Eric Fullen: How're you feeling, Captain?

(Matt stands in he background while Paige hugs Callum)

Callum Sully: Better, thank you.

Eric Fullen: I gotta give her credit, my sis knows her stuff.

Callum Sully: Heh, yea, apart from when it comes to administering the right serums.

Eric Fullen: Yeah.

*Eric laughs.

Paige Maybourne: I'm just glad you're feeling better.

(Just then Jacob Fullen, assistant Head Security Officer walks in.)

Callum Sully: Better? Hell I'm feeling better than ever...

Jacob Fullen: Admiral!

Eric Fullen: Yes Jacob?

Jacob Fullen: We have intruders on long range scanner.

Eric Fullen: How far?

*Callum swears under his breath.

Jacob Fullen: 2 miles.

Eric Fullen: How many?

Jacob Fullen: At least 100 fighters.

*Callum jumps up and grabs his clothes, runs to the bathroom, gets changed and runs back.

Jacob Fullen: We tried contacting them...

Jacob Fullen: But all they say is "Brainzzzz".

Eric Fullen: Zombies?!

Callum Sully: You have got to be joking.

*Eric looks at Sully.

Eric Fullen: They've found us.

Callum Sully: Captain, Matt.. Here's your chance to prove yourselves.

(They sprint to the fighter bay, no-one noticing that Callum was actually running.)

*Eric runs after them and gets in his Eagle.

Jacob Fullen: What about me?!

Eric Fullen: Take care of the station!

(Jacob sighs)

*Callum hits the Red Alert alarm on his way to the Bowen.

Jacob Fullen: Yes sir


(Pilots spill out of their quarters.)

*Eric gets in his Eagle and takes off.

*Callum Jumps into his cockpit, flicks all the switches up, and take off at full speed.

Eric Fullen: All fighters, this is Admiral Fullen, engage the Zombie bogeys at will, kill them all!

*Callum just breaks Kurile's atmosphere as the Zombies drop out of Cruise Speed.

*Eric breaks out of atmosphere and fires a Sunslayer at a Zombie ship.

Pilot: Sir! I'm Hit, I'm going down!

Another Pilot: AHHHHH!

Callum Sully: This is Captain Sully, Captain Maybourne's Squadrons, concentrate all fire on their Sabres.

Eric Fullen: #$%%!

Eric Fullen: Alpha squad, destroy those Titans!

*Callum dodges and weaves skillfully through the Eagles.

Callum Sully: They just keep coming!

*Eric dodges a Sunslayer and shot one up the ass of a zombie.

Callum Sully: (Mutters) Time to bring out the big guns.

Eric Fullen: 20 more coming in.

Callum Sully: Gamma squad, pull out of the atmosphere and bombard them with you torpedo salvo.

*Eric dodges a blast of Nomad Cannons and is hit by a Lancer on the belly of his ship.

Eric Fullen: Fuc, I'm hurt.

*Eric dodges more laser fire.

*Callum dodges more blasts.

Eric Fullen: Losing engine power!

*Eric is hit by another lancer.

Callum Sully: Eric, land, we can handle it from here.

Eric Fullen: #$%%!

Callum Sully: Land dammit!

*Eric loses control of ship.

*Callum fires at the zombie attacking Eric.

*Eric's Ship spirals for Kurile.

Eric Fullen: AHHHHH!


*Callum blasts the last Zombie outta the sky and speeds through the rubble.

Callum Sully: ERIC!?!?!


Callum Sully: #$%%.

(A barely audible voice comes through, unsure of what is said.)

Callum Sully: Captain, maintain a perimeter up here, radio if any more bogies show up.

Paige Maybourne: Yes sir!

(It becomes more clear.)

Eric Fullen: SULLY!

Eric Fullen: *cough*

*Callum heads down to the planet.

Callum Sully: Eric?

Eric Fullen: Sully!

Eric Fullen: I've crash landed onto some peninsula.

Callum Sully: Where are you?

Eric Fullen: I don't know where.

Eric Fullen: But... (static) help.

Callum Sully: I'm flying over now sir.

Callum Sully: You're breaking up!

Eric Fullen: #$%% (static) zombies (static) here...

Callum Sully: #$%%

(Static continues.)

Eric Fullen: They have stripped my ship apart!

Callum Sully: Captain Maybourne, get down here, Zombies have breached the planet's defenses! They have the Admiral on the Surface!

Eric Fullen: (to Zombies) Hey leave that alone bitch!

Paige Maybourne: Roger!

(BOOM!) (Static continues.)

*Callum sees smoking wreckage in the distance. Callum flies towards it.

(Sully sees laser fire.)

Eric Fullen: Sully!

(Laser fire then turns towards Sully.)

Eric Fullen: GO, GET OUT OF HERE!

Eric Fullen: THEY GOT A NUKE!

Callum Sully: Not leaving you behind sir!

*Eric shoots a Zombie in the head.

*Eric runs for it.

*Callum Starts blasting Zombies from the air.

(A Zombie grabs Eric's foot.)

Eric Fullen: #$%% off, you Zombie!

*Eric shoots him in the arm.

*Eric kicks him in the nuts.

*Callum lands and grabs his pistol from the holster.

*Eric Fullen throws a grenade and runs for Sully.

*Callum jumps out the cockpit and starts firing at the Zombies.

*Eric jumps into the cockpit.


Eric Fullen: Get us out of here Captain!

*Callum flies outta there on the shock wave.


Callum Sully: #$%%!

(Another noise can be heard, much more bigger than the grenade.)

Eric Fullen: #$%% THE NUKE!

(The Bowen starts spiraling outta control.)


Callum Sully: They got my left engine!


*Callum struggles to keep his Sabre upright.

*Eric kicks the throttle, the ship turns upright.

Eric Fullen: Wow, anti-climatic.


*Callum flies up.

(The Explosion follows 100 meters behind.)

(But not before the nuke's shock wave hits the Bowen.)


Callum Sully: Losing power!!

Callum Sully: #$%%!!

*Eric Fullen looks out window.

Eric Fullen: #$%%.

Callum Sully: Oh look, an ocean!

Eric Fullen: #$%%!


*Callum wakes up getting slapped by Eric.

Eric Fullen: WAKE THE #$%% UP!

(The control panel starts fizzing and giving off sparks.)

(Static can be heard over the radio.)

Callum Sully: #$%% #$%% #$%% #$%% shits #$%%!

Eric Fullen: I think radio communication is down.

Callum Sully: Errm, sir? I think we better get outta here ASAP.

*Eric kicks at cockpit window.

*Callum kicks the cockpit open.

Eric Fullen: Hmm, we did that together, nice job!

Eric Fullen: Now, where the #$%% are we?

(Paige flies overhead.)

*Eric stares...

Eric Fullen: Hmm, help!

*Eric smiles.

Callum Sully: Okay, now I KNOW I'm dreaming.

Eric Fullen: Because your girlfriend is saving your ass?

*Callum pushes Eric into the water.

Callum Sully: Shuddup!

*Eric laughs and chokes on water, then gets back on the submerged Sabre.

*Callum smirks while trying to hold down laughter.

Eric Fullen: Laugh all ya want asshole.

(Paiges hovers above the water.)

*Eric smirks.

Callum Sully: Paige, I need to use your radio.

Eric Fullen: *coughs up water*

Paige Maybourne: Sure.

Eric Fullen: Ugh, sea water.

*Callum looks disdainfully at Eric.

*Eric looks around surprised.

*Callum radios to the city, giving the position and details of where they were and that they needed a heavy lifter ASAP.

Callum Sully: Well, all we can do now is wait.

*Eric chokes down some fresh water that was in supply inside the Sabre.

Eric Fullen: Yeah.

*Callum cracks open some Liberty Ale from his Sabre.

*Eric groans.

*Callum offers some to Paige and Eric.

Eric Fullen: No Sidewinder Fang?

Callum Sully: Nope.

Eric Fullen: #$%%.

*Callum smirks.

Eric Fullen: Well I'll drink that #$%%.

*Eric frowns.

*Callum takes a sip from his bottle.

Callum Sully: #$%%...

Eric Fullen: What?

*Eric looks at Sully puzzled.

*Callum Sully blinks a few times.

(Paige looks worried.)

*Callum sits down.


(Callum's bottle just fell into the water)

Callum Sully: This can't be good.

*Eric sighs.

Eric Fullen: I guess no beer for us then.

*Callum follows the Ale.

Paige Maybourne: CALLUM!

(Paige clambers down, and checks his pulse.)

(Looks up at Eric.)

*Eric looks puzzled.

Eric Fullen: What?

*Eric is now scared shitless.

Paige Maybourne:...

Paige Maybourne: He has no pulse

(Paige starts to cry silently)

*Eric's eyes grow WIDE.

Eric Fullen: SULLY!!!!!!!!!

(Just then the transports gets to us.)

*Eric frowns.

Eric Fullen: I'd rather die with him.

(Jacob jumps down to them.)

Jacob Fullen: Come on, there is still time to get him to Ember!

*Eric helps Paige up and helps her on board, he then helps up Callum.

(Paige is still holding onto Callum's hand crying.)

*Eric goes into the Sabre and grabs a mysterious black device, he pockets it and gets on board the craft.

Eric Fullen: Let's get going, this man needs Ember.

