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November. 21, 2019
WFDownloads is developed by The SmartFactory (, a division of InBox Solutions (
Downloads > Freelancer Editing Downloads > UTF Mass Texture Importer/Exporter

Freelancer Editing Downloads

Freelancer Editing Downloads

UTF Mass Texture Importer/Exporter


UTF Image Exporter v0.0.2

Copyright 2010, Fenris_Wolf,


Mass exporting (and importing) of .tga and .dds files from Freelancer UTF
files (.cmp, .3db, .mat and .txm).

Exporting takes all UTF files in a folder, and exports the images into a
seperate output folder as: utf_filename.cmp\image.tga

Importing takes the same directory structure (utf_filename.cmp\image.tga)
and sticks them back in the files in the UTF folder.

only imports images if they already exist in the UTF. Doesnt create new
branches on the UTF tree.

when importing if the image in the UTF is a .dds (its name in the UTF tree
would still have the .tga extension), the file getting imported must also be
a .dds (but with a .dds extension, NOT .tga)

Some files have odd names in UTF files: somefile.TGA1231243 for these
exports and imports use the names in the UTF - no proper .tga or .dds
file extension (you will have to manually do these)

The results.log file is wiped every time the program starts. If you which to
archive this after running, you must do it manually.

If theres over 250 UTF files to be scanned, Verbose mode is disabled.
This only effects the output window, everything is stilled logged to
the results.log

Credits to maluku for the utf perl module


.dfm file support
added multiple MIP# per filename.tga (MIP0 MIP1, etc)
added recursive UTF file paths ^^
added log file

Submitter: w0dk4
Released: Mon, 14-Feb-2011

Release Status:: None
Downloads: 1776
File Size: 1.38 Mb
Home Page: 

Rating:   (0 Votes)

Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 3.8min
ISDN(64k) : 3.3min
DSL(768k) : 17s
LAN(10M) : 1s
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: None | Limitations: None

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