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October. 16, 2019
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Downloads > Freelancer Mods > Major Addons > 88 Flak Screenshots and Videos

Major Addons

Major Addons

88 Flak Screenshots and Videos


This small pack of stuff was intended to help get 88 Flak around, because people seem to like nice little zip files with lots of screenshots and a video. =P
Most of these showcase some new things with the next coming version, however some are of features that have been in the mod for a while.
Funny, this zip is about as big as the mod, if you are counting the mod's title screen music. Most mods get beefed up on size because of new models and music - You can't make a mod that big with lots of text files. Trust me, 88 Flak's got quite a bit of crap in it for only 9 MB. =P

Shot of some Kusari Police dudes followine me. Meh.

... Hello.jpg:
Another shot of that.

Shot of a Starblazer with Rheinland engines, showing off the customization. You can customize any ship's engines and lights now, each type of engine having it's own specific stat modifications.

Blue ball.jpg:
I consult the blue ball. There's a string of these in 88 Flak, each ball leading to the next. Can you figure out the puzzles and find what's at the end? =P

Kusari Gunboat:
Just a cool shot at a good angle of the Kusari Gunboat. Yes, you can fly it, and any other NPC ship in the game. 'If you can see it being flown, somewhere down the line you can fly it too.'

Lair shooting gunboat.jpg:
A shot of the Lair shooting a Bretonia Gunboat. Note that it says 'PvP Arena System', it should read 'NPC Arena System' - I ended up fixing that after that screenshot.
There are three PvP Arenas and three NPC Arenas - They're the same systems, just one bunch has NPC's and the other doesn't.

My Beautiful Anubis with Kusari Engines.jpg:
An Anubis with Kusari engines selected. Heh, pretty simple eh? =P

My Beautiful Anubis:
An Anubis with Bretonia engines selected. Would have looked better if I'd taken the shot from the side of the ship the sun hit, because the blue engines match up pretty well with the rest of the ship.

My Beautiful Ship 4.jpg:
Just a shot of the Heretic, which is the ship the Blood Dragons fly, re-named. The Blood Dragons use Rheinland engines on their ships (like shown here), however if you think they look ugly just toss a Kusari engine on.

Nomad Battleship (BPS Unity).jpg:
A shot of the Nomad Battleship, after I just killed Man-of-War (one of my testers) with it. =P

Nomad Lair.jpg:
A shot of the Nomad Lair, with an appropriate comment from Dreyus. =P

Random Arena #2 Fight.mpg (video):
I loaded up Fraps, loaded up FL, got in my Patroit (which you can see with a Rheinland engine and orange light set selected - all players can customize their ship on any server), flew into the second NPC Arena, and after a few seconds hit the record button. I lasted about 22 seconds, though if it wasn't for the crap framerate I might have dodged those torpedoes / Nomad Gunboat. =P

Repair ship (yes, that's 800 nanobots and shield batteries).jpg:
What the title says. A Repair Ship (with orange lights mounted, which I usually stick on ships) holding 800 Nanobots / Batteries for the team. They do, however, have no guns.

Starblazer with Bretonia engines.jpg:
Sure enough, it's a Starblazer with Bretonia engines mounted.

Starblazer with red lights and a Pirate engine mounted. Looks rather menacing. Ignore the red and blue lights, I tossed those on because I was the admin of the server. =P

That cruiser formaiton is doomed. Doomed!.jpg:
Yeah. I do believe that Cruiser formation is indeed doomed.

This is unfortunate...jpg:
A shot of the Liberty Dreadnought I was in the process of getting blown to bits.

Train shot.jpg:
A shot of a Train, with a bunch of Cargo Pods mounted. Yes, you can fully swap out your Cargo Pods if that pleases you.

War fight 8.jpg:
Well.. Just look. =P

War fight 9.jpg:
More chaos.

War fight 10.jpg:
Even more chaos.

War fight 11.jpg:
And.. More chaos? What do you know. =P

There. 88 Flak will be out the door soon as soon as testing is completed. Until next time.

Submitter: Anonymous
Updated On: Tue, 14-Jun-2011

Release Status:: None
Downloads: 825
File Size: 9.95 Mb
Home Page: 

Rating:   (0 Votes)

Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 27.6min
ISDN(64k) : 24.2min
DSL(768k) : 2.0min
LAN(10M) : 9s
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: None | Limitations: None

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