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February. 18, 2018
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Re: Freelancer, the future?
Just popping in
2017/9/8 16:07
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Interesting. A couple of months ago I decided to play Freelancer with Trinus VR. The cutscenes were incredibly immersive, but the gameplay was utterly disorienting. I played it 100% vanilla.
It made me wonder what could make my favorite game more relevant nowadays, so I came back to check whether the community is still kicking and stumbled upon this post.

I've had that idea for quite a while, a few good years actually; to one day claim the rights for Freelancer, remaster it with all engine improvements the community created and new shiny models, then redistribute it on Steam along with the original game as a bundle.

FF and R8R have already said it all, the lack of motivation prematurely buries the idea. Money doesn't seem like an option, we can barely even maintain the forum's host with donation. Crowdfunding just won't work because the game is far too unknown to attract enough people, especially with all the competition at hand.

I'd definitely be glad to spare some time and contribute to such a project any way I could, and later maybe start an actual remaster project with friends once they finish their studies. Hopefully, the community will remain active, or at least keep its data archived till then.

Posted on: 2017/9/8 16:14
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