(They whiz away)

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:55
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
Registered Users
Posts: 48
Part 2:

*Eric Fullen walks into bar and sits down, calling bartender over.

Eric: One Sidewinder Fang.

Bartender: Comin' up.

*Eric Fullen studies his personal computer, the schematics he's been working on for so long coming into play in his mind.

*Lieutenant Tory Ember Fullen and Ensign Troi Jasper Loland enter the bar.

Ember: Eric? You drinking again?

Eric: Maybe, how's Captain Sully?

*Ember frowns

Ember: He could be doing better, I wish we knew what's happening to him, we'll just have to figure it out over time.

Ember: Oh, by the way, I don't think you've met my new Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Ensign Troi Jasper Loland, I promoted here after examining her skills.

*Eric smiles at Troi

Eric: Nice to meet you, Ensign Loland, I hope to see you around.

*Troi blushes as Ember pulls her away.

Ember (to Troi, whisper): I think he likes you.

Troi: Is that a bad thing?

*Ember frowns, thinks a moment, and then speaks.

Ember: Not really, but it can be dangerous for your health, Ensign.

*Troi's blush disappears

Troi: I understand, Lieutenant Fullen.

*Ember turns back to Eric

Ember: I think we better get back to Captain Sully.

Eric: I think so too, I don't want my best friend dying. That man saved my life from those Zombies.

*Ember and Troi walk out, Troi turns around to look at Eric, Eric winks at her, Troi blushes and follows Ember.

Jacob: (out of no where) Having fun?

Eric: What? Yeah. I guess.

Jacob: You seem distant, you like that Troi girl?

Eric: Maybe. (Changing Subjects) How's security?

Jacob: Since the attack from the Zombies yesterday, we've been getting reports from several ports along the oceans of our planet here, it seems the Zombies did more damage than we thought.

*Eric slams fist on table, causing the beer to wobble, Eric grabs the beer and sips a drink.

Eric: Is there anything we can do?

Jacob: Not at the moment, but we're working on it, Eric.

Eric: Okay, thanks for the update. Oh can you get Lieutenant Commander Oscar Santos for me?

Jacob: Sure man, he'll be up here soon.

*Jacob stands up and walks out of the bar. Eric sips on his Sidewinder Fang until his friend, Oscar Santos, arrived.

Oscar: You requested my presence?

Eric: Yeah, I need your help, how much do you know about Zombie Nuclear Bombs?

*Oscar stares off into space, thinking about the question he was given and trying to come up with a answer.

Oscar: Well, they're much more technological than our weapons in some ways, but it seems that they are much more powerful than previously thought. Why are you asking me this? Isn't this a question for a Weapons Officer?

*Eric pats Oscar on the back

Eric: I can't really trust him as much as you, Oscar, I've known you since way before our time in GM.

*Oscar smiles

Oscar: True. Well that's all I know, Eric, I got nothing else for you on the subject.

*Eric smiles

Eric: Thanks man.

*Oscar gets up and walks out of the bar. Eric finishes his Sidewinder Fang and leaves the bar. He heads for his quarters to sleep.

*Meanwhile in SickBay:

Ember: So how do you think of Eric?

Troi: (Distant) Huh?

Ember: You know, Fleet Admiral Eric Maelstrom Fullen, what do you think of him?

Troi: (Reluctant) Oh he's fine.

Ember: (Suspicious) Fine?

Troi: He is pretty nice though, I like him.

Ember: (Irritated) Most women used to like Eric, but now he's gone full time in GM he doesn't have much time for women besides the ones in strip clubs.

Troi: You seem angry about his behavior.

Ember: (Joking) And it seems like you would be a good Councilor too, look at ya, figuring me out like clockwork.

*Ember smiles at Troi

Troi: I don't think I would like that job.

Ember: Of course not, you seem to be much better at Medical Science than Psychology.

Troi: Is that a joke?

Ember: You don't have much of a sense of humor huh?

Troi: I don't know, I just don't feel comfortable with this conversation anymore.

*The next day in the command deck; Eric and Commodore Trent Lyle Nimz discuss matters of Kurile.

Lyle: It seems that the Zombies wanted to divert us.

Eric: What do you mean?

Lyle: I'm saying we got more coming soon.

Eric: Fuck. And with Captain Sully down for the count, we're gonna be worthless #$%% up there.

Lyle: Not if we are able to get Sully up and walking and in working order again soon.

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:56
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 3:

*Callum wakes up in the Sick Bay, and finds Paige, and Commanders Leddy surronding his bed, either asleep, or reading.

Callum: Whu-?

*Paige jerks awake, and goes over to Callum's side.

Paige: Shhhhh

Deanna Leddy: Welome back to the land of the living sir.

*Deanna goes back to reading, while her brother, Paul, carries on snoring.

Callum: What happened?

Paige: You crash landed the Bowen in the water after rescuing Eric from the Zombies.

Callum: I remember that much, but nothing after...

Paige: Well, you took a sip of your Ale and then collapsed into the water, with no pulse, you weren't breathing or anything.

*Callums sighs

Callum: Where's Eric? What happened to the Bowen?

*Paige looks at Deanna, and back to Callum.

Deanna: The Admiral is in the bar... Your ship is... Well, to be frank sir, they don't know if she'll be able to fly again.

*Callum groans as Ember and Troi walk into the Sick Bay arguing over something, they stop when they see Callum awake.

*Ember gives Callum something, a serum, and prays it's the right one.

*Callum slips away into a deep state of sleep.

(Paige catches up to Eric as he leaves the bar)

Paige: Sir!

Eric Fullen: Yes?

Paige: It's Sully sir. He's awake.

Eric Fullen: Good, I want to see him.

*Eric Fullen smiles

Paige: Ember had confined him to his bed for the time being

Eric Fullen: Okay.

Eric Fullen: But I haven't seen him since the crash

Paige: Ember also banned all visitors as of earlier

*Eric Fullen frowns

Eric Fullen: God damn it, Ember.

Eric Fullen: Well.

Eric Fullen: I want to see him as soon as I can.

Paige: She said that visitors would be allowed after he's eaten and drunk some real food and drink

Paige: 'Not that #$%% from the bar'

*Eric Fullen chokes down a laugh and just smiles

Eric Fullen: Well, he'll need some water and yeah something healthy.

Paige: I need to go make sure my fighters are ready for the next attack, sir

Eric Fullen: Okay, go ahead.

(Paige salutes and takes her leave)

(Eric walks down the hallway)*

Jacob: Admiral.

Eric Fullen: Yes?

Jacob: We have been monitoring people moving in and out of Sigma 17, and it seems we just might have company within a few days from now.

Eric Fullen: Thanks for the heads up but I got to go.

Jacob: Yes sir.

*Eric Fullen continues down the hallway

(Static crackles on the communicators)

*Eric Fullen stares at his personal communicator

(Warrant Officer Pablo Alvarez's Spanish accent can be heard over the static)

Eric Fullen: What the-?

Pablo: Help *static* overrun *static* south west *static* peninsula *static* zom *static* help *static*

Eric Fullen: #$%%. Crusher!

William Crusher: Sir?

Eric Fullen: Listen to this.

(Pablo repeats it again, same static)

William Crusher: My men will get on it right now sir.

Eric Fullen: Go!

(Crusher runs off to his men)

Eric Fullen: (Whispering) What the #$%% is going on?

*Eric Fullen catches Ember in the hallway

Eric Fullen: Ember! I need to speak to Sully!

Ember: He isn't ready to receive visitors, Eric.

Eric Fullen: Well, he is now.

Ember: Bu- But.

Eric Fullen: It's important!

(Ember sighs)

Ember: Fine.

*Eric Fullen walks into Sickbay

*Callum Sully looks up from his ravenous eating to see Eric walk in, looking worried

Callum Sully: Whats up?

Eric Fullen: We got company.

Eric Fullen: I heard Warrant Officer Pablo over the comm, could barely hear it over the static, but it was clear.

*Eric Fullen plays a recording of it

Callum Sully: #$%%

Eric Fullen: We didn't finish them off last time.

Callum Sully: The Zombies?

*Eric Fullen plays the zom (static) part

Callum Sully: How the #$%% did they survive their nuke?

Eric Fullen: I don't know

Eric Fullen: Perhaps they are immune to whatever was in their own bomb.

*Callum Sully stuffs the rest of his chicken and lettuce into his move, and gulps down the rest of his Vitamin Z drink and jumped out of bed.

*Callum Sully wobbles about a bit at first

*Eric Fullen helps Sully get his balance

Eric Fullen: Take my Eagle.

Eric Fullen: I'm going with Field Marshal William Crusher for a ground assault

Callum Sully: Yes sir!

Eric Fullen: Now go!

*Callum Sully sprints for the door

*Callum Sully stops at the door

*Eric Fullen runs out and to where the marines were waiting

*Callum Sully looks down at his clothes

Callum Sully: #$%%

*Callum Sully runs to the nearest laundry room, and grabs the best fitting uniform

Eric Fullen: Crusher, is your men ready?

Crusher: Yes sir, they're ready now.

*Callum Sully then runs down to the fighter bay and jumps into Eric's Eagle

*Eric Fullen smiles

Eric Fullen: Let's get to it.

