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September. 21, 2023
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Downloads > Freelancer Critical Downloads > Freelancer Mod Manager 1.31

Freelancer Critical Downloads

Freelancer Critical Downloads

Freelancer Mod Manager 1.31


Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31
by Matthew "IGx89" Lieder

Tired of all the effort it takes to apply mods? Freelancer Mod Manager changes all that by letting you instantly and easily activate and deactivate mods whenever you want. It backs up files before modifying them, and does three levels of error detection before activating a mod. It also lets you download and install mods with one click from a web page, by use of a custom file format (

Goto "Help\How do I..." to find out how to make mods work with FLMM, whether you're an end-user who wants a non-compatible mod to work with FLMM, or a mod-maker who wants to make his mod work with FLMM.

If you have a question, look in the included FAQ document for your answer. If it's not in there, or if you have any bug reports or suggestions, e-mail me at: [email protected] (make sure you have "Freelancer", "Mod Manager", or "FLMM" in the subject to get past my junk mail filter!)

-Fixed two bugs that slipped through: numTimes > 1 now works, and custom DLLs are now properly listed in freelancer.ini

-This is just v1.21 beta 11 with a few more bug fixes; it is now stable enough to warrant moving out of beta-testing
-Made "append", "fileappend", and "sectionappend" methods the same (doesn't require any changes in mods)
-"append" (and thus "sectionappend" now works if the found section doesn't end with an empty line
-Added more debugging information to XML parsing and "append" method error messages
-Added a right-click menu to the mod list, which lets you open up that mod's folder and view some statistics
-When deactivating a mod that requires other mods to also be deactivated, FLMM prompts the user to continue

v1.21 (beta's 1-11)
-Main dialog is now resizable
-You can now drag and drop mod archives (*.flmod files) onto the mod list control. It can unzip multiple mod archives at once!
-Added keyboard shortcuts for a number of menu commands (example: Ctrl-F now launches Freelancer)
-You now can activate mods by pressing the spacebar
-Added a notice in the installer that using mods on most multiplayer servers is considered cheating, and has serious consequences
-Fixed some bugs that caused GENERATEXMLRES to not work correctly
-You can now use the newline character (\n) in the GENERATExxxRES macros
-Fixed a problem that occurred when using 82+ GENERATEXMLRES macros or 1312+ GENERATESTRRES macros (thanks, Crabtree!)
-Improved the detection of mod conflicts (taking into account custom dll's)
-Fixed a problem that occurred when using both a custom dll and the GENERATExxxRES macros together (thanks again, Crabtree!)
-I made umlimited the maximum number of Section, Dest, and Source tags within one Data tag (thanks, Jeffrey Kwasha!)
-Methods that modify freelancer.ini, and files that aren't mentioned in the mod script, now have priority before everything else (thanks again, Jeffrey!)
-A much-requested feature: added the "numTimes" attribute to the "filereplace" method; if numTimes=0 (default is 1), then that operation will be repeated until the end of the file! (thanks yet again to Jeffrey for convincing me to add that feature )
-Added the names of some donors to the About dialog. Thanks!
-Reduced the memory usage by about 30%, and made it load faster, compared to v1.2
-Enhanced the detection of multiple instances of the program, and allowed the second instance's arguments to be dynamically passed to the first instance
-Added support for mod "options"! Now mods can display a dialog letting the user choose different options, like story/nostory, weird costume/regular costume, etc... (thanks, BWS!)
-Added IgnoreErrors attribute to the <data> tag, which tells FLMM to ignore any errors that happen when activating that data tag
-Added new functionality to the fileappend/filereplace methods: they can now append/replace the same thing to specific sections
-Sped up the activation of mods that use multiple <data> tags per ini file.
-Added an optional yes/no prompt containing mod-specific info (like a notice or disclaimer) that's displayed when installing a new mod
-Improved debugging information displayed when errors in mods occur
-Added "newfile" attribute to most ini-modifying methods, to allow a script to easily create new ini files
-Enhanced the Mod Option dialog to allow virtually unlimited mod options!
-Added an "exclusive" attribute to the header tag, forcing all other mods to be deactivated while that mod is active
-Implemented <stringdata> and <xmldata> tags to make using the GENERATExxxRES macros even more convenient; look in the documentation for the details
-Added the aforementioned "numTimes" attribute to the "sectionappend" method (thanks to PyRo)
-Now can install read-only mod archives
-Added '/activateandlaunch="somemod"' and '/activateandlaunchserver="somemod"' commandline arguments - now you can make shortcuts that deactivate all mods, activate the specified mod, launch the game, and deactivate everything once the game exits (thanks to Louva-Deus)
-Upgraded installer to NSIS 2.0 final
-Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when deactivating mods that use options
-New directories are now created when using newfile="true" with the append method
-A few other minor fixes

