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June. 17, 2019
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Framerate Randomly Locks at 25
Just popping in
1/9 0:04
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This is such a bizarre issue. The game seems to be responding to my V-Sync enabled in the Nvidia control panel, sitting comfortably at 143-144 FPS, and with seemingly no instigation (just sitting planetside or sitting still in space) the game will decide to run at exactly 25 FPS and stay there until I Alt-Tab out and back in. It'll then run just fine until after a minute or so it decides to run at 25 again. However, this CAN also be triggered by cutscenes (launching into space) or even looking at a lot of lighting effects.

My game isn't being scaled in the Nvidia control panel either, so it's 4:3 with black bars. The version is 1.0, and I am on Windows 10. Any ideas why this could be happening?

EDIT: Disabling G-Sync does fix the random lock up at 25 FPS, but the problem is 165 FPS does NOT feel smooth and seems to hitch and micro stutter constantly, with or without V-Sync. I've had this problem for a very long time, and the only way I can get NO G-Sync to be even close to tolerable is to limit the FPS in Nvidia Inspector, but that does not get rid of the stutter like G-Sync does. Am I just boned? I either have to decide between the game forcing me to Alt-Tab to have a playable FPS every minute, or stutters that make me motion sick.

Thanks for the help!

Posted on: 1/9 0:13
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