*Callum Sully looks around at the controls

Callum Sully: #$%%

*Callum Sully finds the right buttons, flicks them, and takes off .

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:56
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 4:

*Eric Fullen is sitting in the bar of the GM HQ on Kurile, drinking a beer.

*Eric sees Callum Sully enter the bar.

*Callum walks to the bar and orders a Liberty Ale.

*Eric walks up to Callum.

Callum Sully: Admiral.

Eric Fullen: I don't think you should be drinking beer, you only just recovered.

Callum Sully: Correction.

Callum Sully: Ale,

Callum Sully: Not beer.

*Eric smiles.

*Callum smiles.

Eric Fullen: Of course not.

Eric Fullen: But to me it looks like that stuff is killing you.

Eric Fullen: Several times I have seen you encounter a problem after drinking that ale.

Callum Sully: Hey, look who's talking... I'm not downing Sidewinder Fangs...

*Eric smiles.

*Callum laughs, followed by violent coughs

Eric Fullen: I got the stomach for it.

Eric Fullen: By the way, Paige phoned ahead, she said she needs ya down in the Hanger.

Callum Sully: Roger.

Eric Fullen: I'm going to gulp down my beer and I'm heading to the HQ.

*Callum finishes his Ale, and walks confidently out of the bar.

Eric Fullen: (Whipser) Sometimes I wonder about him.

(Matt walks into the bar)

(He looks around spots the Admiral, and walks over to him)

Matt Sully: Sir.

Eric Fullen: Yes?

Matt Sully: I was wondering if you had seen my brother?

Eric Fullen: Ah, yes, he's heading for the Hanger now.

Matt Sully: Damn.

Matt Sully: Was hoping to catch him before...

Matt Sully: Never mind

(Matt walks back out of the bar)

*Eric looks at the exit curiously.

*Eric turns to the bartender.

Eric Fullen: Hold that shot for me.

*Eric walks after Matt.

Eric Fullen: Matt!

Matt Sully: Admiral?

Eric Fullen: Before what? What is going to happen to Captain Callum?

Matt Sully: Well, it's our birthday in *checks watch* 2 minutes.. .The time it'll take him to reach the hanger. Paige and a few of the pilots are holding a surprise party for him. Now if you don't mind...

(Matt goes to walk off)

*Eric looks around surprised.

Eric Fullen: A birthday...

*Eric runs to the elevator, a secret command only one.

*Eric appears in the hanger.

*Eric finds Paige and the others, hidden behind some fighters.

(Paige spots him standing in plain sight, and runs over to him and yanks him behind a Barracuda)

Paige Maybourne: (Whisper) Stay down or he'll see you!

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:57
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 5:

*Eric Fullen got behind the Barracuda, barely peering around the side.

*Callum Sully walks past the Barracuda that Eric is hiding behind with Paige.

*Paige peers out the other side. She then starts counting down with her fingers, gesturing at several other pilots at the same time. She nods at Eric, before whispering;

Paige Maybourne: I'm gonna let you guess what you have to do.

Eric Fullen: *Whisper* Jump out and say surprise? *Smiles*

Paige Maybourne: Pretty much, yeah.

*Paige's last finger drops. About 20 pilots including Paige and Eric jump out yelling surprise.

Eric Fullen: SURPRISE!

Paige Maybourne: SURPRISE!

*Callum Sully jumps back in surprise, whipping out his pistol and firing a shot about an inch above Eric's head. The pilots hit the deck.

Eric Fullen: What the #$%%, Callum?

*Callum Sully regains control, putting his pistol away.

Callum Sully: Sorry sir. It was the surprise sir...

Eric Fullen: No problem.

Callum Sully: I bet I know who was behind this...

*Callum Sully glares at Paige.

*Paige looks around innocently.

*A rattling sound is heard as the cake trolley is wheeled across the metal gangway.

*Eric Fullen stares at the cake.

*Callum Sully stares at the cake.

*Paige stares at the cake.

*Eric Fullen then looks at the person pushing it.

Eric Fullen: Matt?

Paige: THAT one wasn't my idea.

*She steps back.

Eric Fullen: Then who's was it?

Matt: Errm, that would be me...

*Silence falls.

Paige: Well, blow out the candles then.

*Callum Sully glares at Paige again.

Callum Sully: You have got to be joking.

*Callum Sully looks at Eric.

Callum Sully: Tell me she's joking?

*Eric Fullen shrugs.

Eric Fullen: Most likely not.

*Callum Sully sighs.

*Callum Sully blows the candles out.

*Paige claps, and Matt smiles weakly.

*Eric Fullen gives a small smirk.

Callum Sully: Well, did anyone think of bringing a knife?


*Eric Fullen shrugs.

Eric Fullen: I just got here a minute before you did.

*Paige nudges Matt.

*Matt nudges the guy behind him, who jumps and pulls out a long kitchen knife.

Callum Sully: Jeez, long enough knife.

*Callum Sully takes the knife, cuts the cake, and starts dishing it out.

*Before long, there are only crumbs left, and the pilots have gone their separate ways, back to their quarters.

Eric Fullen: Seems like your crew gets bored quickly after getting fed. *Smirks*

Callum Sully: Hey, don't blame me. And anyway, I'm still waiting for my presents.

*Callum Sully looks at each individual.

Eric Fullen: I got one for ya.

*Callum Sully sighs.

*The wall that wasn't there before began to rise. Behind the wall was the Bowen, fully repaired.

Eric Fullen: This is actually Paige and my present to you.

Eric Fullen: Also I took the liberty in promoting you to Rear Admiral, Sully.

Callum Sully: Pffft, I could've repaired her myself... If I hadn't been in medical for most of the past I don't know how long.

*Callum Sully carries on talking, what Eric said not sinking in. Until...

Callum Sully: But thanks anyway you gu-

*Callum Sully turns round to Eric.

Callum Sully: Sorry, I think i misheard you.

Eric Fullen: I also took the liberty in promoting you to Rear Admiral.

*Callum Sully rubs his ears.

Callum Sully: Sorry... One last time?

Eric Fullen: You heard me. You just don't believe it yet. *Winks*

Callum Sully: Okay. Uhm, I don't feel so good.

*Callum Sully collapses onto the cake trolley.

*Paige and Eric help him up.

Matt: You have GOT to be kidding...

*Matt turns to Eric.

Matt: You promoted HIM to REAR ADMIRAL? Honestly?

*Matt Storms off.

Paige: Well, I might as well give you Matt's present.

*Paige walks away, towards Matt's Eagle. She enters the cargo hold, and starts rooting around for a particular item.

Paige: Aha!

*She returns, holding what appears to be a-

Callum Sully: No! You're joking! Is that a-

Paige: A Merchant thruster from the Underverse universe... He took great lengths, and followed up many leads to get his hands on that.

*Eric's eyes widen.

Callum Sully: Shit.

*Callum Sully holds the thruster in his hands.

Callum Sully: I might need to get a lock on the Bowen now.

*Callum Sully chuckles.

*Eric Fullen smiles.

Callum Sully: Well, if you'll excuse me, I need to fit this onto the Bowen ASAP.

Eric Fullen: Okay.

*Callum Sully wanders off behind the Bowen, and starts tinkering around with the thruster.

*Paige walks off towards the elevator.

Eric Fullen: *To self* Not just a pilot, but a mechanic too, I should get him working a shift in Engineering.

*Eric Fullen walks up to his own ship, checking for any damage from the last battle. He finds a few carbon scoring but that's it. He cleans up the carbon scoring.

Callum Sully: AHA! If I connect this with that, and put that there, then this should-


Callum Sully: Shit.

*Callum Sully face is covered in soot.

Eric Fullen: What'd you do now?

Callum Sully: *Cough* Err, connected the wrong wires, nothing major.

*Callum Sully goes back to tinkering.

*Eric Fullen upgrades his shielding array and tinkers with the engine output. He gets the engine output above 100%, allowing the ship to fly at higher cruise speeds.

*Callum Sully finishes tinkering.

Callum Sully: Right, now hopefully...

*Callum Sully jumps into the cockpit, opens the hanger bay doors, closes the cockpit, and charges his cruise engine.

*Eric Fullen rolls eyes.

Eric Fullen: Always a overachiever.

*Callum Sully zooms off at 600 m/s with his new engine

*Eric Fullen climbs into his own cockpit and follows Callum.

*The radio crackles

Callum Sully: Eric, you read me?

Eric Fullen: Yeah.

Callum Sully: Feeling lucky?

*Eric Fullen rolls eyes

Eric Fullen: What?

Callum Sully: A couple of times around the planet?

*Callum Sully laughs over the radio.

*Eric Fullen sets up the waypoints and sends them to Callum.

Callum Sully: Right.

*Eric Fullen charges his cruise engines.

Callum Sully: I'll give ya a head start.

*Eric Fullen 's cruise engines going 700.

*Eric Fullen hits Callum's ship, causing both to lose speed.

*Callum Sully cuts his engines, swivels the Bowen round, and fires off a Hornet.

Callum Sully: Nothing personal.

*Eric Fullen charges the engines again. By which time, Callum is long gone.

Eric Fullen: Damn it the output is back to 100%. *frowns*

*Just then the whole ship shook, the engine output rose to 300%.

*The ship flew forward with increased velocity, before ripping the wings off.

Eric Fullen: Shit!

