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July. 1, 2022
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Re: Experiment Log! Notes for Noobs :D
Just popping in
2015/2/7 18:41
Registered Users
Posts: 3
i had a feeling that would happen, and i actually did double their fire rate to compensate for the missing second barrel

Posted on: 2015/2/12 14:16
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Experiment Log! Notes for Noobs :D
Just popping in
2015/2/7 18:41
Registered Users
Posts: 3
This is a log of little things that I have messed with in FL to make things more interesting (or downright wacky!)
Got something you wish to add? post it! when (if) i find it, i'll stick it in the main post for everyone to see, with the discoverer given credit of course

[these are not in any particular order]

[2-11-15] OmniMounts - Stick that turret where you please!
Want to stick that Stealthblade Turret on your Dragon's Gun mount? Add this line to the [Ship] section of Shiparch.ini:
hp_type = hp_turret_special_[level]
Dont forget to include the availible mounts and all included levels!
NOTE:The actual weapon mount wont allow 360 firing, you need to edit the actual hardpoint with HardCMP or a similar program. But, by the same logic, you can mess with your ship to put that Lvl 10 weapon in your turret slot!

[2-11-15] DONT USE .3db FILES FOR GUNS
it doesnt work.
Make sure you use a .SUR file! locate them in DATA / EQUIPMENT / MODELS / WEAPONS

[2-11-15] Give sound to double-barreled turrets!
many capital/base/satellite turrets have twin-barreled cannons, and firing 2+ projectiles from the same weapon causes an issue with the game, preventing the sound files from playing properly (thankfully there is no issue with crashing)
To get that sound working, I used the HardCMP hardpoint editor to delete extra firing points. now i can drown out the screams of my enemies with these Pirate WP Turrets (i put a loud sound on them)

Posted on: 2015/2/11 23:39
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Adding new loadouts for special (existing) ships
Just popping in
2015/2/7 18:41
Registered Users
Posts: 3
Ive been modding FL for a few weeks now, and I would like a little help in my experiments.

Ive been trying to add a ship package for the Blood Dragon so that I can make it availible at Kyoto Base. Where do I go to add new ship packages?

NOTE: i do not want to replace any existing ships, otherwise I would just mess with the Dragon's stats

CLARITY: I know where to put the package reference (market_ships) i need to know what INI holds the information for every ship's package (equipped engine, included shield, etc)

Example: With FL:TNG mod, there is, lets say, the X-Wing (i honestly dont remember if there was) The X-Wing had its own entry in market_ships labeled: XW_package
I need to know where to go to create that new package

Posted on: 2015/2/11 23:19
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