-Added automatic DLL string and xml resource adding!
-Now FLMM automatically moves saved games into different folders, depending on which mod is active. Your saved game troubles are over!
-Greatly tweaked and optimized how FLMM determines whether mods are compatible or not; more mods are now compatible!
-Optimized the file operations routines to noticeably increase the speed of activating and deactivating mods; if mods were taking more than a minute to activate, they shouldn't any longer!
-Tweaked the dialog layout
-Added a progress dialog when unzipping mod archives
-Added commandline parameter to activate/deactivate mods
-Fixed a couple minor bugs in the sectionreplace method
-Bundled a bunch more mods with it!
-Added info about donating (for if you have extra money lying around )
-Added a splash screen!
-A number of other various tweaks/bug fixes
-Mod script changes (read documentation for more info):
--multiple xml files can be used in one mod! Very useful if your mod's script was getting too big to easily edit.
--changed the way <scriptversion> works
--added custom GENERATESTRRES("a_weapon_name" function
--added a savesafe="true" tag to the xml header section
--added "filereplace" and "sectiondelete" methods
--added xml-compliant comments (<!--blah blah blah-->
--enhanced the way mod archives work, so that more than one mod can be in one archive (read documentation for more info)
--now when mod archives are installed over an existing mod, FLMM won't delete that old mod first. Allows patching mods!

-Bug fix release specifically for PC Zone
-Fixed ACCESS_DENIED error
-Better handling of mod scripts with bad syntax

-Includes another mod with the download: a beam weapon mod!
-Optimized the use of backup files (only uses them while a mod is activated now)
-Lets you easily specify the Freelancer directory
-Added a progress bar!
-Added a "modurl" tag to the header section (read documentation for more info)
-Tweaked the handling of dll files
-Tweaked the interface further, and fixed a couple bugs

-Changed some colors to work better for color-blind people
-Fixed a bug with trailing spaces in ini files

-Skipped 0.9 because of all the changes
-Added fancy buttons, icons, and colors!
-Made the size of the download over 33% smaller!
-"Delete Autosave" works with Trial version
-Added "Disable Autosave" option (makes autosave.fl read-only)
-Added a work-around for the log control scrolling bug (I'm brilliant )
-Now it (optionally) makes modified ini files read-only while a mod is active (to avoid user tampering problems)
-Improved "section" methods to allow multiple sections
-Added FAQ\Troubleshooting information
-a number of tiny bug fixes

-Fixed a big bug whereby mods weren't completely deactivated (thanks Rhodan!)
-Added "renamefile" method
-Now automatically adds dll resource files to freelancer.ini!
-Added a menu option to delete the pesky AutoSave
-Now shows hourglass icon when working
-various other bug fixes

-Fixed some bugs with the "by entire files" feature (specifically, it didn't create new folders)
-Merged the "by entire files" and "by script file" features together (read the Help/How do I... document for more info)
-Now works with the Trial version
-Rewrote a lot of the documentation

-Added mod deletion
-Added "sectionappend" method
-Added a feature that lets you make ANY mod work with FLMM, with minimal effort (mostly just for end-users to make mods that don't already have mod scripts work with FLMM)
-Made uninstaller (not that anyone would use it... )
-various bug fixes

-Multiple mods can be activated! (as long as they don't change the same files)
-Now includes a custom NoStory mod
-Fixed a bunch of bugs
-Much more descriptive error messages when parsing script files

-Automatic installation of mods, directly from a http link
-NSIS installer
-Some bug fixes

-Completely rewrote the script parsing/loading code
-Script is now semi-compliant with XML (you can view it in IE)
-It now does 3 levels of error checking before activating the script:
--Script syntax checking (at program load)
--Script content checking (at program load)
--Script compatibility checking with your current FL installation (right before activation)
-Added mod details, like author, description, and readme
-Only allows one mod to be activated at a time (will be changed in future versions)
-Mod deactivation is done directly, without restoring backups
-Has a "Restore backups" option, just in case the deactivation of a mod fails
-Bunch of bug fixes

Submitter: Sushi
Released: Sat, 27-Jun-2009

Release Status:: None
Downloads: 33627
File Size: 1010.23 Kb

Rating:   (46 Votes)

Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 2.7min
ISDN(64k) : 2.4min
DSL(768k) : 12s
LAN(10M) : 0.92s
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: None | Limitations: None

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