*Callum Sully hears crackling over the radio

*The ship became unstable and the Eagle went into Free fall.

Callum Sully: Eric?

Eric Fullen: I'm going down!

*Callum Sully hears 'I'm', and whacks his radio

*The cockpit's window broke. the ship was vulnerable to the water.

Callum Sully: Stupid piece of junk!

Eric Fullen: Impact in 10 seconds!

*Eric Fullen tries to pull up but failed.

Eric Fullen: AHHHHH!


*Callum Sully cuts his engines again, and swivels the Bowen round, charging his engines again at the same time.

Callum Sully: Eric? Eric? Do you copy? Dammit, pick up!

*Water sounds could be heard.

Callum Sully: Shit.

*Callum Sully sees waves originating from a spot about 5k off.

*There is slightly rumbling around inside the Eagle, which is heard over the comm.

Callum Sully: That cant be good.

*Callum Sully speeds towards the obvious crash site.

*Eric Fullen hits the emergency button, sending a signal going "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

*Callum Sully ears pop.

Callum Sully: SHIT!!!

*A voice could be heard in the eagle, over the com.

*Callum Sully immediately loses control of the Bowen, and starts to head into the water.

Automated Voice: 10 seconds until self-detonation.

*Callum Sully fights the controls, wins, and carries on

Eric Fullen: *Muffled* Shit!

*Eric Fullen swims out of the eagle, trying to cover ground.

Automated Voice: 3 seconds utill Self-Detonation, Good day.


*Eric Fullen was tossed into the air.

*Eric Fullen was tractored in by Callum.

Eric Fullen: *Cough* Couldn't have came earlier?

Callum Sully: Nah, I'm more of a to the line, if you catch my drift.

Eric Fullen: I don't.

*Callum Sully sighs.

Callum Sully: I'd rather cut things very fine, rather than have enough time... It's more risky that way.

*Callum Sully laughs.

Eric Fullen: *Spits out water* Yeah, jerk. *Laughs then coughs*

Callum Sully: Yeah, the jerk that just saved your life. Well, we're nearly back, then Troi can check you over, make sure there's no permanent damage.

*Eric Fullen's head snaps.

Eric Fullen: Troi?

Callum Sully chuckles.

Callum Sully:*To city robot hanger guards* This is GMWC, access code SMG3330I9P8

Robot Guard: Roger GMWC, welcome back.

Eric Fullen: *Cough* When did we get Hanger guards?

*The hanger doors open, and Sully lands impeccably.

Callum Sully: I had a word with Leutenant Commander Callahan a few days ago. I saw them on Planet Gammu.

Eric Fullen: And you had them... transferred over?

Callum Sully: That's... One word for it...

Callum Sully: *Into intercom* Ember, Troi, Eric decided to take a swim a few minutes ago, care to check him over?

*Eric Sighs.

*Eric Fullen gets up from his seat.

Eric Fullen: Now I'm gonna need a new ship

Troi: Sure, just bring him down.

*Callum Sully chuckles

Callum Sully: *To Troi: I wouldn't be able to stop him if I tried.

*Eric Fullen slaps Callum in the arm.

Eric Fullen: Shuddup.

*Callum Sully turns around to face Eric. He grabs Eric in a headlock and ruffles his hair, before letting go and laughing at him.

Callum Sully: I think ouw wittle Ewic's in WOVE!!!

*Callum Sully bursts out laughing raucously.

*Eric Fullen glares at Callum, then chuckles.

Eric Fullen: Whatever dude.

*Callum Sully starts walking towards the elevator, still bellowing.

*Eric Fullen follows him.

*When Callum reaches the elevator, and opens the door he stops dead.

Callum Sully: Shit.

Callum Sully: PAIGE!

Eric Fullen: Wha-?

*Paige is lying on the floor of the lift, her arm at an odd angle.

Eric Fullen: What the #$%%?

*Callum Sully bends down to check her pulse.

Callum Sully: She's still alive... Barely.

*Meanwhile Eric pushes the button for sickbay.

Callum Sully: *into intercom* Troi, Ember, get ready with a med-bed as soon as we're out!

*Callum Sully stands watching the numbers flick by.


Troi: Is Eric alright? What happened?!

*Callum Sully hits the life wall, and cries out in frustration.

Callum Sully: *through gritted teeth* Yeah, Eric's fine, apart from a little seawater.


Callum Sully: FINALLY!

*The lift doors open slowly, to reveal Ember and Troi waiting outside with a med-bed.

*Ember sees Paige's body on the floor.

Ember: What in the...

Ember: Troi get her over here!

Callum Sully: Her pulse is getting slower by the minute.

Troi: Yes, ma'am!

*Troi runs for Paige and helps her up. And takes her to the med-bed.

Eric Fullen: What's wrong with her?

*Callum Sully is standing at the window, gritted teeth, hands grabbed the sill so hard that they were going white, staring at the city lights.

Ember: She was attacked.

*Eric Fullen stands up quickly.

Eric Fullen: Attacked?

Callum Sully: I can't stand this!

*Callum Sully runs out the room, speaking into his intercom as he goes.

Eric Fullen: *To intercomm* All hands, intruder alert! Can you see who did it?

Callum Sully: *into intercom* LC Callahan, I need you to shut off all access to and from the city now! Do not let anyone in or out!

Ember: Whoever did this isn't one of the crew stationed here, the way it was done is too, non-GM.

Callum Sully: *into intercom* Eric, I have a hunch... I'm going out for a bit, I'll hopefully have some answers when I get back.

*Just then Lieutenant Alec Dawson came into the room.

Alec: What's going on?

Eric Fullen: She was attacked.

Alec: You know who did it?

Eric Fullen: No.

*Alec came to the bed and joined them. Then he grabbed Eric and stunned him.

*Ember reacted quickly, but not quickly enough to stop Alec from shooting her in the stomach.

Ember: Ah!

*Troi ducked down.

Troi: Security breach in Sickbay!

*Alec began strangling Troi.

*Matt runs into the room in time to see Alec standing over Ember and Eric

Matt: Shit!

*Matt runs up to Alec, and drags him off Troi.

*Alec turned in time to see Matt come in. Alec fights back with Matt, hitting Matt in the eye.

Alec: You bitch.

Matt: Shit, you're going to pay for that!

Alec: Outcasts can do what they want, and I'm in the special wing of them.

*Alec ducks down and grabs Matt's foot.

*Matt punches Alec in the gut, followed by a kick in the groin.

*Alec falls down grabbing his private area. In time for Callum Sully to arrive.

*Matt shakes Alec off as Callum walks in.

Callum Sully: Matt! Don't!

*Matt stops short.

Callum Sully: I know that man.

*Eric Fullen groans but does not regain consciousness

Callum Sully: Shit!

*Callum Sully runs over to Eric and Ember, then looks at Matt and Troi.

Callum Sully: Get them out of here, I'll deal with him

Troi: Ye... Yes Sir.

Matt: Yessir!

*Troi and Matt help Eric and Ember up, taking them out of the room and into the hall.

Callum Sully: *to Alec* Hello again Sower... Long time no see...

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:58
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 6:

Eric Fullen: Alec Dawson, aka Sower as I've been told, who do you work for?

“Alec” Sower: I'm not telling you.

Eric Fullen: At this time you don't got much of a choice, should I remind you that your strapped into a chair under armed guard with a Fleet Admiral that can overcome you in hand to hand combat without breaking a sweat?

“Alec” Sower: Fine, I work for the Outcassts. Where the hell is Callum? I want to speak to him.

Eric Fullen: He is currently off-planet, he'll be back to deal with you, don't worry about that. Now tell me, how long have you been trying to infiltrate the Galactic Militia?

“Alec” Sower: A year or two, as long as I've been in the Militia.

Eric Fullen: Why?

“Alec” Sower: Callum Sully and his friend, Paige Maybourne, stole something from the Outcassts, something important.

Eric Fullen: You mean this?

*Eric pulls out the mysterious black object he recovered from the Bowen.

“Alec” Sower: Yes. It's a very important device to the Outcassts and even all pirates in Sirius.

Eric Fullen: Then I'm glad I have my hands on it now.

*Eric flips it into the air and it land in his other hand.

“Alec” Sower: Reaper sent me to infiltrate your organization so I can retrieve the device, and so the survival of the Outcassts remains absolute.

Eric Fullen: But you didn't expect it to end like this huh?

*Eric grinned and pocketed the device.

Eric Fullen: What is it?

“Alec” Sower: That information is classified, Admiral.

Eric Fullen: I could just let Callum rip you apart, and we figure it out on our own, but I'm nice enough to let you live. For now. Now tell me, what the #$%% is it?

“Alec” Sower: (Sigh) It's a Sub-Space Transmitter. The person who has it can track all pirate ships in the Sirius Sector. We couldn't allow the Galactic Militia to use it because it would mean the end of piracy.

Eric Fullen: Oh don't worry, we'll find a creative way to use it. Lieutenant, escort Sower to the brig, I'm sure Callum would like to have a chat with him when he gets back.

Posted on: 2010/10/3 1:58
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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
From Huntsville, Texas, USA
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Part 6/7:

*Callum Sully was flying by Houston in the Bowen, when he picked up some Rogue Bloodhounds come into scanner range. They fired a couple of cruise disrupters at him, which was the only reason he did what he did next.

*A few seconds later, Sully was back on his original route, flying towards the New York Jump Gate. As he reached the gate, he was hailed by a Liberty Navy Patrol.

Naval Patrol: I've been ordered to search your cargo hold for contraband. *Scans* Nope, you're clean.

*Callum Sully carries on, through to New York, and then, on to Manhattan.

*Once there, he lands his sabre outside the bar, and walks into it, hoping to see an old friend.

Callum Sully: Walker!

*Walker looks up from his drink in the corner, and his face lights up as Sully walks over.

Walker: Sully? How've you been keeping?

Callum Sully: I'm... Good, I guess... You? *He spots the barman going past* Liberty Ale, thanks.

Barman: Sure

Walker: Yeah, I've been not so good. *He sighs*

Callum Sully: Hmm?

Walker: A couple of years ago, the economy took a dip, and I was out of a job quicker than you could say Freeport 7. *He sighs again* So, what brings you back to Manhattan?

*Callum Sully sighs

Callum Sully: A long needed vacation, too much work recently. And the multiple trips to the medbay didnt help.

Walker: Hmmm?

Callum Sully: Oh, I just kept collasping every so often *he chuckles* nothing serious, I'm fine now, don't worry.

Walker: Good, so how long you here for?

*The barman returns with Sully's Ale

Callum Sully: only a couple of days, most of my vacation time was and is going to be spent getting here and back, which is a shame.

Walker: Yeah... Well, if you want, you could stay at me and my wife's place

Callum Sully: Still with her then?

Walker: Yeah *they both chuckle, before taking a long draught of their drinks*

Callum Sully: Well, I'll meet you there then, just make sure to have the landing pad cleared, the Bowen has a fat ass *he laughs under his breath before gulping the last of his Ale*


*Callum Sully is again flying past Houston when he picks up a transmission from Eric Fullen.

Eric Fullen: Sully, if you're there, get your arse back to Sigma 17, Alec's talked a little, but refuses to say anything more to anyone but you.

Callum Sully: Shit

*Callum Sully cranks up the speed, zooming though Liberty, and Rheinland space, as well as some of the border systems. Once at Alpine, he docked and ran to the Fleet Admiral's Office.

Callum Sully: Where is he?

Eric Fullen: Down in the brig.

*Callum turns to leave

Eric Fullen: Oh and Callum-

*Callum Sully turns back

Eric Fullen: Be careful, he's more valuable alive than dead.

Callum Sully: Yessir

*Callum Sully runs to the elevator, and presses the button for the brig, radioing ahead, just to make sure he was ready. Once there, he ordered the gaurds to open up, and found Sower sistting on a chair in the middle of the brig, a space all around him.

Callum Sully: So, you decided to talk. But what does this, what did you call it, a subspace transmitter? Wha does it do exactly? How does it work?

Sower: It can track every single pirate in the Sirius sector, possibly even cross-universe.

Callum Sully: So how does it work?


*Callum Sully punches Sower round the face

Sower: I dob know all wight? Idiod.

*BLood trickled down Sower's face from his nose.

Callum Sully: I don't believe you *he hit Sower again*

*Blood trickled from Sower's lip

Sower: Keeb hibbing me and I wob be able to tell you anyding.

Callum Sully: Don't tell me anthing, and you get hit more, so it's your choice: Die for a lost cause, or live in prison, to be released at a later date?


*Callum Sully punched him in the face again, this time no response. He checked Sower's pulse; he was alive. Just.

Callum Sully: *to guards* make sure he lives, he has information we need.

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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Part 7:

Eric Fullen: Sully, watch over Sower while, I'm going to meet a contact in Rheinland.

Callum Sully: Roger.

*Eric walks out of the interrogation room and heads for his new Eagle, a brand new prototype, outfitted with the best weapons and equipment money can buy. Eric calls it Maelstrom. He entered it and took off, heading for Stuttgart.


*Eric entered the bar and sat down. The bartender comes by.

Eric Fullen: One Sidewinder Fang please.

Bartender: Coming up, sir.

*The bartender walks away to make his drink, and returns. Eric begins to sip on the drink, while waiting for his contact. Just then his contact entered.

Contact: Eric, it's good to see you.

Eric Fullen: You too Trent, how've you been? Still Freelancing?

Trent: Yeah, but sooner or later I'm going to have to settle down, Juni is getting tired of me leaving Liberty every time I want to earn a little money, you know how wives are.

*Trent Smirks

Eric Fullen: Yeah, but I'm divorced to mine.

*Trent laughs.

Trent: So why are we meeting here?

Eric Fullen: You got friends within the Outcassts group right?

Trent: Yeah.

Eric Fullen: Do you know a man named Sower?

Trent: Yeah, he is a real oddball, he disappeared a few years ago, I heard he changed his name to Alec Dawson.

Eric Fullen: Yes, and he joined the Galactic Militia, to infiltrate us. He knows of the device I found on the Bowen, he called it a sub-space transmitter. Mean anything to you?

Trent: Hmm, I know if a police officer gets his hands on it could mean the end of piracy.

Eric Fullen: And we got it in our hands.

Trent: Do you have it?

*Eric pulls out the transmitter.

Trent: Wow.

*A commotion starts in the bar, all of a sudden a guy in black clothes attack Trent and Eric.

*Eric gets up and fires a shot at the man, but missed, embedding the laser into the wall.

*The man shot back, shooting Trent in the leg.

Trent: AGH!

*Trent falls over.

*The man grabs Eric in a headlock, and then stuns him, then drug him out of the bar.

*Trent was helped to the hospital by the Bartender.


Eric Fullen: Wha-?

*Eric grabs his head, a major headache was forming.

Unknown Man: Shut up, Fullen.

Eric Fullen: Who the hell are you?

Unknown Man: Your worst enemy.

Eric Fullen: And that is?

Unknown Man: Reaper.

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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Part 8:

*Eric Fullen is thrown into a chair, and then strapped in with a metallic rope.

*Reaper walks over to Eric, pushing his face so close to Eric that he could feel his breath.

Reaper: You have no idea do you?

Eric Fullen: Perhaps. Perhaps not.

*Eric spits onto Reaper's shoe.

*Reaper punches Eric in the face, causing his nose to start bleeding.

Eric Fullen: You Mothafucka.

Reaper: This is what you get when you mess with the Outcassts. Oh, if only our dear friend Callum could be here to save the day.

Eric Fullen: Oh he's definitely hunting you Wabbits.

*Reaper punched him in the face again.

Reaper: For your information, the Outcassts is THE biggest criminal organization in the sector, possibly the universe... We have daily raids on the house systems, frequent system battles, never losing a fight or a battle... We are definitely not 'Rabbits'...

Eric Fullen: Except Beta you whore. They got you there. *Sniffs up blood then lets out a chuckle

Reaper: That was a.. Hiccup. We were totally unprepared and heavily outnumbered.

Eric Fullen: I wish I was there to watch too, would've been fun to see how the Outcassts pit again Blood. *Smiles*

Reaper: You would have been torn to shreds if you were alone *chuckles* some 'friends' of yours wouldn't have been too glad to see you... The Zombies

Eric Fullen: The Zombies? Well, perhaps I could've offer them your brain, I mean, it's like, the most wanted brain out there at the moment. *Evil smirk

Reaper: Not to the Zombies, we over them a good deal... We leave them alone, they leave us alone, they have their base in Alpha, we use their... 'Facilities' from time to time...

Reaper: The three most wanted brains are your's, Sully's, and Maybourne's.

Eric Fullen: To you perhaps, Reaper.

*Reaper chuckles, before kicking Eric in the leg

Reaper: Did you not hear what I just said? How stupid are you?!

*Eric Fullen coughs in pain.

Eric Fullen: Stupid enough to be smarter than you, you dumb #$%%.

Reaper: You three are constantly beating the Zombies in battles, fending off their raids, foiling their plans!

Reaper: *To guards* Leave us.

Reaper: Now, you see this? *points to the sub-space transmitter*

Eric Fullen: *Silence*

Reaper: This, could be the downfall of both pirates, and you lawfuls alike if the nomads get their hands on it.

Eric Fullen: You wouldn't.

Reaper: Of course not, I'm not stupid. Now, we don't want the Nomads to have it. We don't want you lot to have it. But... You lot are the only thing giving us a good fight out there.

Eric Fullen: Oh don't worry, your about to see a lot of action soon.

Reaper: (Disregarding what Eric said) Which is the only reason we haven't used it for our own purposes.
But... This is extremely valuable to you. Right?

Eric Fullen: Maybe.

*Reaper walks over to Eric and punches him in the gut.
Reaper: Right?

Eric Fullen: *coughs up blood* Yes.

*Reaper pulls out his pistol.

Reaper: Now, I'm sure there are hundreds of men outside that would love to see this... And your reaction.

*Eric whispers under breath "Callum where the #$%% are you?"

*Reaper puts the muzzle of his pistol up to the box.


Eric Fullen: Oh by the way, are you stupid enough to believe I brought the real transmitter? That was a copy.
Reaper: Sure, that's why you were so concerned about safety.

Eric Fullen: *Silence*

*Reaper calls the guards back in.

Reaper: Call for Drayton. He's free to do whatever he pleases.

*Reaper walks out the open door, but not before swinging at Eric's head again.

Eric Fullen: *cough*


Callum Sully: Allright people, jump on my signal... Now!

*59 Anubis' and a cloaked Valkyrie prototype all jumped throught the Omicron Alpha jump hole from Omicron Theta.

*Callum Sully came out the other side into a firefight, Outcasst ships firing from all directions.

*Meanwhile on Malta, Eric begins to find slips in the rope and begans to untie the rope.


*Callum, Paige and Matt all cloak, and head towards Malta. In under half an hour they had reached the planet's docking ring. As they docked, several Sabre's entered scanner range, powered down the Cruise Engines, and started firing on them... Callum's Valkyrie was the last ship to slip through, and managed to get away with just a clipped wing.

*They found a quiet spot to touch down, away from the main city, and made their way, on foot, to the city itself. About 1k from the city, they stopped and Callum tried hailing the Admiral on the radio.

Callum Sully: Eric?

Callum Sully: Eric you there?


Callum Sully: #$%%.

*Callum Sully tries again.

*Eric slipped out of the room. Just then his radio chattered.

Eric Fullen: What was that copy?

Callum Sully: Admiral Eric Fullen, do you read me?

Eric Fullen: Yeah I hear you, Callum. Good to hear you voice. *coughs up more blood* I just broke out of my interrogation room.

Callum Sully: You don't sound so good... Where is that?

Eric Fullen: About 20 miles out of the main city, north end.

Callum Sully: #$%%.

Eric Fullen: I'm trying to find a... #$%%... It's Reaper.

*Eric ducks behind a wall.

Callum Sully: We'll be there soon as we ca- *radio cuts out*

*Eric finds a metal pipe on the ground, he picks it up.

Callum Sully: Piece of junk!

Eric Fullen: *Whisper* Let's see him miss this.

*Paige hands him hers.

*Reaper begans to walk quickly towards Eric's Interrogation Room.

*Reaper stops before the wall where Eric is.

Reaper: There;s something, not quite right, here...

*Just then Eric spang out, hitting Reaper in the balls.

*Reaper doubles over in pain.

Reaper: You bastard!

*Eric grabs Reaper, and puts the pipe in front of Reaper's neck, in a headlock.

Eric Fullen: Shut up.

*Just then, the two guards come down the hall, with who is presumably Drayton.

*Eric turned around to face them, Reaper in his headlock.

Eric Fullen: Shoot me and you shoot him.

*One fires off a shot, barely missing Eric's head, while the other reaches for the alarm.

*Drayton however is advancing on Eric, fists crunching.

*Eric swings a knife at the man going for the alarm.

Eric Fullen: #$%% where are you Sully.

*The guard reaches the alarm as the knife hits him. He yelps out in pain as the knife slices through his left arm, his right arm clutching the stub that's left, and he falls onto the button.

*Sirens are heard all around, as Drayton reaches Eric and takes a swing at him.

*Eric ducks, putting Reaper in the way.


*Drayton turned to see someone coming, another guard, with a stun rifle. The guard fires.

*As Eric ducked, his hold on Reaper was loosened, and he broke free, backing towards the guard.

*Eric was then hit by the laser blast. He fell down to the ground, stone out.

*Just then Callum crashes through the roof in his Valkyire.

*Callum Sully sees Eric on the floor.

Callum Sully: #$%%!

*But it turns out it was a real laser blast, not a stun gun.

*The Outcassts have fled when they saw the ship

*Eric laid still on the floor.

*Callum Sully leaps out of the cockpit, grabbing Eric, and slinging him in, while radioing Matt and Paige.

Callum Sully: Make sure the way out is clear, I'm about to break the record for cruise running.

*As Sully raced towards the Theta jump hole, he noticed Eric's leg twitch.

Callum Sully: It's alright buddy, you're going to make it.

Callum Sully: Just don't give up on me now.

Callum Sully: *into radio* Matt, Paige, make sure the sick bay is ready at Alpine, he's badly hurt.

*An hour or so later...

*Callum Sully docks on Alpine, to see Ember and Troi waiting with two medics and a med-bed.

*Callum Sully lifts Eric out onto the bed.

Troi: What happened?!

Callum Sully: From what i can gather, he took the full force of a laser blast a little more than an hour ago. And by the looks of it, he was beat pretty bad as well.

*A tear falls out of Troi's eyes

*Callum Sully soothes her.

Callum Sully: There there, he'll be alright. He's got the two best doctors in the sector lookingafter him.

*Troi smiles at that that.

*Callum Sully whispers in Ember's ear as she goes past.

Callum Sully: Make sure he lives, for her sake at least.

Ember: I will.

*Callum Sully wearily climbs up the stairs to his quarters, to find someone waiting for him...

*The stranger grabs hold of Callum and holds him at gunpoint...

Stranger: Call your brother up here.

*Callum Sully fiddles with the radio.

Callum Sully: Matt? Could to come up here to my quarters a minute please?

*Matt knocks, then walks inside.

Stranger: Hello brother...

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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Part 9:

*Eric began to regain consciousness a few hours after arriving at Alpine Outpost.

Eric Fullen: Ugh... Where am I?

Ember: Your in sickbay, Eric. It's Ember.

Eric Fullen: Why am I here?

Ember: You were shot in the back on Malta when escaping from Reaper and the Outcassts. We were able to repair your skin and bones, but I don't think we'll be able to fix the hole in Troi.

Eric Fullen: (Pause) What do you mean?

Ember: She felt like she lost you when you were brought in, in the condition you were in. I'm surprised she didn't burst into tears during the healing process. I'm glad she didn't, it would've corrupted the new skin we made for your back.

Eric Fullen: Am I... Am I able to move?

Ember: It's not recommended, I suggest you rest for the next ten hours. We haven't been able to call Callum Sully down here at this time, I don't know what's going on with him, probably tired and fell asleep, deciding to not answer our hails.

Eric Fullen: That is not like Sully.

Ember: (Sarcasm) What is Sully ever like?

*Eric frowns.

Eric Fullen: (Hesitantly) So, where is Troi anyway?

Ember: She was getting stressed out, I told her to go relax a little in the entertainment deck. Well, I'm going to go get your results, be back in a minute, Eric.

*A man dressed in GM Military uniform walked into the room a minute after Ember walked out. Eric didn't recognize him, but he was thinking it might just be a little bit of Amnesia.

Military Man: Hello, Admiral.

Eric Fullen: Who are you?

Military Man: You know me. I'm Commander Samuel Wilder. Your First Officer aboard the USS Aegis.

Eric Fullen: Bu- but your dead! *Eric laid up.

Samuel Wilder: But I'm right in front of you aren't I?

Eric Fullen: Yes, but I could be delusional.

Samuel Wilder: You find that unlikely, Captain.

Eric Fullen: Well, you've certainly got great bedside manners.

Samuel Wilder: Captain, you don't get it, your still on the Aegis, this is all a delusion.

Eric Fullen: No, your the delusion, I watched you die when the Nomads attacked the Aegis, and so was half the crew. Only one hundred men got out of it alive.

*Wilder turns around, hearing footsteps.

Samuel Wilder: We'll talk about this later, it seems like your sister is returning.

*Wilder walked out of a opposite entrance, Ember coming into the other one.

Ember: What the hell, Eric? What you doing sitting up?

Eric Fullen: I... I don't know.

*Eric laid back down, he then closed his eyes, and pretended to go to sleep. This isn't no delusion, he's the delusion. Eric thought as he fell asleep.

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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Part 10:

*Callum walks into the Sick Bay with his brothers.

Callum Sully: *To Ember* You have DNA Testing equipment right?

Ember: Yeah, right over here. *She points to a area in the back.*

Callum Sully: Right.

*Callum Sully leads his brothers over to it, looks at the machine, then walks back to Ember.

Callum Sully: I never actually learned how to work one of these.

Ember: *Sigh* C'mon.

*Ember walks to the DNA Testing. They begin.

Ember: What exactly are we looking for?

Callum Sully: Erm, can you look up Paul Dennis Sully's DNA on the network please?

*Ember pulls up Paul's last recorded DNA She then scans Paul's new DNA.

Eric Fullen: Strange.

Callum Sully: Hmm?

Ember: His Genetic code has been greatly altered, he's still Paul Dennis Sully, but he has been experimented on.

Ember: There is no such human technology that can do this.

Callum Sully: *To Paul* I guess you really are Paul then..

Callum Sully: *To Matt* Take him to the guest quarters.

*Meanwhile as Ember and Callum discuss Paul, and Matt and Paul walk out, Samuel Wilder walks in.

*He walks up to Eric Fullen, who was laying down on a Med-Bed.

Samuel: Hello again, Captain.

Eric Fullen: You back again?

Samuel: Of course, Captain. Have you thought over what I said yesterday?

*At that Ember and Callum see Samuel Wilder.

Eric Fullen: Yes, and I don't believe you.

*They walk to the Med-Bed, staring at Wilder.

Callum Sully: *To Ember* Who's this guy? *Indicates to Wilder*

Ember: Err... If I'm not mistaken, Commander Samuel Wilder, he died aboard the USS Aegis on it's journey back to the Sirius Sector.

Callum Sully: Huh?

Callum Sully: Died?

Samuel: The holograms know I'm here, Eric. I need to know your choice.

*Callum Sully pokes Wilder.

Eric Fullen: They're not holograms.

Samuel: Don't touch me, Hologram.

Callum Sully: What...

Callum Sully: What did you call me?

Samuel: This whole place is on big hologram, a holo-deck. They only real ones here are Eric and me.

Eric Fullen: And why should we believe you?

*At this point, Sully loses his temper.

*Callum Sully balls his hand into a fist, and hits Wilder in the gut.

*Wilder doubles over, and stands back up again.

Samuel: I forgot the safety protocols are off. *sigh*

Eric Fullen: If they are off why didn't you turn them back on?

Samuel: You think I would want to? I'm no engineer.

Eric Fullen: Fuck off. I don't need my past messing up my life and my friends.

Samuel: Your choice. *He picks up Eric, making for the door.

Callum Sully: OI!

Callum Sully: HOLD IT!

*Samuel stops and stares at Callum.

Callum Sully: PUT HIM DOWN!

Samuel: And if I don't?


Samuel: *to Eric* Perhaps I underestimated your holograms.

Eric Fullen: Yes, you did.

Eric Fullen: Sully, take him out.

Callum Sully: With Pleasure.

Callum Sully: Oh, now I don't have anything to hold me back.

*Callum Sully punches Samuel in the gut, groin and face and he's out in an instant.

*Eric falls to the floor, his legs barely able to keep him up as he tried to get up.

Eric Fullen: Restrain Samuel to a Med-Bed. *cough*

*Eric gets up and wobbles to a bed.

*Callum Sully grabs Wilder and throws him onto a bed, wrapping the restraints around as hard as they could go.

Eric Fullen: You think his accusations are true?

Eric Fullen: Besides you being a hologram. *Smiles*

Callum Sully: What, that all this never happened?

Callum Sully: Well, personally...

*Callum Sully pauses.

Eric Fullen: Callum.

Eric Fullen: I'm not saying this won't happen.

Eric Fullen: But what if we're on the Aegis.

Eric Fullen: If I remember correctly you were a low ranking officer on the Aegis crew.

Callum Sully: Yessir.

Callum Sully: Sorry sir, just thought of something... Nothing personal... Anyhow, Personally, I think that either this a plow by the Outcasts, or the Nomads.

Eric Fullen: Well, we'll need to clarify his story, I don't want to believe that all this crap we've been through for the past few years was nothing but a simulation.

Callum Sully: You and me together.

Eric Fullen: Perhaps we should force him to show us the entry point. Perhaps it might be that he came from a parallel universe.

Eric Fullen: A universe that is a few years behind this one, but exactly the same.

Eric Fullen: Anyway, we'll take care of this later, perhaps you should go check on Paul.

Callum Sully: Yessir.

*Callum Sully leaves the sick bay.

Ember: This is unbelievable, a guy walking in from a parallel universe, Paul coming back from the dead, you almost getting killed. This is turning into the weirdest day in GM history.

Eric Fullen: Tell me about it.

*Troi enters the Sickbay, seeing Eric standing talking to Ember.

Eric Fullen: But we can just dismiss-

Eric Fullen: Troi, it's good to see you. *Smiles*

Troi: It's good to see you standing, Eric. I thought you might never stand again.

Eric Fullen: Seems like you worry about me in extreme levels.

Troi: Well, you are a important man in GM.

Eric Fullen: Everyone is important in GM.

Troi: Well... yeah. But you basically run the Alpine Outpost. That counts for something.

Eric Fullen: I've never heard you talk this much before. *Smirks*

Troi: You've never almost completely died before.

Eric Fullen: True. *Smiles*

*Ember walks out of the room, reading a DNA scan of Paul.

*Eric walks up to Troi, the closer he got, the more Troi seemed to blush, she also watched as he winced every time he moved.

*Eric finally stands in front of her, a few seconds later, they hugged. It eventually ended in a passionate kiss, lasting a few minutes. Until Callum walked back into Sickbay.

*Callum Sully stands there, amazed, not saying a word, and they don't notice him.

Callum Sully: Okay, that's not possible.

*The kiss broke. Eric stared at Callum.

Eric Fullen: Callum?

Callum Sully: How the hell did you get your girl before I got mine?!

Eric Fullen: Your too slow. *laughs*

*Callum Sully chuckles. before whacking Eric upside the head and walking off.

*Eric sighs and turns around to Troi.

Eric Fullen: So, uh...

Troi: Go, if you need me I'll be here. *She touches her lips for a second then turns around and starts working at a console.

*Eric follows Callum, limping down the corridor.

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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Part 11:

*Eric stood by the window in his quarters, the moonlight reflecting off his scarred face. He turned around when he heard his door open.

Eric Fullen: Yes?

Man: Hello again, Eric, it's good to see you.

Eric Fullen: Jack? Where have you been?!

*Eric got up to shake the Admiral's hand.

Jack Montgomery: Been on a deep space assignment in the Tau sector. What's been going on here?

Eric Fullen: Quite a bit actually, we got Zombies invading us every day, the Outcassts kidnapped me and had a device that we fought so hard to retrieve, they broke it as well. Generally, things have been hell these past couple of weeks.

Jack Montgomery: Sometimes it's dangerous out here, it's the whole point in living out in deep space. You learn to trust your instincts, and with that, you learn to trust others.

Eric Fullen: Sometimes it's hard as hell to trust someone, especially after Alec Dawson.

Jack Montgomery: Sower, yes I've was informed about him on my return trip here;

*Jack sighs and takes a seat by the window.

Jack Montgomery: But at least he's taken care of. But I'm here because I'm worried, about you.

*Eric turns to him.

Eric Fullen: Worried about me?

Jack Montgomery: I've heard about your accidents lately, shot down by the Zombies, crashed your eagle while going at phenomenal speeds, kidnapped by the Outcassts, and nearly killed by them just because of a little device.

Eric Fullen: That “Device” was the key of stopping piracy across the entire Sirius Sector.

*He turned around and stared out the window, watching a freighter land on a landing platform jutting out of the mini-city that is Alpine Outpost.

Eric Fullen: With it we could have ended piracy at it's roots...

Jack Montgomery: How do you know they weren't lying?

Eric Fullen: We don't. But we have to at least think it as the truth. But it doesn't matter anymore, the device has been destroyed.

Jack Montgomery: You know, you were right when you said that device was a fake. The real one is in the hands of President Jacobi of Liberty at this moment.

*Eric turned around and stared at him, puzzled.

Jack Montgomery: I found the real thing in the Tau Sector, which was my mission to begin with. We were using that device as a decoy, the Outcassts took the bait perfectly. And stole it from the U.S.S. Trinity, which was stationed in the Sigma-13 system.

Eric Fullen: And you sent Callum and Paige to steal it back, just to make it seem real?

Jack Montgomery: Precisely. We needed a ruse that could go undetected by the Outcassts, and they've fell for it.

*A smile begins to creep up on Eric's face as he listens to Jack.

Eric Fullen: *Frowns* Anything else you want to tell me?

*Jack stood up and walked over to him.

Jack Montgomery: Yes, Samuel Wilder is alive. The Samuel Wilder you knew on the Aegis was another decoy. We planned his return and what he said.

Eric Fullen: But... But why? *A look of puzzlement began to itch it's way onto Eric's face.

Jack Montgomery: We believe there was a Outcassts spy on your ship, after Commander Wilder, we used a decoy, and when your ship was nearly destroyed and the Wilder you knew died, the spy had contacted some of his allies to attack your ship, Outcassts in alien vessels. Even Paul Sully, he wasn't dead although he was thought to be dead, he was taken by the Nomads and was tested on, as you know. The Nomads wanted a test subject, and he was the first one they could get to. We wouldn't allow them to take one of our own to test upon, but we failed. He's lucky to be alive.

Eric Fullen: *Silence* Wow, that explains a lot... But that leaves one loose end.

Jack Montgomery: And what's that?

Eric Fullen: Reaper needs to be killed.

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Re: Galactic Militia: Beginnings

2010/2/21 23:40
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*Eric runs into the hanger, seeing Callum working on the Bowen

Eric Fullen: Callum!

*Callum looks up from a mess of wires and wipes oil off of his hands onto his sweats when he sees Eric.

Callum Sully: Something wrong, sir?

Eric Fullen: It's time for Reaper, Admiral.

*Callum looks down at the Bowen.

Callum Sully: Give me... 1 hour, sir. The Bowen'll be battle ready by then.

Eric Fullen: Alright, I'm gonna get the team ready.

*Eric runs off to meet Field Marshal William Crusher and the marines for the ground attack.

*One hour later...*

*Callum is changed from his sweats into his uniform, and is giving the Bowen's cockpit a quick polish when Eric walks into the hanger.

Eric Fullen: Callum, how's the Bowen?

Callum Sully: I reckon she could take on our best pilots right now sir... With a semi-decent pilot that is.

Eric Fullen: Aye aye.

Callum Sully: Think we're taking enough troops sir? *indicates at the large number of troops pouring into the transports*

Eric Fullen: The Outcassts are dangerous enough as it is, might as well come prepared.

Callum Sully: Sir, I think it would be better if Paige and I took a squadron of fighters ahead of the others, just to make sure there isn't an ambush waiting for us...

Eric Fullen: Yes, I was thinking that... Go ahead and get going, I've got... some things to do before I leave.

*Callum peers at Eric suspiciously before saluting and walking off to find Paige in the throng of pilots and marines.

*Eric turns around and heads back into Alpine. He appears in the Medical Bay.

*Ember and Troi were working on something as he walked in.

*Troi turns around and sees Eric.

Troi: Eric?

Eric Fullen: We're about to leave.

Troi: Understood. *She gives a little smile, although her face clearly says she's worried.*

Eric Fullen: Not to worry, we'll be coming back. Wish me luck.

*Eric Fullen smiles.

*Troi comes over and kisses him on the cheek.

*The radio crackles

*Callum can be heard over the crackling.

*Eric grabs his radio as Callum was coming in.

Callum Sully: Admiral Fullen, come in...

Eric Fullen: Eric here.

Callum Sully: Eric, we have a problem.

Eric Fullen: What is it??

Callum Sully: There's been a little shoot out down here, one of the marines and Paige had a little... Disagreement.

Eric Fullen: Anyone injured?

Callum Sully: The marine received two blasts to his right leg, but is stabilized, and Paige has a blast on her right side, and she also managed to, er, "snag" her left leg on a piece of scrap metal.

Ember: I'm on it.

*Ember and Troi grab two stretchers and head for the elevator.

Callum Sully: She's losing a lot of blood, though I seem to have been able to stem it for now.

Eric Fullen: Alrighty, Ember and Troi are heading down to help, shall we wait for Paige to recover?

Callum Sully: Negative sir, this operation needs to go ahead as planned... I'll take Matt instead.

Eric Fullen: Alright, I'll meet you in space, Callum.

*Callum sighs, coming out as a burst of static on Eric's end.

Callum Sully: See you in space sir.

*Eric heads down to the hanger and gets in his Eagle, the Maelstrom.

*In the hanger, Callum is still waiting for Matt as the last transport leaves.

Callum Sully: Dammit, where the hell is he? *He starts tapping his foot impatiently, then hears hurried footsteps behind him. Callum turns around to see Matt running towards him*

Callum Sully: Took your sweet time. *He chucks Matt a helmet* Now get your arse into space, before I fry it...

Matt: Yessir. *He jumps into his ship, taking off quickly*

*Callum waits for the last pilot to leave the hanger before pre-flight checks and taking off.

*As Callum starts his engines, they choke twice and die.

Callum Sully: Shit.

*Callum Sully kicks the bottom of the ship and the engines start up again.

Callum Sully: Thank you, you piece of junk. *Callum flies out of the hanger, and meets up with the rest of the convoy*

*Eric Fullen sees Callum and Matt's ships enter the thermosphere of the planet.

Eric Fullen: What took so long?

Callum Sully: A little engine trouble, nothing major.

Eric Fullen: Alright, all ships, set a course for Omicron Alpha.

*30 Minutes later...*

*The ships come out on the other side of the jumphole, Callum and Eric leading a pack of fighters ahead of the transports.*

Eric Fullen: All fighters, check in.

Pilot: This is Sabre-1, systems are go.

Matt: I'm ready.

*One after the other, the rest of the fighters checked in before Matt noticed something on his long range scanner.

Matt: Err, sir, we have a problem.

Eric Fullen: Report.

Matt: 3 ships - Wait, 5 ships - No, 8 fighters and 3 Osiris class battleships heading right for us.

Eric Fullen: Shit.

Eric Fullen: All ships, RED ALERT!

Callum Sully: Focus your attacks on the fighters, but stay below and behind the Battleships as much as you can!

Matt: At least 10 more fighters incoming sir!

Eric Fullen: Fuck...

Callum Sully: That's another one down! *Callum's ecstatic announcement is cut short by a missile heading straight for Matt's ship*

Callum Sully: Fuck...

Callum Sully: MATT!

*Eric turns around and fires at the enemy ship, and at the missile, but missed the missile.

*Matt's countermeasures fail to discourage the missile from it's target.

Matt: Shit, I knew I should've upgraded them...


Eric Fullen: MATT!

Callum Sully: Shit...

Callum Sully: Matt...

*Callum's voice drops, and his fire stops as his ship come to a halt in front of Matt's ship's remains.

Callum Sully: They'll pay...

Eric Fullen: Callum! You got the battleships after you!

Callum Sully: Shit.

Callum Sully: Engaging torpedoes.

*Just then a battleship decloaked in front of Callum.

Callum Sully: Shiiit!

*The missiles bouncing off it's shields.

*The G.M.S. Acamar.

Wilder: This is the Acamar, engaging enemy.

Eric Fullen: Wilder!

Callum Sully: Time for my little surprise...

*Callum's ship disappears.

*Just then, torpedoes start firing from every possible direction at the Battleships, including the Acamar.

Eric Fullen: Callum! Stop firing at the Acamar! That's my ship!

*The fire stops once all three Outcasst ships were destroyed, and the Acamar had been disabled... Just then 20 Outcasst fighters decloaked around the Acamar, Eric and the few of the Militia's pilots left.

Reaper: You are surrounded.

Reaper: Disable all weapons.

Reaper: And eject from your ships. You will be picked up and transported back to Malta.

Eric Fullen: Fuck you, Reaper.

Callum Sully: Somehow, I don't think so.

Callum Sully: Eric, get everyone out of here, this place is going to be one bloody mess in a minute.

Eric Fullen: Roger, everyone back out of the system!

Wilder: Roger, retreating.

*A minute after clearing the area, 5 Nomad fighters come into scanner range.

Callum Sully: Just a little closer...

*Reaper's ship is the first to go, and a satisfied Callum retreated, but not before tractoring something into his cargo-bay.

Callum Sully: Admiral, do you read me?

Eric Fullen: Yeah, barely.

Callum Sully: Sorry, my long-range communicator was damaged in the battle, I'm on Vespus right now, and I have a present for you.

Eric Fullen: Aye, I'm on my way.

*Eric heads for Vespus and lands on a small platform that was on the surface, next to Callum's ship.

*Callum pushes what appears to be a humanoid form out towards Eric's ship.

*Eric exits the ship and peers at the form next to Callum.

*It was...

Callum Sully: Stand up straight scum!

*The spotlight of Eric's eagle flashed across a very bloody and bashed face, that belonged to none other, than Reaper.

Eric Fullen: Hello again, Reaper.

*Reaper spits at Eric's feet which earns hit a smack across the head from Callum's pistol.

Eric Fullen: Don't try me, Reaper. Now your on the other side of the tables.

Reaper: The Outcassts wont stand for this. They'll find a new leader, someone just as good as me.

Reaper: You're fighters were so easy to kill, just like that one near the start.

Reaper: What was his name?

Reaper: Matt?

*Callum's face changes in a split second, from anger, to hate.

*Callum grabs Reaper, spinning him round and punched him, again and again around the face.

Eric Fullen: Callum, hold him up.

*Callum Sully continues the beating, ignoring Eric.

*Eric grabs a flashbang and throws it. Blinding light went into both Callum and Reaper's faces, stunning them.

Callum Sully: Shit, what the hell?!

Eric Fullen: I told you to stop.

Callum Sully: Eric...

Callum Sully: You don't get it do you?

Callum Sully: He's the one who killed Matt!

*Reaper sits up, and spits blood from his mouth.

Reaper: Heh, trying to be noble.

Reaper: It wont make her like you more you know...

Reaper: That little nurse whore back at your base.

*Eric turned around, took in a deep breath, and in one motion, pulled out his pistol, turned around, and fired a shot into Reaper's face.

Eric Fullen: Take that. Bitch.

*Callum laughs, coughs and then collapses on the ground.

*6 hours later...*

Ember: He's regaining consciousness.

Eric Fullen: Good.

Callum Sully: Whaaa-...?

*Callum blinks.

Eric Fullen: Callum.

Eric Fullen: Welcome back.

Callum Sully: Where am I? What happened?

Eric Fullen: We're back at Alpine, you collapsed after I killed Reaper.

Callum Sully: Reaper...

Callum Sully: It all happened then? It was all real?

Eric Fullen: Yes.

Callum Sully: And Matt?

*A sad face on Eric's face told the entire story.

*Callum slumps back down on the bed.

Callum Sully: Matt...

Eric Fullen: I'm so sorry, Callum.

*Callum loses consciousness.

*2 days later...*

*Callum is standing on a balcony, the red light of sunset on his grief-stricken face, when Paige limps out to join him.

Callum Sully: Should you be out and about yet?

Paige: Ember says as long as I try to rest as much as possible then I can use it.

*Callum chuckles, the grief leaving his face for the first time since he woke the day before.

Paige: But what about you? You're certainly seen better days.

*Callum sighs.

Callum Sully: I know... It's just I can't get over the fact that Matt is gone...

Callum Sully: For all his faults, Matt was always there for me.

Callum Sully: Paul isn't really my brother, I barely know him, so now it's like I'm the only one left.

Paige: It's okay. *she pats him on the back* It'll all be okay.

*The sky darkens, as Paige and Callum look into each others eyes.

*They kiss, and as their lips meet, the fireworks go off...

The End...

This story is to be continued in two spin-offs of the story, features characters from the Beginnings in them. I believe this story was awesome to write, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Posted on: 2010/10/3 2:03
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